Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer

Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer

Missing shortcodes for Woocommerce in Visual Composer?
No problem, this is a simple plugin which purpose is to add just that.

Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer is not compatible with the new visual composer as this finctionality is already included, however if you are still using an older (4.3.5 or lower) version of Visual Composer you can still use our plugin. Thank you for your understanding.

Change log

Update: 14.10.2014 – v1.7

- change plugin action to wp_loaded
Update: 22.09.2014 – v1.6

- added option menu_order to orderby parameter in shortcodes
Update: 18.09.2014 – v1.5

- change icon for visual composer
Update: 01.08.2014 – v1.4

- fixed icons for new version of visual composer 4.3
Update: 23.06.2014 – v1.3

 - changed folder structure
Update: 31.05.2014 – v1.2

- fixed: global variable issue
Update: 01.05.2014 – v1.1

- changed: the shortcodes naming 
- changed: shortcode options (added select fields instead of text fields) 
- added: FAQ question on the documentation