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I don’t want the coupon apply to specific roles automaticlly, I want the specific roles – user manually enter the couple and apply the discount. Can you do something about it , may be adding an additional option allow admin to configure the coupon either manually applied by user or automatically??

Hello. Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t a option to do it manually, as the coupons are generated automatically through admin panel and users do not know coupon code.

Hello. The feature is now added with version 2.0.2, which is released and will be available through Codecanyon 48 hours to 5 days (depending on staff).


I have purchased your plugin but have discovered two things, 1 which is a bug, and another, a crucial feature I need and the reason why I bought this plugin.

(1) When I try to remove a role from an existing coupon code, I cannot. In other words, I am able to delete the role from the input, but when I save the coupon, the role/roles appear once again. The only way to get rid of existing roles within a coupon is by inputing a different role. Seems like a glitch. I am on WC 2.5.2 and WP 4.4.2

(2) It seems that all coupons auto-apply to a specific role, even without a user’s input. So if, for example, I have a coupon code (10off) that applies a 10% off coupon, and I attach it to Role: Consumer, then any consumer auto gets this coupon. That is unexpected behavior, as I would like for a consumer to input the coupon code to receive the % off, not get it automatically. Let’s say that I am selectively emailing the code to customers, but apply it across the board to all users within a specific role, I would only want the customers who know about the code to use it, not every single person who is of the same role. What should I do about this issue?

Please let me know.


thank you for your purchase and your message.

(1) I tested it out on the demo site, which is also WP 4.4.2 and WC 2.5.2, but I couldnt achieve this issue. I tried to edit an automatically generated coupon (by Role Discount page) and manually added coupon, it worked as it should – roles were deleted and added as wanted.

I also checked the code. By functionality, there could be a glitch if code checked whether your new role is existant before and whether to add it or not. But, currently all coupon roles are being overwritten, so it is kind of impossible to have a problem there.

(2) At the moment, you can not do anything about it. The plugins is created so it will apply automatically role related coupons. However, this is a pretty nice idea that I can add as a feature (checkbox to coupon settings).


The feature (automatic/manual) is now added with version 2.0.2, which is released and will be available through Codecanyon 48 hours to 5 days (depending on staff).

About the bug. I found out that if nothing is selected for role restriction (and previously there was a role), then it is indeed not saved. I fixed it now.


Hi, I’m really interested in this plugin but I need answer : Is it possible to create a user (in my project like a premium account with a gateway for a payment, for example this kind of user could buy a virtual product). Thanks you for your response.

Sorry, but I do not see why your question is related to the plugin. This plugin does not handle payment gateways.

Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question: with this plugin is it possible to set different discounts for every single user? For example: Even if they have the same role (users), Client #1 has 10%, Client #2 has 15%, Client #3 has 20%, etc..

Many thanks and best regards.

Hello. Unfortunately not, as prices as different per role basis. You have to set different role for each user in that case.

Hi, I have pre purchase questions.

Is it possible to set price per categories e.g Shoes

So if the price is from $1-$10 then discount to be $1 So if the price is from $10-$20 then discount to be $2 So if the price is from $20-$25 then discount to be $2.5 on and on


1) WooCommerce allows you to set Product Categories (or exclude categories), if thats what you need. 2) No, not with such fixed rated. However, you can set up a percentage discount which will be almost the same (10% of 10$ is 1$)