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Bluxart Purchased

Hi, I need a question about the save template.

One of my customers don’t save the template.

The page don’t generate any error ( js or php ) I think is a problem about the database.

I try into my local server and work, create a template and save and works. But in my customers server this not function.

Have you a workaround to fix this?


Please open support ticket and provide us with more details. May be there is javascript error or other error which can be seen in the console log?

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Bluxart Purchased

Nothing error I send you a ticket.

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Hi WpBakery,

Awesome plugin, Hi CxThemes, This is a pre sale question

Does your plugin supports Minified CSS and JS, what if I manually Minify all the CSS and JS code that I get with this plugin, will your Plugin Work even then.

Hoping for a quick response

Best regards Amit :impatient: amitmadhra@gmail.com

Yes. I don’t see any problems with that.

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Looking for some help with compatibility between VC and my host, wpengine.com

WPEngine offers a “staging” environment of my site, which allows me to demo changes and edit the site before publishing to live. This works by creating a “snapshot” duplicate of my entire site.

My issue is, VC works great on my live site, but is not present on my staging site. The weirdest part is that the shortcodes are still in place, and they display perfectly fine on the staging site, i simply don’t have the back-end controls in my WP page editors.

See the live site: www.soiheardhouseofmusic.com and the staging environment: soiheard2.staging.wpengine.com

Any ideas / suggestions?

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zteffano Purchased

Hello Wpbakery!:)

Im afraid i havnt had the chance to use your plugin yet, even though people praise it all over the WP community.

BUT i cant get Visual Composer working.

I got it in a theme and i have bought it too. I even tried install it on a plain fresh wordpress install, but no luck.

I can install it very well, but the first thing i notice is the option in admin menu is a 1 page long which differs from the video, where it is actual TABS, here it just scrolls to the section when clicked. it wont activate or the Select all function on page dont work.

i searched the web og lately commects for answers, the only thinig i could find was this guy, having same problem. http://support.pixelthrone.com/discussion/1278/visual-composer-not-working-correctly/p1 http://www.coffeecan.pl/screenshot_1.png – here is the extend menu i described. http://www.coffeecan.pl/screenshot_2.png – how it looks on Page site

and if i try edit on fronpage it opens a new window, that is just screwed up. I can get a screenshot if u need.

i investigated his problem, but firebug doesnt show any wrong path to the .css file as this guy. I use MAMP.

I even tried set the path manually , still no luck:)

Hope u can help:)



zteffano Purchased

Extended my knowledge on firebug, and it seems like it is some kinda Path error, it show som failed attempts to “get” from path, like this – its like it get a server and a computer Dir and addeds up. http://localhost:8888/wp-content/plugins/Users/Steffan/Desktop/GreatShop%20Apago/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/js/backend/composer-settings-page.js?ver=4.2.3 . as im not the biggest coding guru on ze planet (yet) . How can i fix this?:) Regards

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Is Visual Composer block editor able to take up more of the available vertical screen space? It seems to be statically set at around 500-600px in the themes where I’ve seen it used.



I’m referring to the modal window.