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Viral Facebook Game

Viral Facebook Stock Broker Game is unlike any other game on Facebook. Uses real time stock market data from Yahoo finance, to allow users to buy, sell and trade in real time.

UPDATE 4.0 7/19/2013

Finally the new version is here! We have rewritten the entire code base from the floor up and are excited to finally get this version out. The major core changes are

In the old version users bought stock from yahoo and then sold them from yahoo but the price displayed was from the database. We have revamped this process so that the user buys and sells from the database, if the stock does not exist it will add it to the database and still function from the database

The new system is much more streamlined and faster, we have cut the database queries almost in half!

Update 3-18-13<

The great IE fix update
Fix a facebook app bug that caused IE to lose sessions on reload
Redid all styles so that it actually works in IE
Redid all JavaScript to fix jquery IE errors
Latest Update now Available 2-06-13 Fixed all math functions(IE. Cash counting) Made math functions much simpler

Update 1/25/13

Major bug fix for counting money, earnings, bought and sold
Changed most queries to make them faster and less hogs on shared systems
Updated to newest FB SDK

Features of this script include

  • Real time stock market data
  • 6 achievement levels
  • 30 achievements total
  • Auto posts to users wall when selling or buying
  • User ranks for competing with friends
  • Full achievement center with counts on how to earn next achievement
  • Real time stock ticker feed for displaying users stocks in their portfolio
  • Full stock charts for quoting, viewing or buying stocks
  • You have to just see the demo to get the scope of how far this game goes