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antid33 Purchased

If I have 3 columns in a paga, and wants to column No. 2 displayed first at the top in a smartphone (then 1 and 3 under), how can I do that?
Cheers / Andreas

My website becomes very slow if there are about 15 access at the same time, I analyzed the problem and noticed that the visual composer makes several queries simultaneously. Any idea how to solve? This is a big handicap for the plugin.

You can see it here: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/cJ7t5h/www.mammamenia.it


Dritzer Purchased

does it come with default blank theme like Layerswp? also does it have more features out of the box then Layerswp framework? I find that Layerswp is free but to get more options you need to buy enhancer code, stylekits or whatever they’re called. I was wondering how Visual Coposer compares to it. thanks.


I got the Visual Composer as a bundled package with Papirus theme. It has been 8 months since I bought it. Now I have installed the wordpress and installed the theme and all, but I am not able to edit a page normally or with visual composer. If I try to edit the page normally, it gives me 500 error. If I try to VC, it shows me Frontend editor. When I try to go to the backend, it shows me 500 error.

Please help me with this.


Hi there, Where can I purchase or download them background music that is used in Visual Composer intro video that is placed at the top of this page : http://vc.wpbakery.com/


Will i be able to update this plugin as i recieved it with a theme?


I have been using visual composer nicely via the bundle purchase with The 7 Theme.

I figured that it some function e.g. Row setting -> Design Option tab is missing.

May I know is it becuase its the bundle sales? or something i didnt configure? Thx.

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Hello, I want to make a a “sortable list” and “next” and “previous” buttons, exactly like this: http://www.ibdt.com/#!-domains-for-sale/c10g1 I tried to find how to do this but couldn’t, can anyone please help me?

eliasregas Purchased

Your license key is already activated on another website (www*com), you should deactivate it first or obtain new license key.

Unfortunately i dont have that account any more..can we delete that licence key and get a new one ?


I have VC pre packaged in the Mindig Theme. When I create a new row, then add 3 text columns, then add a background color to the row, and then a different background color to the text columns, my results are not what i’m trying to achieve.

Also, the 3 text columns are bleeding into one another. Basically what i’m trying to achieve is a grid = 2 rows and 3 columns with white text block background and a blue background row. You have not method of uploading a screenshot so here is a link of the example. Notice in the 1st part is my work and the bottom half in the red background is what i’m trying to achieve. http://cbdpro.wpengine.com/visual-composer/

As i understand this, it should be as simple as: Add Row | select background color Add 3 text box columns | select white background color

What am i doing wrong?


Here is the link to the image which illustrates exactly what I want to accomplish with this row. http://cbdpro.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/background-sample.jpg

Hi, your wonderful plugin was included with my purchase of Zephyr!

I LOVE it ? ? ?

I have one quick question for you, whenever I add a FULL SIZE image, whether as a “Single Image” element or as an image in a “Text Box” the image seems to get shrunk down just a bit and gets blurred, particularly noticeable when the graphic includes text :-(

When I right click to “view image” my browser opens the image full size and it is crystal clear.

How do I get the full size images to appear in the “Single Image” and “Text Box” elements??

Thanks so much for your help!! :-)

Hi I wanted to create an account in your support forum .

I added Item Purchase Code and this email : alfonso.striano@gmail.com

I have not received the link to confirm the creation of my account .

Can you help me ?

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Hi! When I create post grid or post masonry grid, I can’t see custom post types e.g. “portfolio”, “members”. And filter is not working. In old posts grid shortcode filter works fine, and I can see all post types.

How can I fix this?


Hi, I”m using the visual composer that came with my Hotelia theme.

How can I center the images on the image gallery? They are all center aligned, but it would look much better if they were centered. I tried text-align and margin-left/right auto, but both don’t seem to work.

Dritzer Purchased

One takeaway I got from here is DONT BUY things from people who won’t answer a simple pre-sales question in two days. Lesson learned.

For anyone wondering. in humanly understandable language:

Visual Composer is content editor. html+css+js. it allows you to edit CONTENT for PAGES. It is NOT a framework / theme. it can NOT change how your BLOG posts lay out. It can NOT change how your excerpts display. It won’t be able to affect how your theme looks, all it can edit is postable content wrapped inside your <article> </article>

You still NEED a compatible WORDPRESS THEME to make it work.

Dritzer Purchased

Just to clear up, I am not saying this is some bad thing. The composer is powerful, just don’t confuse its purpose. It will design content but need a theme to plug it in.


I am starting a multisite netowork for clients, and would like to use your plugin for the editing.

Do you offer a mulsite licence? Or do you offer bulk dicsounts?

Thank you!