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I changed the theme and all the youtube addresses were lost visual composer of.

Fucking visual composer… why do you sell to developers if they do not work in one.

Pre sale Q:

Is it possible to do 1/5’s with the newest visual composer. I see a past question you answered no? Has this been change.

I just buy it and i hope that it will be updated for the new Wordpress 4.0 in a few days that it will be out :)

Where i must ask for support if i need something or download any video tutorials?



I’m struggling with something alleged simple: the text editor. Using The7 theme latest version 4.4.2 + WP 3.9.1

1.) I’m using a long time the “Use Any Font” plugin. In Classic Editor it’s there, but now ,with your latest version, not any more in the Composer.

2.) In the back end the editor looks different from before; when I click on “toggle guidelines/invisible elements” nothing happens. Styles drop down is not opening (Paragraph yes). What about the different color picking for the fonts? Not available.

In another website I still have The7 + WP 3.9.1 and here all is fine.

Perhaps this “toggle guidelines/invisible elements” is the solution… kindly let me know how this works.

Thanks !! :-) Petra

I have problem when try to post a little piece of code with this plugin. Is impossible to post back slash with any method I try. With plugin deactivated the problem disappear ….

Your visual composer (Page Builder for WordPress) does not works properly I lost several days of work with this problem and I still have the same problem. When I change something in the menu and click on SAVE the whole menu disappears. I have writte to you on 25th August and the only thing you told me was this: “Hi, could you please describe in more details what happened. Also try to deactivate and then activate VC.”

I paid this plugin twice, once when I bought the template NOUVEAU and the second time when I bought your plugin separately.

And despite all that I can not use it and have no solution. You mind giving me a hand to solve this problem? Thank you!

Is anybody else have slow running errors with this most recent update?

NJcruise Purchased

Yes, very frustrating experience. Tried to work today – very slow and, finally, updated version. But received message about conversion when trying to save a page. If somebody experienced the same?

Hey have you ever dealt with Twitter cards before? I got short codes showing up on Twitter for our pages! A lot of big sites and companies use twitter cards.