Watermark My Image Standalone Class

Watermark My Image Standalone Class

Watermark My Image Standalone Class enables you to add a simple, yet very flexible and customizable watermark to your images.


  • PHP 5 or greater with the GD image library and FreeType Support
  • PHP object buffering
  • If watermarking animated GIFs then ImageMagick must also be installed and the system function must be enabled
  • Some coding skills

Not sure if your server can run Watermark My Image Standalone Class?

  1. Download the check script zip file
  2. Extract the php file to your document root
  3. And run it in your browser


  • Watermark JPG , PNG and GIF files (including animated GIFs)
  • Customize the height, background color, background transparency and the position (top, bottom) of the watermark
  • Place the watermark inside or outside the original canvas
  • Add unlimited texts
  • Customize the texts alignment (left, right), size, font, color, offset X, offset Y
  • Customize the spacing between texts
  • Add unlimited icons (in JPG , PNG and GIF formats; animated GIF icons are not supported)
  • Customize the height of the icons
  • Customize the icons alignment (left, right) and vertical alignment (top, center, bottom – relative to the tallest icon)
  • Customize the spacing between icons, the offset X and the offset Y of the icons
  • A caching system

Take a look at the live preview for a demonstration and documentation of Watermark My Image.