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WordPress eCards is a WordPress plugin used to send electronic cards to friends. It can be implemented in a page, a post or the sidebar.

Start your own eCards site! Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween, the eCards plugin works for everything.

eCards makes it quick and easy for you to send an eCard in 3 easy steps. Just choose your favorite eCard, add your personal message, and send it to any email address. When you send an eCard using this plugin, no personal information is stored in WordPress database.

eCards sends any embeddable image, be it JPG, PNG or animated GIF. If no image is found in the post, the eCard is still delivered to its recipient. eCards uses WordPress internal mail sending functions.

Highlight the number of eCards sent using the new [ecard_counter] shortcode.

eCards uses an optional PayPal™ shortcode to hide the form until a payment is made.

More Features

  • Member-only restrictions
  • PayPal™ sandbox mode
  • Custom PayPal™ buttons

eCard Demos:

PayPal™ Payment Demo:

= 2.9.1 =
  • FIX: Updated a deprecated Akismet call
  • FIX: Removed PHP 5.3+ specific functions for mail filters
= 2.9 =
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed reCAPTCHA and implemented Akismet
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up email sending process
  • FIX: Fixed theme link (again)
= 2.8.1 =
  • FIX: Fixed theme link
= 2.8 =
  • FEATURE: Added option to choose between image source and label behaviour (click eCard thumbnail to select radio box)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Merged some community changes to reCAPTCHA library

Versions below 2.8 are no longer supported.

= 2.7.3 =
  • FIX: Added PHP check before using filter functions
  • FIX: Added UTF8 encoding
= 2.7.2 = = 2.7.1 =
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated reCAPTCHA to v2 (php_1.0)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed featured image from eCards list
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed Flash cards
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved PayPal form
  • FIX: Removed singular card display (all images now appear as selectables)
  • FIX: Various code fixes and improvements
= 2.7 =
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added internal wp_mail() filters (removed global ones)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed support for multiple emails (due to abuse)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed BCC header, Reply-To header and email trimming
= 2.6.1 =
  • FIX: Renamed a function to avoid conflicts
  • FIX: Renamed order_by to orderby to avoid conflicts
  • FIX: Removed a redundant function – chip_magic_quotes()
  • FIX: Defaulted ‘ecard_shortcode_fix’ (“Apply shortcode fix” option) to ‘off’
  • FEATURE: Bumped required version to 3.9
= 2.6 =
  • FEATURE: Added option to allow sender to CC self
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Removed custom image size and allowed for listing all registered image sizes (more image sizes can be added by using third-party plugins)
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Removed wp_mail() filters from diagnostics tab as they were far from accurate
  • FIX: Removed option to deactivate mail filters
= =
  • FEATURE: Added Reply-To header
  • FEATURE: Added wp_mail() test function and SMTP plugin link
  • FEATURE: Added settings link to plugins section
  • FIX: Various fixes
  • FIX: Moved plugin to Settings menu
= =
  • FEATURE: Added decimals to PayPal price section
= =
  • FIX: Fixed PayPal return page with no shortcode filter
= =
  • FEATURE: Added PayPal sandbox option
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added .ecards (or .ecard a) as lightbox selector
  • IMPROVEMENT: Renamed CSS name for enqueued styles
  • HELP: Added contextual help for lightbox selectors
  • HELP: Fixed typo in readme.txt file
= 2.5 =
  • UPDATE: Added internal mail parameters (with options)
  • UPDATE: Changed user upload behaviour
  • UPDATE: Updated Dropbox Chooser to version 2
  • UPDATE: Updated styles
  • IMPROVEMENT: Fixed stylesheet enqueue mode
  • IMPROVEMENT: General clean-up

Versions below 2.5 are no longer supported.