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UserPro is a full featured user profile and community plugin for WordPress. It offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. UserPro is packed with so many features and control, It is more than just a user profiles plugin, with UserPro you can build your own community of searchable members directory, and give each user a customized, elegant profile – plus frontend, customized registration and login to your website. Your users will not know that you are using WordPress.

UserPro allow you to create unlimited custom profile fields easily and customize your profiles & registration form, you can create multiple registration forms and give each register form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.) control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and more! You can display your users in a beautiful, searchable directory – using various layouts and options. You can also use any of the built-in shortcodes to integrate the plugin in your own theme or design easily.

Social connect integration – in addition to standard frontend registration/login system, UserPro enables (optionally) social connect and instant profile sync via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bkontakt, LinkedIn and Instagram!

UserPro comes with many extra features in addition to the beautiful user profiles, login and registration, member directory. It offers social connect and integration (1 click auto signup/signin), viral marketing, user badges, file upload, photo uploads with lightbox support, responsive videos, follow/unfollow users, verified accounts, content restriction (private content), frontend publisher, posts by user, public/private activity feed, and more. – That’s why UserPro gives you more than frontend profiles and registration system for WordPress, It’s simply all-in-one plugin! (See below for detailed features)

User Points / Awards system is now available through myCRED add-on integration. Try it out!

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Turbo-charge your feature-rich UserPro Plugin with these ADDONS

Check the full features list for UserPro below
  New in Version 2.9! Instagram Integration for Social Connect !
  Compatible and tested with WordPress 3.5 or higher, and WordPress Multisite
  Version 2.2 – Compatible and tested with WordPress 4.0
  New! User Points / Awards system is now available through myCRED UserPro add-on!
  New in Version 2.0! LinkedIn Integration for Social Connect !
  New in Version 1.0.89! Restrict full page/post per user roles
  New in Version 1.0.89! Restrict full page/post for Verified Accounts
  New in Version 1.0.89! Improved plugin performance
  New in Version 1.0.89! Export Users to CSV
  Front-end user profiles, login & registration for WordPress
        Anyone with social account can register/sign in instantly! (auto-sync)
  Viral Social Marketing! Auto post to user’s Twitter Timeline (Optional / Custom message)
  Automatic Gravatars support, or users can upload custom profile pictures!
  User-uploaded avatars work everywhere (BuddyPress, bbPress, theme comments, etc.)
  Lightbox support for user uploaded avatars and photos!
  Integration with   SVG Avatars Generator WordPress plugin (Create awesome avatars!)
    MailChimp Integration
    AWeber Integration
    Campaign Monitor Integration
    Integration & auto-sync fields
  Integrates beautifully with your theme comments (see example)
  Integrates beautifully with your   bbPress
  Built-in   Envato Purchase Verification
  Compatible with all properly coded WP themes and plugins!
  Now Includes RTL Stylesheet (right-to-left language supported)
  Unlimited Google Fonts Support
  An easy-to-use API, hooks and filters everywhere to help you integrate with any system and modify it to your needs!
  One front-end profile for every user
  Automatic SEO-Friendly URL for every user (see example)
  Beautiful Frontend Profiles (see example)
    Verified Accounts Feature
  User Badges and Achievements included!
  Display user country flag (optional)
  Custom Profile Background for every profile (optional)
  Open user profiles in beautiful responsive popups!
  Member Directory with Search and Filtering (see example)
  Enhanced Member Directory with search and custom filters (see example 1see example 2see example 3)
  Display members in a standard table format (see example)
  Display members in a Collage View format (see example)

  Display members in a compact mode
  Display an elegant profile card for any user
  Display users by specific User Roles
  Display users by custom fields
  Restrict display of user profiles based on User Roles
  User profiles can be public or private (or available to special roles only)
  Create multiple front-end registration forms (Show different fields for each group)
  Assign a specific User Role automatically for each registration form
  Customizable Front-end Registration/Login (see example)
  Customizable Front-end User Profiles
  Manually Approve New Users, Require e-mail validation, or Auto-Approve new signups!
  Administration panel to approve/reject registrations and verify users
  Users can set their password during registration (optional)
  Users can register with e-mail address
  Users may login with username or email
  Frontend password reset and password change
  Redirect user to a custom page after login
  Redirect user to a custom page after registration
  Refresh the same page after login/registration
  Intuitive drag and drop administration panel (watch video)
  Unlimited custom fields plus many pre-defined fields
  350+ FontAwesome Icons for your profile fields and social networks!
  Automatic Video Embeds by video URL only (No embed code required)
  Create Date Picker fields
  Create unlimited file & photo upload fields
  Create unlimited HTML fields (Video embeds, Google maps, any other HTML)
  Create required fields (User must fill)
  Create locked or private fields
  Create hidden fields (visible to admin and profile owner only)
  Block Usernames and E-mails from Login/Registration
  Automatic Phone Number Validation
  Automatic Form Field Length Validation
  Allow user to hide fields from public view
  Organize fields into collapsible tabs (optional)
  Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins
  Set specific custom fields to be accessible by specific user roles
  Frontend Post Publisher
  Social features Included! (see example)
  User Badges and Achievements
  Content Restriction Included!
  Lock entire site for logged out users
  Lock homepage for logged out users
  Lock homepage for logged-in members
  Display Online Users
    Online / Offline User Status (optional)
  Replaces the default WordPress e-mail notifications
  Customize the name and e-mail that appear on outgoing emails
  Custom Welcome E-mail (New Registration)
  Custom Reset Password e-mail notification
  Custom e-mail notification to invite users to Get Verified!
  Custom e-mail notifications sent to user
  Custom e-mail notifications sent to admin
  Responsive Videos automatically supported!
  Responsive photo uploads with Lightbox support!
  Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
  5 skins already included and unlimited CSS support
  Easily create and apply custom css and styles to the plugin
  Available in 12 Languages
  Translation Ready!