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I am creating a 1 page site with anchor to scroll down to rows in the page. I have a 150px fixed navigation menu. Right now the navigation menu covers the content inside the row. Do you have any suggestions for how to offset where the anchor falls within the row or offset the row itself. I tried giving the row a class “anchor” and then adding some css: .anchor:before { display: block; content: ” ”; margin-top: -150px; height: 150px; visibility: hidden; } This did not work. Any suggestions?


I have also tried add padding at the top, but it does not work with the site design.

Hello. I bought Wedding Suite – WordPress Wedding Theme. And in there features there is a bundle with visual composer, but i cant use it.

I contacted them already but still working. They told me that the activation of the licence should be automatic as soon as I purchase the theme. Please advise,

Prepurchase question. I have the VC plugin (4.4.2) which was bundled with “Chola” theme. It appears that right off the bat, I am getting some errors in the apache error log:

PHP Warning: array_unshift() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/....../js_composer/include/params/vc_grid_item/shortcodes.php on line 686 PHP Fatal error: Wrong vc_map object. Base attribute is required in /home/....../js_composer/include/helpers/helpers_api.php on line 9

Is this a bug that is fixed in the most recent version? It seems to happen when using Mason Grids.

Second prepurchase question: We need to have two different portfolios. In the setup we have right now, it gives “All portfolio items”, but no way to have particular/specific tags only in a portfolio. Is this part of latest VC?

The bug I’m sure can get around, but the multi-portfolio is the big one for us. Eg. One portfolio page want to discuss art works, painting, etc, then another portfolio we want photography only, and another portfolio we want webdesign only. If this is supported you’ve got my $33.

Hi can you tell me how to enable front-end editer why please help me?


How do you change the default animation of zoomIn when a Post Grid is loaded? By overriding the CSS class you can change it to something else but I would rather be able to change it in Visual Composer.

Why “button1”, “button2”, “Call to action” and “Call to action2” don’t supported in newer versions of Visual Composer?

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I just update to 4.5.2 , and i’m having issues with Grid Element Builder. The “Block Setting” Popup window just load for ever without showing any contents or fields. I have tried this on 2 separate live site it’s the same…


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Hi , I am using VC on this homepage http://www.web-design-redhill.co.uk/intolunch/ – if you look closely you can see a white border around the main content. I have checked all the setting and set border, margin, padding to 0px, but it still won’t get rid of it.

Any ideas?

hello if I buy the extended license I can use it on any website ?

hello there! is it possible to change the function from the slider on mousehover because i don’t want the slide to stops whenever i have the mouse on.

Can you offer White Label instructional videos? Like those in your Video Academy but without the branding.. so we can keep VC as our ‘little secret’ to clients ;)

Thank you

Hi there, I have receive this error when editing Grid Element, are you able to help me with this? Thank you.

“Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Vc_Edit_Form_Fields::setSettings() must be an array, null given, called in …./wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/editors/class-vc-edit-form-fields.php on line 47 and defined in …./wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/editors/class-vc-edit-form-fields.php on line 68”

I am trying to install the plug in but getting this error. I tried going to the support page and created a support account but never got the confirmation email. I also tried resetting the password and never got that email either. I really need this resolved quickly.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c04/h02/mnt/181174/domains/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 975 The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

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Been using this plugin for close to a year, and its been excellent so far.

The only problem I’ve found so far is that VC doesnt play nice with Minify options. I’ve tried stand alone minify plugins and the W3 Total Cache. Setting minify options break the VC layouts.

Hopefully you can add this as a feature for next releases ;)


It’d be great to see a feature with the Animated Icon with Text to have the icon be centered above the text instead of having the text always on the right.

Love the plugin!

Hi! I got this plugin bundled with Pluto Theme. In previous versions, the Post Grid widget would allow me to include posts by title.

But in this new version I can’t do that anymore. Or at least I can’t find a way to do it. Now I’m forced to list posts from a category or tag. So it is not longer useful to build post lists around a certain subject.

Am I missing something?


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Hi guys,

I would like that the post carousel doesn’t create an empty gap at the end, after the last post, but could be great if after the last post will appear the first one. In other words I would like an infinite post carousel.

It is possible?


I figured out how to upgrade to the new version, but now all my buttons have been Deprecated

error: Elements within this list are deprecated and are no longer supported in newer versions of Visual Composer.

I dont want to go in and add all new buttons is there a way to fix this?