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In latest version (4.6) you used hex2rgb() function and it caused conflict with some of our themes and some other plugins. please fix this function name and use prefix for your new functions in future, we have to update all our themes ASAP.


Hi, please open support ticket at support.wpbakery.com and share your site credentials so our support team can look into this.

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Thank you but its not a request, its just a report for your developer.

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Have a simple question , this visual composer is backend editor for easy way, so is that mean: a) is still possible to use any of wordpress theme and plugin like we don’t use visual composer b) is mean we still allow to edit visual from css or footer/header theme ? c) is the image will automatically reduce for mobile resolution or need use a another plugin?

Thank You

I have an issue where I can’t edit grid elements – the edit, clone and delete icons don’t show over the elements.

HI Guys, how can you disable font awesome from loading as another plugin already does this and I dont want to load it twice?

Is there some creative way to show/hide elements with a shortcode? I’m using a membership plugin which provides shortcodes that you can use to show/hide content based on membership access like this [member has_access=’true’]content[/member]. I’d love to leverage this functionality in VC, e.g. [member has_access=’true’]element[/member] OR [member has_access=’true’]row[/member] OR [member has_access=’true’]column[/member]. The ultimate solution would be to add a “code before:” and “code after:” attribute to elements, rows or columns. I’d like to submit that as a feature request. In the mean-time, is there some creative way I can do this? Ps.: I’m not afraid of a little coding to solve this problem.

When I install 4.6 the backend editor does not work. The frontend editor works, but I need the backend editor. Version 4.5 works fine. Tried fresh WP install with no other plugins active. Same problem occurs. I have gone back to 4.5 because I don’t have time to mess around with the new version. Hopefully this can be fixed right away.

Hi, I bought the theme called Official on Themeforest and received the Visual Composer, how do I register and have supported since the only license I have is the theme?

For I am with version 4.6 and gives the error:

Fatal error: Can not redeclare hex2rgb ()

How to fix?


When I install 4.6 the backend editor does not work. (2)

Heads up! Latest build does not like WP4.2.2. (multi-site) After installing, had to roll back to get my sites back up. Having to use VB js_composter Version 4.5.2 (4.6 Compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2: Unknown). Please advise.


After updating to VC 4.6 I noticed that the “separator” is now functioning as the “separator with text”.

Please fix this bug

Hi, I didn’t get a reply to my last comment, when I want to register on your support forum, it says the purchase code already exist, I’ve tried all possible email addresses but they are not working, can you help please? Talking about loading the scripts twice, you can see the same result. Try loading twentyfourteen or any other theme in front-end editor and check your network tab in browser developer tool.


raoni Purchased

Hi, is there any way I can show the JetPack Widgets inside VC Elements? Just next Default WordPress Widgets? Thanks!