WooCommerce Address Proof

WooCommerce Address Proof

Deliver your products to correct address to make your customers happy and save your cost.

Note: To view orders in wordpress admin, login to wp-admin woocommerce order pages using following url and credentials. (username/password : demo/demo)

Demo Admin Page

What is this for?

I believe lots of online shop managers are suffering from bad feedbacks from their customers for delivering the products to wrong locations. This results in wasting time and cost, and most importantly losing customer loyalty.

Address Checker – AC does exactly to solve this.
It uses powerful Google Geocode API to resolve and check shipping addresses on WooCommerce Checkoutpage.


  • Google Geocode API
  • Very fast and exact verification of addresses
  • Intelligent address checking engine
  • No clashes with other plugins
  • Proxy Support
  • Flexible database table management
  • Able to work in frontend or backend mode
  • Clean administration settings
  • Checking addresses of already existing orders
  • Intuitive markers for address check result
  • And other small features

How it works

First visit the demo site wp-admin woocommerce orders page. There you will see the results of existing orders
For changing the mode please go to Settings > Address Proof page

Backend mode is recommended not to bother customers when placing orders

- Plugin

- Backend

- Frontend



More flexible check engine

Check address in 2 languages ( English and Customer Country Language )


You can now check addresses anywhere in wordpress through Plugin function

More accurate but little strict street address check

Little change in overall algorithm flow


Revamp on the checking address algorithm

Customers are now provided which address part is wrong


- Added option for billing/shipping address check

- Added option for Google Business Customers for large quota

- Small change in algorithm


- Change in address check algorithm

- Fixed UTF-8 compatibility issue

Version 2.0

Migration of this plugin from AddressDoctor api to Google GeoCode