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Hello, please, is it possible to use tooltip in my featured image ? (like in my portfolio page, the images are only featured images,,, thank you


You can add any picture to the tooltip, it’s not necessary to upload it again, just select it from the library and press insert button.

Pre-purchase question. Codecanyon page says WP 3.5. Does it work on WP 3.9.2? Thanks.


Yes, it works, but we didn’t officially note it.
We are preparing a new version of the plugin and will change the noted versions.

Its a decent plugin but it does have limitations – having bought it I would not recommend it to anyone.

The support is non-existant.

I have had a ticket for support in for over a week without a reply and you can see from the un-answered questions in here that they just take your money and run.

Very disappointing – envato should have the plugin removed


I guess it was a temporary hosting issue please try again.
You can also send me a message through my profile


I have been trying for 2 days now, your website must still be having issues – i am still unable to access the tickets. It might have only been $18 but what a waste of money


Sorry to hear this, You could also send a message via profile http://codecanyon.net/user/codenegar
We are going to publish a new version of the plugin, and we will consider your experience about it
If you want to add anything to be considered in the next version, please send a message through profile. http://codecanyon.net/user/codenegar


do you know about some other similar plugin? i dont know found something similar… thanks



Hi Marek,
Unfortunately, no.
What features do except? It would be nice to suggest some features and we will try to implement in the next version.

Not working in Wordpress 4.0! Add Media button becomes unresponsive as well as other features in WYSIWYG editor.


Thanks for reporting, We are preparing a new version which will support WordPress 4.0
Please be patient until formal support.


Well, this is very unfortunate. Until then, I’d like request a refund, please.

Installed and working on most systems. But on my client’s system nothing pops up when pointing to the target. Do you know of any issues with the following configuration:

OS X 10.9.4 Safari 7.0.6

It has worked on all other systems I’ve tested. Thank you.

I guess this plugin doesn’t allow Tooltips inside of tooltips? At least it’s not working for me. Would have been nice to know before purchasing, but maybe bc Im running Wp 4.0? but I have been looking for a solution to have posts that pop-up when a link is hovered on and I thought this would be perfect. However if the post that pops-up also has links I need those to be shown as well.. (which works with modals, I just couldn’t get a modal to open on mouseover, which is why I tried this)

For an example of what im talking about look at demo #3 @ http://designwithpc.com/Plugins/Hovercard

so is there a possibility of this functionality being added in a new release?

and as someone else mentioned there needs to be a default/ batch settings edit

I am looking for a plugin like this. From earlier comments it looks like there is a lot of problems. And i can see the last comment have not been answered in 5 days. So for now it would probably be a : bad buy.. Let me know when the support is more serious, better and faster.

How do I get a refund if you have not updated yet for 4.0. This is too long to wait for an update for something that is a key part of a website.

When is this going to be compatible with wp4.0 please? Thx, waiting til then for purchase.

Does this work on WP version 4?

WP 4.0 please

Hi, I’m using the7 theme with visual composer. When I active your plugin don’t work my tabs and toggles. When I try make inactive WordPress Hover Image & Content Tooltip Plugin. works all. How can you help me? Thanks…

When are you going to release an update for this plugin? I’ve had it on my site for almost a year and just recently it stopped working.

cmpngly Purchased

On the whole this plugin is great…


I submitted a support ticket several days ago, and have had no reply. I went back to codenegar’s site today and found they had deleted my ticket, and I now cannot log in. I tried using the contact form, and this threw a 404 error.

My support ticket concerns using this plugin to generate tooltips with dynamic content inside the tooltip (this I have achieved), and then using them on WP archive pages – this part doesn’t work because when there are multiple instances of the tooltip (each with dynamic, unique content) the plugin always shows the content of the first instance because it is using #ID values and expecting there to be only one.

The purpose of the above is to have social share links inside the tooltip, that relate to each specific article in the WP archive page. Not an unreasonable thing to try to achieve….

Whilst, I would have hoped the plugin could handle the above, mostly I’m disappointed with the support levels, which are non-existant.

Hi, I buyed your plugin but i am disapointed no documentation how to setup examples like on your page. I want to have an image and when i get over with the mouse i want to see the tooltip i selected like on you page with the wordpress image

Does this work with the current version of Wordpress 4.1?

Does this work on mobile (properly) or can it be turned off for mobile if not?

Hi, is there possibility to use plugin by Css Class to Execute Tooltip? I’d like to use it in my menu, where using shortocde is impossible. Cheers, Jacob