WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile

WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile

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WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile

This plugin provides important data for shop managers about their users. It allows you do discover what your customers are buying, their favorite categories, create coupons specially for their needs, and more!


All the following data are viewed per customer, in a customer profile.

  • View Customer’s most bought products, per order status (or all of them).
  • View categories from which the customer has bought his products, per order status (or all of them).
  • View the totals of the customer’s orders, per order status (or all of them).
  • View the discounts the customer has earned, per order status (or all of them).
  • Set customers as VIP by providing a minimum order total threshold and a specific order status for customers to be VIPs. Or manually set the users as VIP even if they do not pass that minimum..
  • Create coupons for your customers based on the products they’ve bought (check below).
  • View the coupons which the customer have used.


Shop manager decides a minimum to be paid by the user in a specific order status (or all of them). The users will have a VIP indicator when they reach the minimum. Or set the VIP status manually for users even if they do not reach that minimum.

VIP Pricing

Set special VIP prices for your VIP customers per product! or set a general discount to all products for all of your VIP customers.*

  • does not support sorting with prices

The smart coupon generation will suggest for the shop manager the products the user may be interested in, shop manager selects the products he wishes to offer in a coupon, and then is redirected to a coupon creation page that is pre-populated with the recommended products!

Coupon Generated Email

Optionally send an email when a coupon is created for a customer!


Login using the following credentials:

  • For shop manager: username: demoadmin password: demoadmin
  • For a user who is a VIP because he bought more than 9$: username: vipusersettings password: vipusersettings
  • For a user who is a VIP because an admin said so: username: vipuserrule password: vipuserrule

View the products Woo Album #4 for a demo VIP price. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> General and find the VIP general discount option (and the other options) for testing.


Extract the downloaded file from CodeCanyon. Upload the zip files that appears after extraction.


For any questions, please either comment or contact me through the email found in the support tab.

Features Requests

The item is being updated to meet the customers request. If you have a feature request, mention it in the comments, or email it via the support email.


Support is only provided using the help desk on Fridays and Saturdays due to connection problems.

Change Log

Fixed bug with empty orders
Separate VIP form.
Added ability to manually set the VIP status.
Initial Release