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Hi there

Is there any way for our customers that download our theme bundled with VC to update the VC plugin without having to enter purchase code (because we include it with Extended license), here is what I am talking about:


Check the message here:


The procedure to update theme is done via TGM plugin.

I hope this will be solved easy.

The only available procedure we give to our clients is to manually upload visual composer (latest version) included in theme files.

Our customers find this very frustrating so I hope we can come up with a better solution.

Thank you very much



Hi Arlind,

There’s a difference between getting Visual Composer directly from us or in a theme. If you purchased from us, this means that you own license and you can access our ticket system and get direct and free updates (instant). If your clients got VC in a theme, that means only theme author has license and only he/she can download latest versions of VC and include it in the theme. Theme user, may use Visual Composer free of charge while use theme that came with VC (because they have license for that theme).

You can read more here: http://go.wpbakery.com/faq-update-in-theme

Hi I am not able to get Visual Composer to work under my firewall. I purchased a theme with Visual Composer. I have a parental control appliance/iBoss home version for my kids. When i completely bypass the iBoss VC works great. When iBoss is activated it does not work on my sons computer. I am suspecting a port number is getting blocked. Do you know which port number you are running VC over? Or do you have any other ideas (seems to be the activation site)?

Thanks for suggestions


Hi, Visual Composer isn’t using any ports, sorry don’t have ideas what can cause what you described.

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Trying to view demo. Not working. When will it be fixed? Tried 2 browsers. I input email address – but button stays grayed out.


Hi, working good here. What is your email address? I can check why email didn’t went through… P.S. You can share your email address with me via my profile page.

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I’m not sure why but for some odd reason my rows are no longer printing out some of the css. For instance the padding is not being printed and in some cases the background color. Why is that?


It’s hard to tell… Could you please share your page where we can see what is going on? Please open support ticket and provide us with more details.

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Anyone who can help. Can’t find this anywhere. I want to use the VC custom field element to add Category name to posts on a custom grid. Using the VC custom field element, what do I put in the settings field “Field key name” to get the category name of the post listed. Thanks.



Currently it’s not possible to output category in the grid, but we are aware of that and we plan to improve it in next releases.

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hello how are you all right? I would decomprar the license Extended to use the composer visual plugin. selves 5 different domains sites I have. are technology sites, education, esport religion, entrepreneurship. the question and I will dirieto support for all sites as well as the updates of the plugin. Thank you and I’m waiting to buy.


Hi, We rely on Envato license model and there’s no multisite license available at the moment. For each of your sites you will need separate “Single use” license.

More about licenses you can read here: http://codecanyon.net/licenses

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Hi, my complements for the most awesome plugin!

Is there a way to center content inside a row?

e.g. If I have in the first 1/2 of a row “This car is great”, and in the other 1/2 a 500×500 picture of a car, they will be aligned in the top by default. So what I’m asking is if the text can be aligned center regarding the image, and if so, howdy I do that :D

Best regards!


Thank you very much for the awesome words!

You can align center (horizontally) in single image settings and text wysiwyg editor. Centering vertically isn’t possible (yet) but it is developed and soon will be released.

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Thank you for replying!

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is it possible to edit grid element recent posts excerpts, so that it does not display featured images. As of right now every grid display option has mandatory image requirement, if you don’t assign feat img it displays blue image. I just want Post title, Post Excerpt, Read more button. no images.

Also I want to disable grow from middle animation on excerpts, doesn’t seem to be possible.


To do that, you should create your own design for your grid. This can be done in Visual Composer->Grid Elements. Make sure that for “Normal Block”, you don’t have “Use featured image on background?” checked (in settings -> pencil icon).

To disable growing from center animation, place this css snippet in Visual Composer->Custom CSS .vc_grid-item.zoomIn { animation-name: none; }

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We have a question: columns in row (vc_row) has very detailed responsive options, but columns in inner row doesn’t.
Is there any reason for this? Because we badly need detailed responsive option for inner row too.


Initially, we rolled out this feature only for “root” columns, to see how users will understand that feature (it might be complicated for some users), but now we see that there’s a need in it, and we think to enable it for inner columns too.

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Please add this future in next update, users who feel it complicated wont use it anyway

Hello i want know if is possible create this specific effect: http://callmenick.com/_development/image-overlay-hover-effects/ with visual composer or with some addon I can’t find in your demo Thanks

Our Grid builder is very powerful, I’m sure that with some practice you will be able to achieve desired effect.


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Is there any way to add a comment counter to the Grid Block Composer? Right now I have a featured image, title and date. I just need to add the normal Wordpress comment counter to show how many people have commented on the article. I’ve tried everything, including a custom shortcode to embed it, and nothing works. Andy at Themeva suggested I contact you.

Hi, I have a problem with GO Button when insert a link. You can see this problem here http://labmultiservices.it/wordpress/?page_id=753 on first button. Every button without link work, as I insert the page link there is this problem. Can I resolved ? Thanks. Alex

Hi, I am having a problem with the row settings- design options- background image. I have uploaded the image, sized to the right container size, and have selected no-repeat, and the image doesn’t seem to show.

Could you help please thankyou

Hi, VC is great !!

may i know if I want to make the Navigation menu such that when mouse hover to it and it will displaying a menu that have “advanced buttons” on it .

such that it is showing a visual composer advanced button ( when mouse hover, it will change colour etc. ) just like it on a page. Can you please share how to do it?


In my opinion this is the greatest advance of WordPress since it’s creation and is the most outstanding plugin on the market. Consistant updates and reliable mobile adaption really just make it incredible. Thank you to the entire team for such incredible work and contribution to make all our lives so much easier!!

I have one simple question. I have recently come upon a service that allows owners of multiple WP sites to manage them all in one place. It really makes the life a WP designer so much easier as they have auto plugin updates.

They are called Manage WP. Right now you don’t work with them. Would you guys consider including their API to make your plugin work with their services. https://managewp.com/api

It’d be wonderful.

Thanks again for make the best plugin EVER!


Hi, great pluggin. I’m not sure if I’m asking the right people here or if you can help me out, on one of my pages I have created a row with just basic text and have created the ID Name ‘Skills’ for the row. then at the top of the page I have another row with the ‘services’ plugin, and have put ‘skills’ into the link column so that when the person clicks on the ‘services’ tab the page scrolls down to the skills row. But this is not happening, any advice on what I am doing wrong?

Kind regards