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WordPress Hashtag Slideshow - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WordPress #Hashtag Slideshow provides your wordpress site with hashtag feature in your post content. With WordPress Hashtag Slideshow, it is easy to create links to your hashtag archive page (where all the same hashtag contents are listed) just by adding ”#” character before a word. On the site, the hashtag word will be linked to hashtag archive and on mouse hover one slideshow with all posts which have the same hashtag will display. It is easy for you to preview and go to another post.

* This plugin was optimized to have minimum request and fast response.


  • Auto creat hashtag by adding ”#” character before a word in content (post, page, product…)
  • Add post type support
  • Custom action on hashtag word (mouse hover and click)
  • Custom your hashtag base for permalink
  • Custom slideshow position (top/bottom)
  • Responsive slideshow
  • Hide ’#’ character if you want
  • Support the_hashtags() & get_the_hashtags() to get all hashtags are associated with one post

Plugin slideshow is powered by FlexSlider!

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4/9/2013 - Release
5/9/2013 - Added new features: add post type, custom position and action...