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I recently bought a Wordpress/Woocommerce Theme on Envato/Themeforest which included Visual Composer.

A few days ago, there was an update for the theme (including a new version of VC). After installing the update 4.7.4, i am having problems with VC.

Problem 1 (frontend) When i want to edit an existing element on my frontpage, the edit popup stays blank, so i have no way to edit/add something.

Problem 2 (frontend) When i want to add an element, the layout of the add new element page is not correct. (everything is displayed vertically)

Problem 3 (frontend) When i want to add a default template, the layout of the add a default template is not correct. (all templates are displayed vertically)

Problem 4 (backend) When i want to make a new page, the layout of my admin dashboard is broken. When i scroll all the way down, all VC options are visible at the bottom and parts are hidden behind the admin menu.

Problem 5 (backend) When i want to f.e. create a new page, and i click on add new element, nothing happens.

I have already tried to remove VC and do a new install of the VC plugin, but nothing seems to help/fix the problem.

I hope i can still get some support although the plugin was bundled with a theme.

Thanks in advance.

Extra info (errors)

- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ownerDocument’ of undefined [load-scripts.php:2]

- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘left’ of undefined [panels.js:491]

Great plugin, Super quick patch for the security issue before it hit the major exploit online databases super work guys!

I’ve got Visual Composer installed as part of a theme (Multinews) and I have similar problems as described by other people. When I update to 4.7.4, my post grid disappears and I am unable to edit the page using VC (click + to add a row, nothing happens). I’ve reverted back the previous version for the time being. Would be great to get some advice, seeing as it seems to be a common problem.

Updated to 4.7.4 now I can’t open or edit any text boxes or images. What’s going on here? When I click on text box to edit I get header and footer of the edit box but nothing in the content window. Also my images show as broken in the backend interface.

Same issue as others. I’ve just updated the plugin as I’ve received an email stating it needs to be updated due to a security risk on the older version. I just updated it and can seem to edit any elements, it just pops up blank. Hope you can help?

pre purchase question. Is it possible to integrate into a theme easily? (I am aware of template files if that helps

I realize that several common VC elements, such as Tab, Button, are depreciated. But my site have hundred of pages using those depreciated elements. Any mechanism to automate the update to new VC elements?


Im trying to make all tabs non active, but for some reason if I enter 0, the first one is active and if I enter 999 the last is active.

The last is now active, but it does not display, you can tell it’s active as its highlighted and when you hover you do not get the link icon, even though it does not display the content. It also auto scrolls down to it.

How can I make none highlight and none are active? You can see the site here.


Another question, if i set a background image in row, and I have it no-repeat how do I define the position? It defaults to 0 0 !important.

This security update completely broke my website 100%. Went from 4.5 to 4.7.4 and now my pages are completely blank no matter what I do.

Thank god I did it on my personal site and none of my clients.

I just purchased this plugin after already purchasing north template that included it and now had to purchase this to continue using my north template and straight away this plugin does not work – I am getting this message at the top of the page and can not click drag and drop any of the content: Elements within this list are deprecated and are no longer supported in newer versions of Visual Composer.

My theme is no longer on Themeforest, and updating the extension completely broke my site. Thanks. Unbelievable.

Hi . I installed the update VersiĆ³n 4.7.4 of the plugin by recommendation of Envato sent in an email “Envato Market Security Notice: Visual Composer”. I have problem for active in my wordpress panel plugins: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpb_getImageBySize() (previously declared in /home/namedomain/public_html/wp-content/themes/orion/admin/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php:15) in /home/hbjyates/public_html/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/helpers/helpers.php on line 110. “Please i need help for this problem, is the client website.” Thanks

This free update completely broke my site also!

I purchased this product for a while back and no longer have access to the account under which I purchased this plugin. I have since created a new account, however, I still get email alerts to my old email address. The latest email I received was telling me to update to the newest version due to security issues. How can I get the update?

Thanks for the quick Update. I am using X-Theme and they usually take a while to update so this was a relief. My site suddenly went nuts and I was unable to access my site as it kept coming up as Offline ONLY on that site, and only on that browser. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong. I saw the email and immediately updated. Cleared my cookies and I could connect again. THank you!