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sey87 Purchased

Hi! I would like to use your plugin on a button. Both are shortcodes. Can someone help me?

This is the button:

Receive a test SMS

You can enter custom shortcodes in plugin editor area and they will be parsed and the generated HTML will be returned.

Update: The new version supports inserting shortcode as tooltip title element.

Is there any short code so that i can i add content and tooltip directly into WordPress post?

You can add all shortcodes that are generated with this plugin to WordPress posts, pages, ...
What do you want to do exactly?

Hi, i started a regional songs lyrics site…. I want tooltip for every line of lyrics similar to rap genius (, so how can i do that…?? is there a way so that i can write tooltip to lines directly in post without creating short codes in dashboard…

You can speed up creating shortcodes using Duplicate Post plugin
Can you describe your favourite method of creating tooltips and send it to us through our support system?
I really appreciate your help.

hey there, basically I want to have a bunch of fontawsome icons in one row and add a tooltip for each icon – animation of the fa icon (like changing color while hovering) would be handy… I have added a screenshot to explain better… would your plug-in cover this? TIA

You can achieve this result in two different methods:
Use font awesome icons as jpg/png icons and add tooltips to each of them. This is really easy and needs a few clicks.
Another solution is to use Content Tooltip custom CSS class feature, add font awesome CSS class(e.g. fa-paper-plane) to the hover element and you will see the icon and any other effect that is attached to that CSS class.

Nothong works with my website, can’t find option in widget

Did you install and activate the plugin? Did you receive any error?
To access the tooltips and create a new tooltip browse to:
WordPress Dashboard > Tooltips > Add new
If you still need help check the documentation or let me know about it.
Any details can be helpful.

HI so I would like the tooltip o pop up when I click on certain phrases. Can I set this plugin to automatically pop up on certain words/phrases

The plugin is shortcode driven, you can insert unlimited instances of tooltips in one page (even duplicate ones).
So you can replace all keywords in posts, pages,... with the tooltip.

hello presale quesiton. how i am using this plugin ? please check this page, i want to add tooltip when i rollover the widget images those images are features images of custom post types. i want when i rollover the iamge to show tooltips !!!! can i do it with your plugin ?

best regards. Elias

yes my theme suuport shortcode, every post support shortcode, but what you mean by shrtcode as the featrue image or not ?

The shortcode support for the place you wish to have a tooltip.

hello,please try to explain me, how i will use the shortcode to show tooltips for the custom post type feature image ?

Hey so not one of the tooltips on your demo site work. Neither on hover or click, all I see is just a bunch of red links that do nothing. I’m using Firefox.

Thanks for reporting. ?Could you refresh the page and try again? I guess the contents of the page was not fully loaded in your browser.

Hi, some of my admin functions do not work when plugin is enabled such as adding images to pages/posts or adding shortcodes to pages (such as gravity forms etc)

Thanks, please provide some temporary login info so we can see the actual error. As you have said the error only occurs at admin dashboard.
You can open a ticket and send private details at our support panel.


johnegg Purchased

Ok thanks, I have submitted login now to my previous ticket

The tooltips aren’t responsive. Should’ve seen that before I purchased. Absolute waste of money and time.

We had to limit this feature to give the user fully customization and several options over the tooltip.