Woocommerce Black Friday - Wordpress/Facebook

As you might know, Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the USA, and not only there.

Black Friday 2013 is right around the corner, so we’ve created a new Woocommerce Black Friday Plugin that will allow you to have your own Black Friday Sale on your Woocommerce Store. What does our plugin offer you?

Simply – the opportunity to organize Promotions, Sales and Discounts on online stores on Black Friday for sellers in all industries.

On FACEBOOK as well! Why not to take advantage of facebook’s millions of users? You can setup Black Friday on Facebook as well in no time!

Who’s the target audience for this plugin?

Well, anyone that has a Woocommerce Store and wants to have a Black Friday Sale.

It’s for merchants from all industries, small or big, who wants to monetize their store using Black Friday, the biggest marketing campaign of the year.

Why should only large stores take advantage of Black Friday sales?

Offer your customers the opportunity to take advantage of killer sales and spend some money, the smart way.

Last year, Black Friday, the most awaited day of discounts, generated sales even 30 times higher than normal for merchants.

On Black Friday, large orders were recorded by the largest electronics companies, but also by sites that sell books, cosmetics or toys. All retailers have rounded their revenues this way.

Black Friday, the biggest marketing campaign of the year has a double benefit – for large companies – they multiply their profits, and for small businesses to boost their profit, get a rename in the business.

What are you waiting for? Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money?

The Woocommerce Black Friday – Wordpress Plugin contains 4 major components.

  1. Black Friday Notification Bar
  2. Black Friday Countdown Page – with subscription for customers
  3. Black Friday – Products Page with Special Black Friday Sales.
  4. Black Friday Products on Facebook!
The Black Friday Notification Bar has the purpose to announce your customers how much time there is until Black Friday starts, when it started, when it ended, and a link to the Black Friday Products Page with Special Black Friday Sales.

The Notification bar will be displayed on all your website pages, at the bottom of the page, or at the top, there’s an option in the admin panel. If you wish to remove it, there’s an option to do so in the administration area.

This is a custom countdown page that will allow you to announce your customers how much time until black Friday is, and the possibility to subscribe, so they will be notified via email when it starts.

You can customize it with your custom logo, and as special effect we have flying discounts around the page. And of course the cool glowing countdown.

On this page there’s also sharing, so your customers can spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, when the time ends up, the Black Friday will automatically Start! This is the BIG Black Friday Products Page!

This is the page where customers will see the Black Friday Offers and of course buy them.

Here, you can add an unlimited number of products, and for each product a custom Black Friday Price.

You can choose from your existing Woocommerce products, filter them by Categories, and add them to the Black Friday Products Page.

We’ve built in our AA-Team Framework, a Black Friday Page Creator. All you need to have is here, is very easy to work with, to add new Categories, Products in them, and of course you can setup on the spot a black Friday price on each product. You can also sort them how you like, and setup a maximum percentage off for each category (Up to 50% Off!)

Well, why not advertise your Black Friday Offers on Facebook as well? There’s a huge market there of millions of users eager to buy!

Showcase your Black Friday offers on Facebook in no time. You just need to have a Facebook Page, create an app in one minute and add it to your Facebook Page as Page Tab!

It’s that easy! Extra feature! Like locker! Clients must like the page in order to view the Store.

Full features list:

  • Works as plugin on any Wordpress install (3.6+)
  • Works with Woocommerce plugin (mandatory) (2+)
  • Works on Facebook as well, as page tab app (facebook requires SSL)
Main plugin components :
  • Black Friday Notification Bar
    • Notification bar that will appear on all your website pages, at the bottom/top of the page.
    • Customizable Black Friday message
    • Custom Black Friday Cowntdown
    • Link to Countdown Page / Black Friday Products Page
  • Black Friday Countdown Page – with subscription for customers
    • Custom logo, custom Black Friday logo
    • Custom countdown
    • Custom flying discounts around the page
    • The possibility to subscribe for users so they can be notified (you can find the subscribers list in the administration area and notify them when Black Friday Starts)
    • Export subscribers to CSV feature
    • Social media – spread the word about your store’s Black Friday on Facebook and Twitter
    • When time ends up , Black Friday will automatically START
    • Preview Countdown page – Protected - it can only be seen by admin
  • Black Friday – Products Page with Special Black Friday Sales.
    • Custom Black Friday Page URL
    • Select Black Friday Start and End Date
    • SEO – Setup Black Friday Page Title
    • Custom Logo
    • Custom footer disclaimer text
    • Select how many products to display per column.
    • Custom flying discounts around the page
    • Add unlimited products to Black Friday Page
    • Add unlimited categories to Black Friday Page
    • Custom Black Friday Price for each Product
    • Remove products from Black Friday
    • Remove categories from Black Friday
    • Setup a maximum percentage off for each category (Up to 50% Off!)
    • Rollback product prices when Black Friday ends.
    • Preview Products page – Protected – it can only be seen by admin
  • Black Friday Products on Facebook!
    • Add your Black Friday Sales on Facebook easily
    • Create an app in less than a minute on Facebook developers
    • It can be added as Page tab on your Facebook Page
    • Facebook Likelocker – Users must like the Facebook Page in order to see the Black Friday Deals.
  • Mandatory requirements
    • Wordpress 3,7 +
    • Woocommerce plugin 2+
    • Facebook Page, Facebook App, SSL

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