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VP wont open when adding products with woocommerce. I just get the staircase logo doing its thing. Other functions like ading images and text work but no products. I am up to date on all woo plugins and wordpress and WPB Your plugin was part of my theme the retailer, how do i get support? purchase code does not work.


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Hi, which version of Visual Composer do you use? Please make sure to have latest one, if not, please update. As your received Visual Composer within a theme you do not have option to get direct updates for VC as this is for direct customers only, same as accessing official WPBakery support. In order to update VC you have 2 options: 1) ask your theme author to update VC on their side and push it to you 2) or consider purchasing direct license for VC to get direct update option.

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isn’t that the latest?

We are looking at building out a new client platform and like the idea of the VC front end editor. Is it possible to “lock” certain sections so a client can’t implode a website? Is their an add-on we can purchase for this maybe?

Hello. Awesome plugin. However, Is there any plans to increase the width of the overlay windows. The theme that I’m using recently upgraded to the latest VC version and I’m finding the modal window extremely small, especially on a 27” iMac screen. It would be nice if we could set a percentage for the width in the admin area, so this would allow each install to have a customize the view. For example, entering content for the text element in such a small window is very difficult. I see that others have mentioned the same issue. Thanks again.

First thing, VC is amazing. I love that it exists and has made my coding life so much easier!

I have a question about tweaking VC: I’d like to do an update to the Team Members Carousel. When a slider is on, it only shows 3 members and I’d like to show 4 at a time. Which page-container controls this? Thank you for your time.



PS—I purchased VC through my company and use my own account!

Hello, I am using a theme that uses visual composer but its justifying all content to the left even when the template is full width…Is this a plugin or theme issue? Thanks

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I have a problem every time I make a new site asks me a new license that happen?

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Hi there,

Just wondering how I can make the ‘Carousel’ autoplay/slide please?

Hi , I am running to strange problem in last few weeks , i just opened new store 3 weeks ago , i am also using Blaszok theme which comes with your plugin , i also use Hostgator . Since i opened my new store Hostgator was constantly putting restriction on my account for ” abusing cpu ” Their explanation of the high cpu wasn’t clear enough until i have received their email today in which they finally explain the problem .

” Greetings,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Hostgator.

I’ve gone ahead and lifted the restrictions from this account, however while evaluating this account’s CPU usage, I observed that processes spawning from /home4/evaXXXXX/public_html/carXXXXX.com/index.php were taking an inordinately lengthy amount of time to complete their execution. Since Wordpress does not behave this way by default, we are left to conclude that one or more plugin scripts are adding to the site’s aggregate execution time. Thus to determine which of carxxxxx.com’s plugins may have been causing an issue, I ran the following load time breakdown.

Plugins and theme breakdown: theme 0.84% 0.0597 seconds average LayerSlider 0.19% 0.0137 seconds average Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field 0.03% 0.0021 seconds average Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field 0.06% 0.0041 seconds average Advanced Code Editor 0.03% 0.0021 seconds average Advanced Custom Fields 1.18% 0.0840 seconds average Ajax Heartbeat Tool 0.06% 0.0042 seconds average bbPress 1.71% 0.1220 seconds average Black Studio TinyMCE Widget 0.10% 0.0074 seconds average Brankic Photostream Widget 0.08% 0.0055 seconds average Captcha 0.03% 0.0023 seconds average Contact Form 7 0.61% 0.0435 seconds average CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids 0.05% 0.0039 seconds average Envato Wordpress Toolkit 3.92% 0.2796 seconds average Essential Grid 0.62% 0.0440 seconds average Jck Woo Quickview.tmp 0.12% 0.0088 seconds average Jquery Mega Menu 0.08% 0.0054 seconds average WPBakery Visual Composer 10.40% 0.7413 seconds average MPC Extensions 1.58% 0.1130 seconds average MPC Shortcodes 0.04% 0.0027 seconds average MPC Widgets 0.02% 0.0012 seconds average Revolution Slider 2.82% 0.2007 seconds average Subscribe2 0.21% 0.0147 seconds average TinyMCE Advanced 0.02% 0.0013 seconds average UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore 0.02% 0.0011 seconds average WooCommerce 20.99% 1.4962 seconds average WooSidebars 0.28% 0.0198 seconds average Woozone 0.56% 0.0399 seconds average Wordfence Security 3.01% 0.2145 seconds average Wordpress Seo 1.85% 0.1318 seconds average Wp Super Cache 0.05% 0.0036 seconds average Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 0.49% 0.0348 seconds average

Based on this breakdown, it appears that the WooCommerce and WPBakery Visual Composer plugins are the most resource intensive, adding over 2 seconds to the site’s execution time in conjunction.

In general, we would advise deactivating and removing any plugins that are not absolutely critical to the operation of your site as this will help in keeping it performing within acceptable parameters. Please keep in mind that while deactivating plugins does help reduce resource usage, completely deleting these plugins would be preferable as some plugins retain some functionality even after being disabled.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Cordially, Matthew C. Linux Administrator / Systems Monitor HostGator.com LLC http://support.hostgator.com

So i was wondering if you would have any idea what to do with VC on my site not to run that high cpu , by Hostgator rules , the restriction can be removed only 5 times and than they ban the account . Mine was removed 3rd time today . So i need some help how to resolve the problem , since you know more about VC than i do . Is there a help to fix the issue ? I would appreciate your response, thanks Eva

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Is there any way to add visual composer to OptionTree textarea ?! OT is not in your post type list in vc settings.

Hello! What to do if a visual composer 4.4.2 crosses icon site template . Where to look for the answer ?


4.3.5 worked good.


I use your great plugin with my theme the7.2 and the plugin “essential grid”

I sent a ticket to essential grid because I’m unable to add a grid from post on my theme, so they asked me to try with twenty fifteen.

They finally told me this: Rows, columns shortcodes aren’t working. Contact VC author or Theme Author.

Here is a printscreen and you’ll see the VC shortcodes on mouse over: http://sflvideos.com/essentialgrid3.jpg

Have a nice day!


I would liek to add VC to custom textarea added into edit page? Is it possible use VC for other textarea block too? (2 separately content in admin edit page vist VC for each).


Hello, I received this error when trying to add a Post Masonry Grid on a Page. Please help. Thank you.

Warning: array_unshift() [function.array-unshift]: The first argument should be an array in /home/content/14/10900314/html/danstef/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/params/vc_grid_item/shortcodes.php on line 686

Fatal error: Wrong vc_map object. Base attribute is required in /home/content/14/10900314/html/danstef/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/helpers/helpers_api.php on line 9

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Hi, I can not active license in another place when I delete year extension from other sites will help you to do this?

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Hi there,

In relation to the removal of the VC meta tag that has been added :( I tried:

add_action(‘init’, ‘myoverride’, 100); function myoverride() { remove_action(‘wp_head’, array(visual_composer(), ‘addMetaData’)); }

but this breaks my theme, I am using this theme:


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hi theavspecialist

I appreciate this comment is two years old but I was also looking for the answer to this and managed to work it out for myself.

You have to place all the code in the Raw HTML element including the link to the image, like this:-

<img width="“”" height="“”" src="“#”" alt="“”" usemap="“#your-map-name”" />

<map name=“your-map-name”>

<area shape=“rect” coords=“284,610,313,640” title=““ href=“#” />
<area shape=“rect” coords=“232,622,257,647” title=““ href=“#” />
<area shape=“rect” coords=“281,743,303,769” title=““ href=“#” />
<area shape=“rect” coords=“393,335,415,361” title=““ href=“#” />
<area shape=“rect” coords=“595,210,619,235” title=““ href=“#” />




Hi there,

I have a problem for Visual Composer elements being broken.

To clearly state the problem : 1. I have created a page called “Footer” which makes a four column footer with Visual Composer Elements on it (which is really formatted nicely – and I like it). 2. I am trying to echo the actual “Footer” page to a 1 column Footer widget area using the code below : <?php $id=3136; $post = get_post($id); $content = apply_filters('the_content', $post->post_content); echo $content; ?> 3. The result looks fine on pages which are made up of Visual Composer (Back-end Editor). However, for pages which does not use Visual Composer gives a messy broken footer. Please see samples below :

Page edited with Visual Composer (See footer in grey) –

Page in regular wordpress editor (See footer in grey) – (Broken)

Any advise on it would be greatly appreciated asap.


Hi! I bought True Mag theme whit Visual Composer 3.5.2 how can I update to the new version?