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GrafAS Purchased

Hi, I found a bug! In the Visual Composer (WooCommerce Shortcode Products Settings), after pressing the cross button to remove a product from the ids field (autocomplete), a JavaScript error occurs, and the recent changes do not apply.

backend.min.js?ver= Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined

Hi WP Bakery,

We are intermittently prompted with an FTP/SSH login dialog indicating that the login details are needed to ‘enable file writing for js_composer’. After entering the details we are redirected to admin.php?page=vc-color, a page that reports “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Any ideas as to why?




artistgew Purchased

There are definite problems with this last update. My home page GRID is not working since then and is effecting my whole site. Please make sure you fix this asap! Lots of people are having problems it seems.


artistgew Purchased

What does this mean? “You have activated Visual Composer version which allows you to access all the customer benefits. Thank you for choosing Visual Composer as your page builder.” What are the benefits because I have had a problem with my post grid for a couple of weeks and you will not help me unless I pay more money?


assurance Purchased

When using Grid Builder on a POST GRID, is there a way to have the title underneath the the post thumbnail to change on hover? Example: Before hover the title shows name of client, on hover it changes to title of project.

Hi I also have visual composer through my theme bought at themeforest. I want to display the first tab of the accordion closed, how could I do that? Thank you.

Hi! is there a global setting to modify the breakpoint for tablet portrait orientation (you call it “medium” in mobile-settings)? FYI, VC came bundled with the7 theme…

Hello. Ever since I updated the new wordpress your plugin is not working, I purchased a new license and it is still not working. Our website does not display correctly now and we need it fixed asap. Please let me know how to contact you.

I am told this may be why my VC is not working anymore: most likely the Visual Composer code is fubar. The reason it looks fubar is because it is encoded and not displayed as outputted code.

Example: encoded code looks like this: =”{page_id”:” outputted code should look like this: =”{page_id”:”

The difference is that your code will not be interpreted correctly by a Browser. A Browser reads/interprets outputted code in website Souce Code and cannot make sense of encoded code embedded in your website pages Source Code.

Is this why your plugin is no longer working on my site? TY

When can we expect an update to the plugin? It has been awful since the latest updates to VC and Wordpress. I put in a ticket and have not received any response.

Nectar Slider Shortcode is not working.

[nectar_slider flexible_slider_height=”true” full_width=”true” arrow_navigation=”true” loop=”true” location=”Home Portfolio Eye Candy” slider_transition=”slide” slider_button_styling=”Standard With Slide Count On Hover” button_sizing=”regular” slider_height=”” autorotate=”“]

Any Ideas?

I think you got a problem with Google Chrome. It remains frozen for a long time. He works well with other browsers.
We tried with different themes and is the same result. I have very powerful dedicated server and use your plugin always smoothly. Now it is hell. You have other complaints about this?


I’m having an issue with post grid and SSL. I see that you answered someone else about this (see below) but that url doesn’t work anymore. Will you please help?


almost 2 years ago Flag My site has a portion that is on SSL and these files are not switching to https:// – causing security warnings on IE. I need to stop them from loading so I can hardcode them instead with the https://.

wpbakery wpbakery AUTHOR almost 2 years ago Flag By default, js_composer_front.css is loaded. If you use design options tab in the VC settings page, then js_composer_front_custom.css will be loaded instead.

wpbakery wpbakery AUTHOR almost 2 years ago Flag /uploads/js_composer/custom.css is static file of custom css code that you save in VC settings->Custom CSS textarea.

Im having trouble with this. I can’t make the edits to my grid and when i try running the frontend editor it loads but does nothing. I cant even choose a template. Please help!

Can you please address why the image scroll isn’t working also the testimonial slider isn’t working!

Using VC v4.11.1 that comes with The7 Theme and Wordpress 4.5.1.


Insert Row

Go to Row Settings -> Design -> Border color -> set a color

Go to Row Settings -> Design -> Border style -> set a style


When opening the Row Settings again, the Border color and Border style are not saved and revert to default values.

Passing this on as a bug. I don’t believe I have access to the support area unless I’ve purchased a “direct” license, correct?


VC is not working with WP 4.5.1!

Please investigate and update ASAP.

I have not very happy customers right now!

Thanks Marcellino

I have the same problem like activecontent. I cannot save changes. I already updated my VC ( and Wordpress (4.5.1) and it’s still not working. Any suggestions?

Hey, ditto what everyone else is saying. With the update, the visual composer isn’t loading on the pages with the most recent update. The loading gif is my lonely friend. The client is current with their item, but mine has expired, but I don’t have the login info to post on the support. Thanks in advance!