WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard PRO

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard PRO - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

With MultiStep Checkout Wizard PRO you can change default WooCommerce Checkout page to the modern and easy step-by-step checkout.

Most rated ecommerce stores use it and their customers are happy to do fast purchase with multi-step form wizard!



  • Customize each steps element
  • Different styles
  • Disable steps that you don’t need
  • Login as separate step
  • Form validation for each step
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (creating custom step)
  • Replacing steps order
  • Enable Accept terms & condition checkbox for any step


If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support AT festi DOT io

Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!

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1.6 (September 04 2014)
* Added new stylesheet "green-line" with step dots for wizard 
* Added "Accept terms & condition" checkbox option for any step
* Added new option for replacing steps order

1.5 (September 03 2014)
* Added smooth transition between steps
* Fixed function bug

1.4 (September 01 2014)
* Added language files
* Fixed array_replace bug

1.3 (August 30 2014)
* Added compatibility with Premium Plugin “WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor”
* Added options for renaming checkout steps and buttons

1.2 (August 27 2014)
* Added new option - disable steps

1.1 (August 26 2014)
* Fixed issue with payment step

1.0 (August 25 2014)
* First release