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Bruce1 Purchased

When will you have update with the new post filters?

JaskoKoyn Purchased

Hello, it says this comes with a message box, but when I open visual composer I can’t find that element anywhere?

Clicking the “Save Changes” for any module while in the back-end is just closing the window and saving (previously it showed a settings saved message) with WP 4.1 and VC 4.3.5 (testing on default WP 20-15 theme without any mods).

Is this on purpose? Thanks!


Is there anyway to make the plugin compatible with rtl (right to left) websites. I bought the plugin but it makes many errors with rtl websites

Let me know please!


How come that I only get 24 content elements, when you’re writing 45+ elements?

I still need 21 elements.. Please update that mistake immidiatley.

Thank you very much

Hi your support page is down!

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bonadies Purchased

There seems to be a bug in your Post Grids widget. When I select “Build Query” nothing happens.

I was able to create Post Grids before and it just stopped working.

I’m using the following plugins: - Toolset (whole suite) - Swiftype Search - ShiftNav Pro

BTW, Your support page is down…

themarper Purchased

Hi, when I try to active my product license I receive this message: “Something went wrong! Please try again later.” I fill out the form with my username, my API Key (retrieved in my envato settings page) and Item Purchase Code. What should I do to activate the license? Thanks

ChrisTDR Purchased

When can we get an update for 4.1.

I mistakenly updated without checking version compatibility and now there is a problem with the drag and drop feature – it doesn’t work – and I cannot figure out how to rollback – an update at this point would be preferable. Many thanks.

Trendworks Purchased


have a problem with the activation from this plugin. I get the Massage: Something went wrong there: custom.css could not be created.

xvelopers Purchased

Hi, I am getting error TypeError: parent.vc is undefined. Sometimes it works and normally getting this error on front end. What should i check to fix it? I have checked my php & js code and it looks fine.

xvelopers Purchased

vc: 4.3.5, wp :4.1 (getting same issue with default themes of wordpress)

CESAK Purchased

Hi, i have areally big problem;
I couldn’t remember the time but some time before, i was need to compare two different versions of VC and I’ve renamed plugin folder of 4.3.4 version to js_composer_v4.3.4 and accidentally i was uploaded to our server and starts to use. But after 4.3.5 version is released i saw my fault and try to rename the folder to js_composer.
Now i have a blank page (500 internal server error) on our site and all admin pages. When i rename the folder as js_composer_v4.3.4 there is no problem. I tried to change all “js_composer_v4.3.4” strings to “js_composer” in database and rename folder to “js_composer” but there is no success. Even, when i deactivate VC plugin than site again throws 500 – internal server error.
Is there any way to totally remove VC (with database entries) with any script or anything else to clean installing? Thanks.

Portedu Purchased


First I would like to say that I love this plugin, and have been using it for more than a year. I would like to purchase the following html plugin: uSquare – Universal responsive grid html5/jquery to use with visual composer. Is it possible to edit the html code for this plugin and insert it in the Raw Html element of visual composer for it to work?

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

I am using the MikMag theme. I love the theme and would like to be able to add a “drudge report” like page on my site along with a “most recent” box on the landing page.

I have the WP RSS Aggregator plugin that can gather the new article I just can’t seem to find a way to get the information to to the format and style I want. I really don’t want to do this manually.

Will Visual Composer give me the ability to at least come close? Not asking for a how to, just the word that it will give me some options I don’t have now. Once I purchase we can discuss more in detail how to get what I want.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Can you please tell me where the developer add-on documentation has been moved to? For example, this page which was there a few weeks ago now redirects me to a new index.



Hi, I got your plugin with the “bettermag” theme. Now I want to update. But since I didnt buy it directly, I cant get the update from envato… Is there any way?


I received this message and contacted Layer Slider. They told me the fix for this problem is resolved, see reaction below.

Is this already live? Because i still receiving this fatal error!

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare layerslider_init() (previously declared in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\LayerSlider\wp\shortcodes.php:6) in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\LayerSlider\wp\shortcodes.php on line 47


The issue has been already resolved and the Visual Composer team will implement the fix in their next update (if they didn’t release it already).