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Hi… a pre sale query!

I’m currently using Avada and I want to create a slider / featured posts area that replicates the masonry layout of News Code: http://themeforest.net/item/newscodewordpress-review-magazine-news-theme/full_screen_preview/9979772

Can I create a posts grid like News Code?

Hello, if we refer to top example – with Visual Composer you can use 2 grid elements separated in 2 columns and adjust design of grid item by using Grid Builder which is a part of Visual Composer. For now it will take some time so we are considering on how to make building of such grids in a more easy way.

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I have purchased a few licenses of your product for projects I have been involved with. I have also a license of ultimatum theme that I have used on a few projects that were appropriate.

I like your application but I do not like this drama surrounding you and ultimatum theme. I had planned to continuing to use both of your products, purchasing licenses here when we did not need a full theme and using ultimatum theme when required.

I read the entire thread here https://ultimatumtheme.com/envato-licensing-and-bully-authors-backed-by-envato/ and it disgusts me. I recognize that this was one side of the story. I feel compelled to mention that when I had read the extended license terms some time ago would have felt they were within the terms. I have not read the terms recently.

From my, end user perspective I can just say this. It really makes me not want to work with either of you any longer. The ones who are going to loose in the end are your customers. I apologize to post this here but I feel all customers should understand the ugliness that is happening.


Hello, first of all I want to apologize to you that you had to go through all these speculations. I can affirm you that none of the license types and rules of Envato has changed and we are always taking good care of our customers by providing support and regular updates for VC. Moreover we cooperate closely with theme authors to provide best possible VC and theme cooperation and integration options. Understand your concern – if you wish I will gladly provide you with more information and answer your questions that may bother you.

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Hey guys what is that mess with Ultimatum team ? It’s really crazy :( We’re a lot of professionals around here and we also have more themes outside Envato. I mean, it’s not only an Ultimatum stuff, it’s a huge attack on a lot of theme. Does that mean we’re depending on your mind changes ? Please sit down, relax, be serious, and think of all small businesses relying on those tools, on the faith we have or had with their developper team, and with the licences and the words you gave. for everybody memory https://ultimatumtheme.com/envato-licensing-and-bully-authors-backed-by-envato/

Hello, I can affirm you that there was no any licensing rule changes by WPBakery or Envato. I apologize that you have to be an unwilling witness of pure speculations and fact changes. We always treat our customers the best possible way and work closely with fair theme authors to provide best possible theme integration and compatibility. If you have any additional questions – I will be glad to answer it and provide more information.

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Hi thanks for your answer. I think everybody here aimed to satisfy their customers,earn money and live well. I do believe that Ultimatum team is “fair”, like I am, and many others, because I work with them since three years. The problem raised here is that such debate will impact on our final clients! And will this discussion start also with teams like Rockytheme (Nimva) or Teslatheme (Unik), just to mention those ones. I mean, are we in danger that some legal points could suddenly stop the update and support for VC in themes we use? Or have you different licencing with different team ? This is more that “pure speculations and fact changes”, I will no go directly into the discussion you have with Ultimatum, but we do need to no if it’s a risk for us graphic designers to use themes using VC and sold along with them ! Thanks

A must have …

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Is there any option to change the parallax speed? If not how can I do that?

Thank you

is it possible to add an image instead of a Title in the Accordions? Where can I find the custom css code for them?

Hello, recently I purchased a license of your plugin, but after that I purchased the 7.2 theme, which includes your plugin. So I deleted the plugin that I installed directly, and installed the plugin version contained inside the theme. However whenever trying to activate the license on another wordpress website (where the theme doesn’t include your plugin), it keeps saying that the license is already activated on another website. Is there any way to get this undone?

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