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VERY tempted to purchase this! It’s awesome! Shame you didn’t spend a ‘lil longer making the UI nicer ;)


Thanks for the feedback, the UI will definitely be improved in one of the future versions, but I rely heavily on user feedback.

One issue I found was when you click highlight code and you have a good amount of code in there, the horizontal scroll bar is stuck in the middle of the box.

Couple suggestions:
1) Use a text editor that allows formatting while modifying the text. The highlighted text is only beneficial to me if it highlights while I’m typing.
2) Intellisense would be nice
3) On the menu, I’d get rid of the “snippets” level since it is the only item in the list. Just show all of the items when you first drop it down.

This has potential. Keep up the good work!


Many thanks for the feedback, I’ll take these into account and work on improving these aspects with the next release.

This looks very smart, congrats.

I was wondering, is it possible to define a new syntax format?

e.g. if I added Rails as a script language how could I configure the editor to apply appropriate colours to the syntax?


The highlighter supports Rails, but if you paste some Rails code, the editor won’t recognize it, as it is currently configured to recognize and combine HTML , CSS, JavaScript, PHP . You can achieve what you want with a certain amount of custom coding, but I think I’d rather add an option in the new version that allows you to change the highlighting language on the fly (just like in Notepad++)

why dont you make adding snippets availabe from an admin panel, why would one go through all that hassle via ftp?

i dont see the point in it as is, its not productive at all, it would be nice to turn it into like a notepad++ and we use it on the go for real development environment, with Intellisense as one types it populates the code, the way you to copy paste into regions the code, its much easier to google the codes and paste into work environment, there is a potential but its not executed with proper logic.


Thanks for the request. That’s a 2nd request for Intellisense, so I’m adding this to my To-Do list. Good point on the snippets too, I’ll add some kind of interface that allows you to add them easier. This will all be available with the next version I hope. I’ll try to put this one live in about a month at most.

Thank you for qucik reply, this goes to show that you are up to mastering your product, realy happy.

If i was you i would rethink this thing all over again see some competitions scripts and try to do it better, i think you have the knowledge and you should target to develop this for the masses on a different business aproach.

see the bigger picture, all this developers will use it, the interface should be totaly different you need to consider something like dhtmlx.com kit for professional look.

If you have the time and skills, if your a ninja developer, go down this root, with this project.


You’re probably right. I’m already working on a lot of improvements in the functionality and I’m trying to push the next version to an earlier release.

I think the next version will only have the functionality updates though and when I’m done with these, I’ll work on improving the interface and making it look prettier.

Re: intellisence

In my opinion, adding Intellisence to make it more like a code editor than a reference facility changes the scope and purpose of this project.

As it is, the project can be used as a reference to be used by 100’s of developers (and maintained by an administrator). Think of it as a central repository for useful, time saving, snippets. The users, in this instance, are people that need a reference. I’m not sure if you had this purpose in mind, but for me it’s the main usage I considered when I used the live preview.

Adding intellisence as functionality creates a different use case for the project. People are no longer using it just as a reference, but also as a means of writing code. It then enters into the arena with competition such as notepad++, netbeans etc. The scope and feature set suddenly open up and it no longer fills a niche. It could be a big project.

I think adding new features, rather than improving the existing functionality, is something you should be careful of. It is useful as-is (maybe the project needs renaming though).

Making it easier for an administrator to add snippets gets a plus one from me!


Yeah, that’s basically the purpose I had in mind when releasing the product – a snippet repository maintained by an administrator or by a small community of programmers that work together on certain projects and need to keep some code snippets for future reference.

However, from what I’m seeing, there’s a high demand for a fully-working browser-based code editor like Notepad++, so I think I’m going to take this into account and work in this direction.

I’m planning to keep the current version in future distributions, so people can choose whether they would want to use the snippet repository only or the fully-working code editor. Do you think that would work?

I’ve also just finished adding the admin interface that allows you to add snippets and it’s going to be included in the next release.


One possibility is to create two separate projects.

If you brainstorm the potential feature set of an editor you’ll find a huge task list, particularly when compared with a snippet repository. The question then becomes if you are able to spend the required time developing such a product, and also, what will your product offer that existing software doesn’t have? e.g. NotePad++

Be careful of scope creep.

Maybe there’s a way for you to compartmentalize functionality, so that you can re-use code between the code repository and the editor? At the end of the day, a bit of planning will save you a lot of work.

Nice things good things. i will definitely make the development fast. Will we are able to insert our own snipped code there. Via admin. There is one suggestion if there is a search option that will be great.

Suppose i want to search slider it will show me in the search the php slider, jquery slider , css slier. which i can use.



Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try to include them in the next release. I’m already working on it..

Conorcan i hear you out, agree with you and dont agree with you, anyways Maringtr has answered that so we dont fall out :))) he will keep this as is and offer develop another version for this purpose.

Alos this is what you said: “The question then becomes if you are able to spend the required time developing such a product, and also, what will your product offer that existing software doesn’t have? e.g. NotePad++”

Now Notepadd++ sits on your desktop and this is online accesable anywhere.

This has huge potential, he has something i trust will be a big success, im not just looking at him selling it here, huge demand for such web based solution.

I as a developer if i have the facility to goto my script where ever i am and login to add snippets, and tag those snippets with names i like, and as some mentioned here, when you search code is displayed and using those short tags as i type intelisense auto populate my code,

What is the harm of having the facility at your finger tip to use that code there and then, and if posiable even better to save your work back to the system in a directory you created ie: if i want to start a project ill create it and after im done working on it i save it and next time carry on where i left last.

The admin should be able to create maybe even multiple accounts so that anyone the script owner can add snippets, imagine a team of 5 people they can have there accounts to add snippets how cool is that.

Maringtr has something going here with a better UI and re thinking how this over i think he is on to something here.

On the other hand just having a facility to add snippets, than why would one want to buy this, you can even do that with using simple WORPRESS , i dont think we should stop him developing a solution that has huge demand, i know for sure he will get thousands of downloads.

Just like the big boys out there, if i had this what i would have done is make it opensource and free to download, and put it on github, sourceforge, and all those webdev titorials freebies sites like smashing magazine webappers and so on and you will see he will get 10’s of thousands of downloads, and he can offer support and modification services and he can make serious money from this, not sell here for $7 and expect to make millions. Maringts you have something follow my model you would not go wrong, i have experience in the model i described you have something, makesure you make the front end look like a desktop environment, i shared a link before use them or others but achiving the same, dont try to build the fron UI your self you can even buy a developer licence on any themes here on THEMEFOREST , they some amazing ADMIN themes that you can use to achive the professional software look. I wish i had your skills i would make this a killer app.


The thing is though, there are certain browser/language limitations that may prevent the application from becoming as good as a desktop text editor. For example – you can’t natively have different text colors for a single block of text in a single text area and that’s a huge problem, as in order to make real time syntax-highlighting work properly, I need to simulate that effect by highlighting, for example, on a row-per-row basis and I’m not certain this is a good solution – I see a lot of potential issues.

But other than that, I like the idea of this becoming a stand-alone project, probably even a free one. We’ll see that as it develops with time..

its posiable do some reserach ive used in the past free webbased code editors.


Thanks. Codepress is the one that I find most useful. I’ll see how they engineered the real-time highlighting feature and compare to mine.

To everyone interested – you can track BETA development at: http://www.marinbezhanov.com/temp/wda/beta/

Are there any plans to continue development on this?


Yes, but I can’t say when exactly, my schedule is currently packed.

I have one thing I want before I purchase this amazing script… It needs to have the ability to allow the user hit enter to insert snippets instead of clicking. This will decrease more time it takes to code.


Would you still be selecting snippets from the dropdown menus, when using ENTER instead of MOUSE_CLICK?

doc1955 Purchased

How long until there is an update to this script?


Unfortunately I don’t think this script will be getting updates anytime soon. I don’t have the physical resource to support it at the moment – I am swamped with other projects. I would like to thank you for investing and believing in this product, and I hope to be able to continue its development at some point.

I loved your app :) but when I tried to see the demo my laptop got infected by rootkits and malware (it downloaded a flash file without concent) that wreck havoc on my laptop deleting registry datas …took me 2 hours to get rid of it :( please check your website and users be aware don’t download any flash anything….. if it tells you too…. ;(


my system kept redirecting to sirf n keep spam sites


I am really sorry about this – it appears my hosting got hacked at this time. It used to be a shared hosting account offered by a local company. I already took measures – I have purchased a dedicated server at a respected world-renowned hosting company and I am now in the process of moving all my files there. Unfortunately, this will take me at least a week to complete due to the volume of data I have to transfer and my total lack of free time. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this have caused and thank you for informing me about the issue.