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waveps Purchased

Hi, How do I change the height of the stickbar and color of the font? Thanks,

drai Purchased

can I easily make this responsive? 100% width?


Unfortunately, it supports only fixed width.

macster Purchased

Hi there DEV,

Outstanding plugin :) In the first 5 minutes of playing… works flawlessly!

Another great purchase from you :)

Now, i have a small request, if it’s not too much to ask, could you please help me add/use shortcodes to/as widgets? I have couple plugins that use shortcodes to use in posts or pages, and one plugin also has a function to use inside themes but so far nothing worked… is there a way to display shortcodes inside widget areas?

Overall, well done! 5 stars!


Hi Michael. Thanks for idea. I appreciate it.

macster Purchased

Hi there,

Could you please help me using the same plugin in multiple instances for the vertical display mode? (if possible) Notice that in vertical mode is using only one widget area and i would need to use 1 or 2 widgets more in different areas (i.e by having 2-3 sticky bars with different widgets on the left side)



Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, plugin doesn’t support multiple instances. In vertical mode it has only 1 widget area: my thought was that people will put several widgets in this area and they will be displayed under each other.

Thanks, Ivan

A suggestion, perhaps don’t put the Multi-X Bar Plugin on the demo page of Widgetized Stickybar. That’s what I thought I was buying.


I’m sorry about that. I’ve highlighted that Stickybar is at the bottom.

urbanwed Purchased

Is it possible to make the bar stretch across the entire page 100%?

Instead of a fixed width.

What would the code be?

Hello. Try to add these lines into Stylesheet parameter on Settings page:
#widgetizedstickybar-bottom-content {
left: 0px !important;
margin-left: 0px !important;
width: 100% !important;
But I can’t guarantee stable work, because it is out of scope. The idea of plugin was to have fixed width.
vrouw Purchased

Hi, i have the bar be expanded by default. But is it possible that when you close the bar and goes to another page, it stays closed?


Unfortunately, right now I don’t have time to do this. I think I will add this feature during next week.


Hi. I’ve released new version. Added option to remember current state (expanded/collapsed) of stickybar.

vrouw Purchased

your the best!

Scaevus Purchased

Nice plugin. I purchased it right away.

I only have one question, I’d like the bar to be displayed on every pages except the home page. Is it possible to add such an option?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such option, but you can do simple trick. For horizontal bar add this code to your homepage:
<style type="text/css">
#widgetizedstickybar-bottom-content, #widgetizedstickybar-bottom-tab, #widgetizedstickybar-top-content, #widgetizedstickybar-top-tab {display: none !important;}

Hi… tell me… why can I not change the expand image? I just tried to make the arrows white and upload, but then the images disappears… my file is a lot bigger than yours… special file format?


Hi. You need to use image with the same size.

Can we choose on which page / post it appears or does it show on the entire site ?


Hi. You ca choose both: entire website or certain post/page (please read Installation paragraph, step #3).

aozde Purchased

Do you think i have a posibility to use three different widgets. I want to use for my three category different content… Thanks for great product…


Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Nice plugin – looks like a winner!

Curious – in your examples you have arrow to click on to expand the widget area. Can the arrow be replaced with the word “Login”??

Thanks in advance



Hi Paul. Thank you. Unfortunately, there is no such option. I mean it is necessary to modify source code to replace arrows by something else.


Ok – thanks for the quick response! I will consider this.

So your saying I can change the arrow image with a login image and change the coding/CSS to make it work?


Thanks again.


Yes. Source code of the plugin is open. So you can modify it as you wish (must be familiar with PHP and WP architecture).

Hello ichurakov,

with your plugin, is there an option to display the stickybar at the top, have it open by default, and remove the close button?

Thank You in advance!


Hi. Yes. You can put it on the top and set it as expanded by default. There is no option to remove close button.

Hi, is it possible to create multiple stickybars, and appoint different stickbar on different page/post?


Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Can you increase the number of widgets? It’s max is set to 6 but will want more. We’re combining it with a Widgets per page plugin for custom on page menus.

Hi. Please edit php file, find line #315 which is:
<option value="6"'.($this->options['horizontal_areas'] == 6 ? ' selected="selected"' : '').'>6</option>
Add more lines below like:
<option value="7"'.($this->options['horizontal_areas'] == 7 ? ' selected="selected"' : '').'>7</option>

PRE-SALE Question…

Does your sticky bar work / display on a smartphone / mobile device.

The internet suggests that it may not


The size of stickybar is fixed. If mobile device has small screen (generally, smartphones), the stickybar won’t be fit into screen.

Hi, Is there a way to make the stickybar appears only on blog related pages? Thanks!


Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.