Woocommerce Chained Product is the best suite for all Woocommerce lover, If anyone need to gift some product/offer to buyer on successful purchase then this plugin is a best suite. Every Shop Owner needs this plugin to offer some best deal to the buyer. Simply create a product(simple) and link whatever other simple product that you want to link, and linked products will added successfully to the order on successful purchase.
  • Gift a Product X,Y when on Purchase Z
  • Anyone Like Combo Offers/Deals
  • Drastically Increase your seals
  • Support Digital Products
  • Easily create and sell product combos
  • Works out of Box

Recent Update

Product Tab Chained Product is now Option


Version 1.3
- Fixed Bug on Chrome Chosen Display Problem

Version 1.2 
Display Option for Chained Product in Single Product Page

Version 1.1 
Support Variable Product in Simple Product

Version 1.0 
Initial Release