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Hi, having problem with this Plugin..Please help. my client has i installed on their site.. works good, But if you click away from page into another page in the site.. and then back to the page before.. the tool tip stops working, until you press Refresh..

You can see here. www.sssbusinessgroup.com

Please help.


Awesome Plugin, Quick Question, This is my Shortcode:

[content_tooltip id=”91” title=”Medical Malpractice”]

How can I underline the Title and Change its color so its intuitive as a link.


Hi there, my client wants to have an image for social media and when hovered, she wants to show the html-linked social media icons.

Can several images be linked within the popup?

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how to insert Tooltip in to Contactform7 shortcode in to place “Sigulda” sample:

[checkbox checkbox-530 “Theater” “Opera” “Sigulda” “Restoraunt”]

Thank You in advance!

is anyone monitoring these comments? i hav seen no ply in over 1 month. also your support site is not working. please can someone answer my question from 4 comments before. thankyou guys


Purchased your plugin but I can’t get it to work. Is it compatible with the latest version of wordpress?

I want to use an image to hover on for the tooltip. The image appears but no tooltip shows. I have disabled all plugins and tried a different theme but nothing helps.

Thank you!

There should be a way to report bad Authors… Terrible customer service with 100% no support.

I have double checked that the “Trigger On Click” feature is not enabled, but the tool tips on this page still require click to view. It worked before with just hovering and then stopped working. Your help is appreciated.

Please try hovering over “PRO SETUP” in our pricing table here:


You will see that it requires a click to view the tool tip contents. Thank you.

Is there a way to inject as PHP in my template files rather than only shortcode in the WP post?

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Hi great plugin. Are you still supporting it? I see some comments about it not working? Does it work with newest WP version? thanks!

Hello there,

I want to ask some questions before buying this plugin..!!

1) I want Functionality like When someone hover on “Our Client Logo” it will open a POPUP like tooltip but in popup i want to display another image with the hyperlink of my client’s site..!!

Is it possible to do with your plugin?

2) Is it compatible with theme “coffeeandcream”

Let me know ASAP so i can purchase this plugin.!!

Thanks, Purvesh

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This plugin needs a bulk-edit option badly.

Also, it needs any support at all from the author.

Is it possible ti use this plugin on pictures in widgets?

Thank you…

Dear Support,

This plugin is useful!. May I know if I can use it to set for my website?

I wish to hover on a URL link (other webpages) to show an image above.

Thank you.

I need to export the tool tips to another website and there is no Export??

I have just updated the plugin and I still can’t do it.

Is there a way I can copy the content from PHPmyAdmin? and transfer it to the new website?


Found it…

Odd that you would not build an export feature into the plugin directly? Instead of needing to go to “Tools>Export>Tooltips”

Hi, is it possible to show text and image in one tooltip?

Hello. Is it possible to embed video from youtube with autoplay and autoloop functions?

I am having trouble (that is to say I just can’t make it work) getting my tool tips do display inline… at all.

Checked the ‘Display Inline’ box… doesn’t do a thing.

I love this but I am starting to get frustrated now that it’s not working the way it should. There are a lot of tooltips I would like to add but if I can’t get this sorted out then it’s going to be a waste of time (and money) I’m afraid.

http://silkimagery.com/about/ Click on the Awards & Media tab… the thumbnails are stacking only.


Any help I can get fixing this would be awesome!

Cheers, Matt

I have created 10 tooltips and throughout my website the words i used for the tooltip exist many times, how can i get the tooltips to work automatically with the content already on each page?

Can I embed an MP4 video to play automatically when hovered?