Website Pet - Wordpress Plugin

Website Pet is a Wordpress plugin that lets you enable and display a graphical pet on your website, to show messages to your visitors.

This way of showing messages can be more noticeable to visitors.

You can set the Pet to hide after all messages are displayed and even show it only once a day to a visitor.

Info: Options Screen, Skin Example


UPDATE 1.1.1 – 10 oct 2012
- fixed a bug with the Allow Jumps option.
- tweaked the main php file to prevent incompatibilities of the the_content filter for custom messages.

Update 1.1 – 2 oct 2012
- fixed a bug with “Homepage Only” option
- fixed a bug where the pet wasn’t starting on some sites
- added a new option, to set a limit screen size on which pet is visible(default minimum width is 720; pet gets hidden on devices that have a smaller width). This new option is inside the Advanced Options box. you need to click restore, to see it in case you had the old version already.


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