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Hi there,

Few questions please:

1. Does plugin work with a real sales numbers?

2. Will they change automatically if more products will be sold?

3. Is it possible not to show comments numbers?

4. What’s for they are if visitors can not click on them and look for comments?




Thanks for you quick reply!

4) I mean the visitors usually click on numbers of comments to read all of them.

Maybe for a second numbers (comments) it will be cool to show the daily sales, what do you think? First numbers will show total sales, the second – daily sales.

Regards, Igor


Hi Igor, V 1.3 is online now. You can disable the comment numbers via options now. Daily sales is an cool idea. For the Links: You may use HTML for the Text so you can put Tag around the Word Comments that links to them. Thanks, Danica


OK, thanks for info!

Hi Igor, thanks for your questions! 1. Yes, the plugin shows how many sales were successfully processed by WooCommerce

2. Yes. Every new sale makes +1.

3. Yes. At the moment you have to change a line of code. What you need to do is described here: http://www.active-rendering.de/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=5 If this is too hard to do please open a support ticket after you bought the plugin and I’ll change it for you. In a future Version of the plugin it’s planed to make this as admin setting.

4. Don’t know what you mean. The comment number has no link to the comments. So there no difference for visitors or logged-in clients.

Pre-sale question

I would like to display the daily sales of my product on my homepage. Is it possible to set it so this counter resets daily? What about hourly?


Hi, I’m sorry. That’s not possible yet. Perhaps you could do it via a Cron-Job but that would mean that the counter running by WooCommerce needs to be resettet an by doing this you will loose the total count for a product.

I would love to use something like the to display some extra information underneath, like “Free Shipping”, “100 Day Returns”, and “Ships in 24 Hours” etc. Something that lets me choose a Font Awesome icon and put some text next to it, outlined in a box like this does. Would you consider developing something like this?


Thanks for your purchase and the great suggestions. I will definetly have a look on this.

Hi sir I want when the user input all the information of his name and email and ….. etc, and then click to check out, then He will get a email with the PDF order, so he can print it and go to the seller to get his product. So in this case. I need each user has own a custom Serial number that is different for each user,that will but the same product.

Can your plugin do that?

Best regards A.J.


I think you are asking about a different product. SSN only shows the number of total sales for one product on the products page. Thanks.

tanin Purchased

Hi Possible to show in archive product page?



Thanks for your question. At the moment the numbers are only shown at the single product page but extending it is on the Roadmap.

tanin Purchased

Thank you..


Your’re welcome. Watch out for an update in the next days which will include the possibillity to hide the comment numbers and choose different placements, both via ACP Option.

Hello, this plugin is compatible with wordpress 4.1?


Yes, it is. Our demo page http://www.hupe-graphics.de/demo/ is running with the latest WP and WC Version.

Hi there, just uploaded Versio 1.3. Check this amazing changelog:

  • NEW feature: Choose between 5 different positions where SSN shows the output
  • NEW feature: Enable / Disable output for products with 0 sales
  • NEW feature: Enable / Disable Comment Numbers so only Sales Numbers are shown

Hope it will be reviewed soon. Cheers and THANKS to all buyers. Danica