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I just purchased this and User Credits and I’m not sure I’ve got the system configured properly for use.

I have three credit bundles, and I’ve created Buy Now buttons in PayPal for each bundle with the appropriate corresponding dollar amount. I’ve also configured IPN in my PayPal sandbox to point to my domain followed by the path in the PayPal IPN Add-On documentation. I’ve added the user ID in the button form and I’ve verified that the user ID is being returned via IPN in the data from PayPal.

I log in as a web site guest and make a purchase in the sandbox for one of the bundles. The email address of my user matches the email address of the sandbox customer account at PayPal. The IPN history at PayPal shows an HTTP 200 response for each of the transactions, but the user’s balance in User Credits has not adjusted.

What am I doing wrong? What additional information do you need in order to assist further?

Never mind… The problem was the loose nut behind the keyboard.

I had forgotten the shortcode on the landing page of the purchase. We’re good!

Great, glad it’s sorted out!

Hi, I’m from Turkey and this system does not work with Turkish Lira. Because we use ’’comma’‘ last two number. But we have to put ’’point’‘ in your system. We need to change this situation. How can we do it ? or for example, I put comma but it is automatically changing to point. How can I stop it ? Thanks a lot..


No SSL certificate is required.

It sounds like you haven’t set things up correctly on your site. As I’ve said before, send me some admin logon details for your site to contact@outerbridge.co.uk and I’ll take a look to see where you’ve gone wrong, and then point you in the right direction.

Regards ^Mike

I sent you informations about my problem. Please check your mail box out.


You’ve mixed live and sandbox. I’ve sent you an email with more details.

Regards ^Mike

Hi, do have plans to integrate SMS payment like Fortumo or SMSCOIN in User Credits

Hi there

We don’t have any current plans to do this, but I have added it to our wishlist.

Regards ^Mike

Hi i just purchase this and User Credit, how i can use the paypal botton code with the [obr_user_id] shortcode without using the Paypal botton itself on my Product Page where i have my personal “Pay Now” (with just an url link) to let go directly on Paypal payment page? Thanks!


You need to have the shortcode inside the form tag for the button, so you’ll probably need to style the button to look like an html link.

Regards ^Mike

how to add buy credits button, and how do i setup to used bitcoin as payment


This is a question for the main UserCredits plugin and I have replied there.

Please email your question to us at support@outerbridge.freshdesk.com and we will assist you.

Regards Mike


is there any “conditional” options for this. For example..

if ( has_credits) { // do this } else { //do this instead }


Hi Christian

UserCredits allows you to do this:

Preview or teaser which is visible only to users who haven't used credits to access the page.
Page content which is visible only to users who have used credits to access the page.

Hope this helps.

Regards Mike


I have a video theme, so on posts, it doesn’t show the video in the visual or text editor. However, I want to restrict the whole page to where they need to pay credits to access it. How would I go about doing this?



As per my reply on the other comment where you’ve posted this, please log your post-sales query at http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com/ and we will help resolve your query.

Regards Mike

hi, I would like to buy your plugin, but I would like to know if you can use it for this purpose: I need to use it to make some phone cards, then to my every user is associated with a phone number. So the customer will buy a richera from 5, 10, etc, and if you purchase through your plugin will fail’ll use my API to be able to recharge the phone. you can make changes to get this result?

Hi arrakis99, I don’t understand what’s required here. Do you have a flowchart of the process, or maybe some more detailed process notes please? Thanks, ^Penny

i would rate for this plugin, but it doesn´t work in my website. I read the instructions, wich are not very simple to follow, but it will not work. Can you have a look into my site.

This is not a supported plugin but it is easy to set-up – you just need to work through the instructions carefully. I assume that you have purchased the main UserCredits plugin as this is an add-on to it – and it will not work without the main plugin?

yes i do the installation steps, but credits aren´t added. i used notify url for the paypal button to the script ipn.php but it still not work