Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel

Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Todo is Website Visitors Tracker With Stats Panel .what makes Todo special is that it is simple to install and use.Todo Stats Panel give you Summary of Website Visits For year and also For each month Using Google Charts .Todo Take very small space on your Database.

How To Use :

Simply Create Sub-directory (eg.stats) and Upload Todo Source Files After Preparation , install Todo and then Insert One Line of Code To all Pages You want To be Tracked .Now You Ready To Login To Stats Panel and know site statistics

Main Features :

  • Awesome Layout .
  • Enhanced With JQuery .
  • Powerful Login System .
  • Powerful Statistics Panel .
  • Show Yearly Statistics using charts .
  • Show Monthly Statistics .
  • Show Daily Statistics .
  • Sort Statistics Using Range.
  • Insert Only one line of code to use Todo Tracker .
  • Ability to Delete Reports .
  • Uses Google Charts .
  • Very Simple and Doesn’t take more space on your Database .
  • Automatic Installer .
  • OOP .
  • Full and Clean Code .
  • Well Documented .

Live Demostration :

  • Admin Panel (User:admin Pass :admin)
  • Notice : Preview Filled With Dummy Reports (2010,2011,2012)
  • Notice : Deleting Reports Is deactivated

Sources and Credits :

I’ve used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

  • Query Color Animations : Licensed under the MIT
  • jQuery : MIT LICENSE
  • Google Chart Tools For Developers.
  • Bootstrap V2.1.1 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Sansation – freeware font family Version 1.3 Bernd Montag ¬© 2011
  • Bitstream Vera Fonts Copyright¬© 2003 by Bitstream, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Requirements :

  • A PHP Enabled server (Version 5.x)
  • MySQL (Version 4.x or greater 5.x)

Support :

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of Pause help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form .Thanks so much!