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With this plugin are you able to set discounts on individual products instead of over the entire shop for specific roles?


Product 1 gets a 10% discount if you are User Role 1 Product 2 gets a 20% discount if you are User Role 1 but a 50% discount if you are User Role 2


Is that something this plugin can do?


Hello. Maybe you can take a look at the WooCommerce Coupon’s system. With this plugin, every role has a coupon that will be applied automatically.

Do you have plans on making it compatible whit multi currency – eg. working wtih WooCommerce Multilingual?


Hello. Do you mean that the discounts could be different for each currency?


Does it conflict with other woo commerce plugins? like WooCommerce Prices By User Role.

Thanks Mike


Hello. It can not be told certainly, as it has not been tested with mentioned plugin.


Am I understanding correctly that this plugin just allows discounts across the all products based on your role?

I was hoping to use this for promotions. So when we launch a promo, we can set up a coupon to use that only applies to the customers who have the subscriber role. Use a coupon would allow us to restrict the discount to a certain product.

Is that possible? I don’t see how in the settings. Thanks.


Coupon code names are not allowed to be changed. If administrator logs in, then the coupon will automatically be applied to it.


Thanks. So this means then there is only one coupon code per role?


Yes, unfortunately this is the case at the moment.

Hi, nice plugin. 

But from the description I thought I could assign multiple coupons to each role. Unfortunatly this is not the case :(

Hope to see this in a future update.

Hi, I bought this pugin but i have a problem. I create the “Dealer” role (woocommerce -> role discount). But when I create a role “example: dealer” I can not assign it to a user. After putting the new role created and validated, it displays “no role on this site”? Can you help me please… (WP version : 4.1 Woocommerce version : 2.2.11)


Hi. Could you provide more information, which plugins you use? Or screenshots?

I have a question before I buy your plugin I want to offer incremental discount. So it might be $10 off per item.

e.g. For a certain product that costs $50.
Buy 5 and get $10 off = $240
Buy 6 and get $20 off = $280
Buy 7 and get $30 off = $320
Buy 8 and get $40 off = $360

So for every extra product purchased another $10 is added to the discount. I want to do it by dollar value and not by percentage.

Thanks you,



Hi. Unfortunately this plugin does not do this.

Im afraid I was too quick with reading the description and missed a crucial part. It is indeed possible to add custom roles :-). Now I wonder, is it possible to automatically apply a new user role after a certain product purchase? Example: membership purchase -> apply new role.


Hello. Unfortunately this does not work like that.

This plugin no longer works with the latest versions of woocommerce and wordpress. It used to work but now does not.

No discounts are not applied at cart/checkout anymore and I also have the same issue as ‘antho-woocom’ posted above. I created a new Role to test with after I noticed the plugin had stopped working and when trying to assign a role to a user via User > All Users > Edit User > Role. The role does not save, when the user reloads the ”- No role for this site -” is shown in the drop down.

Please investigate and fix


Hello. I just submitted the plugin update, which fixes the problem.