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Hi. I’m considering buying this plugin for slightly different usage:

I want to set up a store “with a difference” that works as follows:

Customers sign up and buy the amount of store credit they want to use for the store. This credit should always be visible and when they purchase products, the price is automatically deducted from their store credit until they have used it up, and then they are prompted to buy more credits.

Should a customer have little credit remaining and wish to use credit AND cash to pay for a product, this should be possible too.

Can I do that with this plugin?


Hi Sherpy

This will need some customisation to achieve. Please feel free to send us your exact requirements via http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com and we can provide you with a quote for the customisation work.

Regards Mike


esgalla Purchased

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Hi esgalla

All requests for post-sales support should be made by raising a support ticket at http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com




esgalla Purchased


I am using this plugin and i want to allow credits in the form of 100,000,000

and such but when i try to create bundles it doesnt let me set an amount that high

im linking this to a game where you work in millions and billions rather than single and double figure numbers

so i need the balance to be allowed to go up to 999,999,999,999 also how do i make it show the amounts with , seperating each block of 3 numbers???

Also how do i set this up so that there are 2 seperate balances within the plugin like balance1 is isk and balance 2 is credits???

Hi Jamie, I see you have raised this in multiple locations, so I will reply via our support portal. Kind Regards, Penny


I would like to ask you something before to buy it.

I have a wordpress site, where i want let users publish articles. To publish articles, they need pay (something) and select how many people (for example 5 ) can read it, and in other hand, readers must pay to read it (after 5 readers, the article will be closed).

Therefore, could i use your wordpress script to do it, obviously with some customization.?

Thanks for solve this doubts,


Hi Arutam

To limit the number of readers would require customisation of our plugin. Please raise a ticket at http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com with your exact requirements and we can provide you with a quote for the work involved.

Regards Mike

Is compatible with easy digital downloads, or you have any tutorial about how implement this with EDD?

Hi there.

UserCredits is a standalone product and does not need any other plugins to work. To integrate it with EDD would require significant customisation work – if you would like to know more, please raise a ticket at http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Regards Mike

Hi, I want to buy this product,but I have a pre-purchase question, we can see in the admin panel all the products that were purchased with credits? thanks


In the admin panel, you can see who currently has access to which page with protected content. If you are not time-limiting your credits (i.e. they don’t expire), then this will show you who had bought what (you can order it by page or by user). If you let credits expire, then the list will show you who currently has access to the protected content.

Regards Mike

Hy, i have a little problem with this, all good when i set it
[obr_check_credits accesscost=10 expiryminutes=0]

Preview of content.


Actual protected content.


but when i go to see the page and buy the page, the “Actual protected content” dosen’t show and he block all my page, i see only the title and without sidebar etc etc… why ?


Please raise your support question at http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com

Please note that you will need to provide your purchase code.

Regards Mike

Hiya Mike,

I will assume you have got my reply to your message & that I will get a reply in due course.



Hello Mike,

Please understand, I am looking at many different plugins & with different setup to achieve this.

Whether your quotes are valid for 14 or 100 days are immaterial to me for the moment as I am simply giving you first refusal to give an indication on this, you already have a solid brief on this.

I’d appreciate you give a ballpark figure on this. That is all I am asking you at this point in time.

Kind regards,


Hi Stewart

I’ve re-read your brief in detail this morning, and discussed it with my colleague. We currently have a full order book and as your project is not one which fits well with our objectives, we will not be proposing for it.

We wish you well with your project.

Regards Mike

I appreciate your reply.

I am happy to know either way before liaising with other skilled experts in my ranks to undertake this work.



I would like to purchase this plugin, before i buy it, i would like to know if this plugin can integrate with Learndash?

Hi Flamingo and thank you for your interest. I’m afraid I am not familiar with Learndash, so I cannot guarantee that it will be compatible with UserCredits without requiring some customisation from a developer…

Hi, do u plan coupon feature? People can redeem coupon for some amount of credit. thanks!

This feature is on the wishlist, but we don’t currently have a scheduled release date for it.

it showed a white screen when i open the link.

got question:

1) can you set 1 credit = how much $ example: 1 credit = $1.00

2) can you manually set description on the job done?


The demo site is working correctly, can you tell me where you are getting the white screen please?

Regarding your questions: 1. There is no general setting, you can set up bundles of credits. For example, you can set up 1 credit = $1.00, 2 credits = $2.00, etc. The number of bundles that you can have is unlimited. 2. There is a whole section of Custom Messages where you can decide on the wording that your visitors see.

Regards Mike

Presales question: is it possible to have credits expire each month and the next month starts back off with 2? Can that be set as a paid subscription? ie you pay $10 every month for two credits. If you continue to pay you get to new credit each month—but no rollover.

Hi Michael

Yes, you can set credits to expire every month, so that they reset to a pre-defined number with no rollover.

Regards Mike

Hi, i really think that this plugin is very interesting and i’m very intetioned to buy it. Before i need to ask if is possible make some castomisation in your plugin: My web site should: - translate monetary payment amounts into user credits - Manage user credits with an easy-to use admin personal user dashboard - Ceck user credits with an easy-to use admin personal dministrator dashboard - Deducted the price automatically from store user credit after purchase service - 2 level of users - load credit user in other user automatically after purchase the service


I’m not sure that I understand exactly what you require but I think that some customisation would be needed, e.g. to move credits between users automatically (this can be done manually). Please raise a ticket on our support system and we will try to answer your questions. It would be helpful if you have a process flow diagramme and could include that in your ticket. http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com

Regards Mike

I am curious if this will work with a WooCommerce membership site where I can restrict the amount of free downloads to 10 per month and require members to pay retail if they need additional downloads each month.


No, UserCredits is a standalone plugin.

Regards Mike

I want to have my customers buy a points package and be able to go to a store and buy stuff. How do I integrate this system with my store? Thanks,


Hi Josh

This is a standalone product and doesn’t need a store plugin to work.

It can be customised to work with a store plugin but it would require quite a bit of customisation. If you’d like to discuss this further, please raise a ticket on our support system http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com with your exact requirements.

Regards Mike

Hello, before buying I need to know: can I restrict access to posts of a certain custom post type? The process should be so: the user unblocks all the posts of a certain custom post type for 100 credits and the access will remain open for 1 year. Thank you.

Hello, I have another question, I need to have this working:

1) There will be a form for users to submit content. 2) The access to the form will cost 100 credits. 3) Once the user submitted the form, it has to be blocked again to the user.

This means that the user has to use credits every time he/she submits the form.

Is this possible? Thank you.

To put it simpler: Is there a way for programatically block a page that was previously unblocked by a user? If the plugin API has a function for that purpose, I can call it upon user submit (I’m WP programmer).


I’ll try to answer all 3 questions in one…

The plugin works by allowing you to block some or all content on a post, page or CPT, until the user uses some of their credits to gain access. You can allow unrestricted or time-limited access to the content once the user has paid for it with their credits. The whole post, page or CPT isn’t “blocked”, just some or all of the content – you can display a teaser message for “blocked” users to encourage them to pay for access. You can allow access for 1 year (or any other length of time that you choose).

There is no API in the plugin.

Regards Mike

I am thinking on buying this but I first need to know… is this compatible with a theme called “Smart Mag”? and, is it possible to setup more than one “Virtual Bank”, one per department/administrator?

Thank you for your interest. I am not familiar with Smart Mag, and we have not tested the plugin with this theme. I’m afraid it’s only possible to have one virtual bank with this plugin.

could this be configured to work with userpro for wordpress profiles?


I’m not familiar with Userpro, but if Userpro is based around the standard WP user profiles then UserCredits will need less customisation than if Userpro has its own system.

Regards Mike