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I have no background why ? see here

Thanks for help



What exactly do you mean by background ? Your slider shows the weather behind the temperature for me.


The city liege does not display Weather, i choose another city near of the “li├Ęge”


It could be that World Weather Online doesn’t recognize your location. Could you try entering it with a different format ? You can use the search engine on their site: http://www.worldweatheronline.com/

In our experience it shouldn’t be a problem, they are supporting almost every place, but you may have to try writing location names differently, so WWO can recognize it.

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It says an update is coming last month? (No misspelling) Is there an update coming? Just want to know if it abandoned or not before i commit to buy and implement it.



We have just released the new version today :)

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Dear Users,

The long awaited update for WeatherSlider WP is finally here, you can download it right now! :) This update requires a manual install, thus you need to delete the old version and then reinstall the new one. Your sliders and settings are stored in your database, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

Please note: there was a small issue in this release that we’ve already fixed. If you are using LayerSlider as well, please make sure to update to version 2.6.1, which will be available in the next few hours.

  • Major interface revamp with several enhancements
  • Updated documentation with clearer language
  • Added new and more reliable auto-update feature
  • Added release channels for optional beta testing
  • Added WeatherSlider News section
  • Added WorldWeatherOnline premium API support
  • Added WPML support for multilingual sliders
  • Added slider slug/alias support
  • Added option to allow plugin access to non-admin users
  • Added advanced settings for potential performance and compatibility improvements
  • Improved compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress
  • Improved compatibility with most themes and plugins
  • Using WP nonces to better secure your pages
  • The weatherslider() PHP function now accepts category name filters
  • Lots of fixes and other improvements