WooThumbs - Awesome Product Imagery

WooThumbs - Awesome Product Imagery






WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

WooThumbs takes your product images and displays them in an awesome way.

With a multitude of options, you can wow your customers and increase sales with an immersive gallery of images; fade, slide, zoom, enlarge, and endless layout options.

Multiple Images per Product Variation

Ever wanted to use additional images for your product variaitions? Now you can!

Using a simple drag and drop admin interface, ypu can assign any number of images to your prodiuct variations.

Highly Customisable

It’s easy to make WooThumbs look at home within your theme; using the in-depth options panel you can change the effects, size, colours, thumbnail layouts and transitions, zooming style, and so much more!

Fantastic Features

  • Add a video to your product!
  • Lightening Fast Variation Galleries
  • Various Image Zoom Options
  • Fullscreen Image Gallery
  • Endlessly Customisable
  • Fully Mobile Friendly
  • Sliding Thumbnails, Stacked Thumbnails, Or Bullets
  • Compatible With Any Theme
  • No Coding or Shortcodes Required

Customer Reviews

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v4.4.9 (11.01.2016)
[fix] Move video icon so it doesn't interfere with the loading icon

v4.4.8 (07.01.2016)
[fix] get_selected_varaiton not looking up correctly
[update] Disable close fullscreen on scroll
[update] Videos! Add a video to your product
[update] Product specific options moved to "WooThumbs" tab on product edit page

v4.4.7 (02.01.2016)
[update] WPML Compatibility
[update] Add version to scripts and styles

v4.4.6 (31.12.2015)
[fix] Thumbnails not loading in firefox - updated imagesloaded script
[fix] Update srcset method so it works with imagesloaded

v4.4.5 (30.12.2015)
[update] "WP Retina 2x" compatibility
[update] Added button in options page to manually clear image cache
[fix] Delete image cache in all scenarios necessary

v4.4.4 (17.12.2015)
[update] Name featured image so it can easily be removed via a filter
[update] Add hooks to image layout
[update] Show icons on hover
[update] Tooltips for icons
[update] Yith wishlist integration
[fix] Switch back to window load to prevent some issues in certain browsers
[fix] Change lazy load src so it does not conflict with others
[fix] bullets shown in zoom when only 1 slide
[fix] Issue when infinitescroll was enabled on mobile devices
[fix] Fullscreen z-index issue when bullets enabled
[fix] Couldn't scroll page on mobile if over image
[update] move large image size into display settings, as zoom and fullscreen both use it.
[fix] Don't add attachment if image is now missing from media library
[update] Longer hover transition speed
[update] Remove filter on shop_single image size
[update] Auto updates!

v4.4.3 (07.12.2015)
[fix] Fullscreen image size was incorrect
[fix] Zoom was disabled if using a touch laptop

v4.4.2 (01.12.2015)
[fix] Enable the new "Save Changes" button for variations

v4.4.1 (28.11.2015)
[update] Remove saved image IDs on product/variation save
[fix] Issue with lazy load when using vertical slides
[fix] Issue with thumbnail arrows if main slider has not yet loaded

v4.4.0 (24.11.2015)
[update] Added filter so you can modify images assigned to a variation on the frontend
[update] Completely rewritten scripts for optimisation and compatibility - should work with all swatch plugins now
[update] Implemented photoswipe, which will allow for pinch zooming on mobile
[fix] Issue with new Flatsome release
[fix] Click anywhere activated when fullscreen was not

v4.3.10 (17.11.2015)
[update] use shop_thumbnail instead of media thumbnail size
[update] Improve image load time on page load perception
[update] Improve loading when changing variation
[update] Thumbnail controls (prev/next)

v4.3.9 (14.11.2015)
[update] Remove sourcemap to reduce min.js filesize
[update] Optimise get_selected_varaiton function
[fix] $updatedImages named incorrectly
[fix] Index issue when *not* infinite loop
[update] Added show title option for fullscreen mode
[update] Added option to position fullscreen prev/next arrows
[fix] Stop it loading every time an attribute changes

v4.3.8 (11.1.2015)
[fix] Fullscreen index issue

v4.3.7 (10.1.2015)
[update] Tidy code throughout
[update] Infinite loop option for slider
[update] Choose zoom image size in settings
[update] Limit the fullscreen image to the height of browser option

v4.3.6 (20.09.2015)
[update] Allow TGM to be dismissed
[update] Update TGM
[fix] stacked thumbnail opacity after image load

v4.3.5 (13.09.2015)
[update] Plugin Header
[update] Translation slugs

v4.3.4 (06.09.2015)
[fix] Reinstate query string functionality, lost on previous update

v4.3.3 (06.09.2015)
[fix] Issue when there are more than 25 variations

v4.3.2 (06.09.2015)
[update] Load images if set via query string
[fix] Compatibility with product_page shortcode

v4.3.1 (03.09.2015)
[fix] Remove loading wait to allow for direct URL trigger

v4.3.0 (19.08.2015)
[update] delay show_variaiton on first load
[fix] Re-align loading icon
[fix] Compatibility with wptouch pro
[update] Background on zoomed images, just in case
[fix] Show Images only once loaded

v4.2.9 (18.08.2015)
[fix] Safari bug

v4.2.8 (18.08.2015)
[fix] WooCommerce fetches variations in a different way now, had to change JS
[update] Paginate bulk page
[fix] bulk edit save action

v4.2.7 (15.08.2015)
[fix] z.reloadSlider is not a funciton
[update] Added width/height to hopefully fix safari issues
[fix] Fullscreen gallery index

v4.2.6 (12.08.2015)
[fix] missing "add additional images" button in 2.4.2
[fix] Show arrows on reloadslider, if required
[update] Fullscreen gallery

v4.2.5 (10.08.2015)
[fix] parseJSON undefined issue on simple products

v4.2.4 (23.07.2015)
[update] Documentation

v4.2.3 (19.06.2015)
[Fix] No controls on zoom if only 1 slide

v4.2.2 (02.06.2015)
[Fix] Destroy zoom on load js error

v4.2.1 (01.06.2015)
[Update] Add "click anywhere" option for fullscreen
[Update] If only one image, don't show thumbs

v4.2.0 (01.06.2015)
[Update] No more AJAX! Images are fetched on page load
[Update] New slider and styling
[Update] Theme specific styling capabilities, out of the box
[Fix] If zoom is smaller than current image size, it does not load
[Update] New and easier to understand options
[Fix] Disable zoom on mobile
[Update] Enable swipe on mobile
[Update] Fullscreen now uses magnific
[Update] New design and design options
[Update] Auto-height slider for different size imagery

v4.1.0 (08.02.2015)
[Update] Fix admin-ajax request when SSL is being used
[Update] TGM script
[Fix] Remove Mr. Tailor Images
[Fix] Fix admin delete image styles
[Update] Add additional images button to variations list only (not swatches)
[Fix] Link all variations fixed
[Fix] Admin styling of additional images

v4.0.9 (06.08.2014)
[Fix] Compatibility with Quickview plugin when on single product page
[Fix] Changed .loading class on wrap to prevent conflicts
[Update] Disallow TGM to be dismissed
[Update] Remove Redux demo link

v4.0.8 (23.07.2014)
[Update] Get the selected var as default if passed via the URL
[Update] Load more images by default

v4.0.7 (21.07.2014)
[Fix] Removed tgmpa_load_bulk_installer error

v4.0.6 (12.06.2014)
[Update] Added TGM for Redux, rather than including it in the plugin files
[Update] Added Bulk Editor for variation images (Additional images only)

v4.0.5 (11.05.2014)
[Fix] Only trigger WooThumbs if the image div is found

v4.0.4 (11.05.2014)
[Fix] Added missing "tabs" script for image slider

v4.0.3 (05.05.2014)
[Fix] Image fallbacks if variation has no image

v4.0.2 (24.03.2014)
[Update] Don't show thumb or bullet if there's only 1 image.
[Fix] Avoid reflux conflict in Virtue theme.
[Update] Added Alt/Title tags to images.
[Fix] Added a new trigger for show_variation in Virtue theme (and potentially other themes).
[Update] Updated to latest Redux framework.

v4.0.1 (20.02.2014)
[Fix] Fix Stack Size JS Issue on non product pages.

v4.0.0 (01.02.2014)
[Update] New Slider
[Update] New Zoom Effect
[Update] Responsive
[Update] Tonnes of new options

v3.0.3 (28.10.2013)
[Fix] Added a fix to check if the swatches plugin is active

v3.0.2 (28.10.2013)
[Update] Added some JS to trigger show_variation on page load, if it hasn't already happened
[Update] Made it so the images don't try and load again if the variation ID is the same

v3.0.1 (26.10.2013)
[Fix] Changed the zoom class to avoid conflicts

v3.0.0 (25.10.2013)
[Update] Removed the need for custom templates.
[Update] The full product imagery area is now replaced, to improve theme compatibility.
[Update] There are now 3 different layout modes to choose from; Lightbox, Slides, and Zoom.
[Update] The plugin now uses more effective AJAX methods.

v2.0.2 (14.02.2013)
[Update] Added a template for the WooCommerce Professor Zoom Extension.
[Update] Moved the callback to the end of the footer.

v2.0.1 (14.02.2013)
[Update] Compatible with WooCommerce 2.0
[Update] New way of managing additional images, to make it even more efficient for the admin user.
[Update] Easy to re-order additional images

v2.0.0 (10.12.2012)
[Update] Added an options page to allow for custom thumbnail containers, transition speed and a custom JS callback after thumbnails have loaded.
[Update] Allows for custom thumbnail template to be added within your theme.
[Update] Fully compatible with the swatches & photos plugin.
[Update] Extended theme compatibility.

v1.0.2 (30.10.2012)
[Fix] Removed flash of white after loader disappears
[update] Trigger fancybox after clicking "Clear Selection" 
[Fix] Removed errors when no images selected
[Fix] Minor bug fixes