Website translation Class - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

The Google translation API is deprecated and is from now on only available as a paid service. So from this moment you can only use this script for manual translations. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This script can be used to make a multilingual websites. It has the unique feature of automatic translating untranslated strings with Google translator. If the translation is not 100% correct you can manually change the translation in

the CSV language file. You don’t need to create the CSV files yourself because the script will automaticly detect witch strings are not in the CSV yet and create a line for these strings.

An advantage of using CSV files to save the translations in is that these files can be send to a translator whom can open these in Excel and start translating them.



  • Fixed bin2utf error.


  • Fixed languages with special characters like japanese, arabic, ...
  • Can now be used on servers without file_get_content function
  • Auto translate of HTML content
  • Option to do auto translate with CURL +POST (good for big texts)
  • Check out new live preview with example of exotic languages :)


  • Fixed problem with new Google translator.


  • Translations are saved in CSV files
  • Automatic create new CSV lines when there are new strings
  • Auto translation of new strings with Google translator
  • Easy to use