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Hi. I bought a theme which had included Visual Composer. It’s a great plugin. Thanks.

I have a problem. I dont see the copy and paste buttons. I have cleared cache and still dont show up.


How I can remove the thumbnail size from the Post Grid and change it to a medium image or bigger image? Right now is setup for only thumbnail size.

If I have to edit the functions.php or add some easy custom code I’m fine with that.



Having an issue with new theme and VC.. If I add any kind of element on the page with VC then I see two of them repeated on the page. Everything doubles..

Theme is Piero and I’ve installed only recommended plug ins like Contact form, Woocommerce, etc.

codenaam Purchased

Hi! Great plugin, but I can’t find any setting to override the used theme. I want to have a custom front page, but whatever I do, the header of the theme keeps showing up. Is there actually a possibility to override the whole theme on a single page and use the builder to create a whole different look (like building a separate landing page)? I can’t find that feature and that is exactly what I need.

Hope to hear from you!

Best, Jacobus