About the Extension

WooCommerce Product Listing is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you create a page with all the Products of your web site, and let users buy multiple items, just from one page! You can also control the layout of the products list by using the different variations that the shortcode supports!

Now with a great admin panel, to make your life easier!


- Connect to your server’s FTP

- Copy the “productlistpages” folder from the zip into the “wp-content/plugins” directory

- Login to your WordPress administrator panel

- Click the “Plugins” tab and you will see your newly installed plugin – activate it.


You just need to include the shortcode [productslist] into a page of your WordPress Installation. The shortcode also includes some variations also

titles=true – Display the titles of the products list table
posts_per_page=x – Add pagination to the products list
cat=x – List products only from a certain category
image=true – Make the featured images visible
order=desc – Assign the order of the listing
orderby=title – List the products based on their title imageintitle= true/false : Image into the title, visible or not id=x : List products by ID excerpt= true/false : Display the product excerpt (description). content= true/false : Display the whole product content. price= true/false : Display the price of products. producttitle= true/false : Display the product title or not addtocartbutton=top/bottom/both/none : Control the position of the Button stock= true/false : Option to display the stock of products


v 1.0:

Initial Release

v 1.1:

Added a CSS file.

v 1.2:

Bugfixes, shortcodes.

v 1.3:

Bugfixes, admin panel to choose if CSS will be loaded.

v 1.4:

New admin panel with default display options, change of order, etc.
added id parameter to view specific products by ID
added producttitle parameter (default is true)
added add to cart button option: addtocartbutton Values: both (default), top, bottom, none

v 1.5:

Added new shortcode values
Security Check / Bug Fixing
Category Parament now works with Slugs and not only ID selectors
Added add to cart button option: addtocartbutton Values: both (default), top, bottom, none
Maximum quantity is now determinated by WooCommerce and it's not a default 99
Option to display stock and new shortcode variation (stock)
Option to have add to cart button for each product instead of quantity box

v 1.6:

Twitter Bootstrap Tables
WPML Support
Variation Support
SKU Support
Minnor Bug Fixes

v 1.6.1:

Everything is indented properly
quantity increase / decrease fix for latest woo
JS fix with pl.js
Another couple of depreciation errors.