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Is there any shortcode to allow users to see last say 3 logins from frontend?

Sorry, there’s no short code. I’ll add this short code and will update in next version.

thx as i want to buy this – maybe i can get my devs to code a quick way to allow a Buddypress user to see his last say 3 logins from his BP frontend profile

Hello, The last update v.1.1 already released and have shortcode, widget support.


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Great plugin. Especially the widget feature since we don’t allow user access to wp-admin at all.

Suggestion! How about an option to display ONLY successful logins in the widget? We don’t want to alarm users unnecessarily with information about failed login attempts, since they really can’t do anything about it anyways.

We feel the only truly useful information for the user is displaying previous successful logins with timestamps and IP addresses.



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Anonther suggestion! And would probably make the plugin more usable for the admin (and therefore increase sales). If you would add an “all user activity” page available in the wp-admin area. Maybe even a little display on the dashboard showing the latest 20 or so. This would give the admin a great overall picture of what’s going on behind the scenes. :)

Thank you for your comment. But i still want to strict to security related, ‘all user activity’ action may violate the users privacy.


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Oh, sorry, I meant that the “all user activity” would be for the admin’s eyes only. So the admin could get a better perspective of the ongoing login activity.

can you export the logs?

is there anything needed to setup for the cron jobs?

From current version No, you cannot export the logs thank you for your comment, i’ll do the export to .log file function.

For the cron jobs. there is nothing to do with it, it is automatically purge old log (older than 90 days)

Hello, From this trac. https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/16031 It is 3 years ago. WordPress did not allow me to add action to “bulk actions” in user admin page, so i cannot create “export log” option to easily export log for selected users or all users. As soon as WordPress allow to add action to “bulk actions” I’ll create this option immediately.

Sorry for inconvinient

this is cool, though in your demo you should have a way to stop other demo users viewing others IP address. Maybe delete them or populate fake ones…

Hello, Thank you for your comment. In demo i want users to see the works as the real plugin as possible, i’ll try to censored IP address.

HI i would like to buy this plugin but i need to know if the logs can be exported.

Thank you

Sorry, the logs cannot be export from current version.


Very promising plugin!


1) Is there any way to delete some events out of the log as a Super Administrator in Multisite? I don’t want them to fill up my database.

2) Also, can I assign which Role can see the logs?

3) I saw you say “with existed usernames”, does it mean when people try to log-in to the admin panel by guessing the username, it won’t record that event?


Hello, 1. There is automatic delete old log but yes, you can manually delete them.

2. No, everyone can see their own log but the role that can access users page can see all user’s log

3. This plugin will work when someone logging in to WordPress and there is that username in db. For example, – 1. There is no username [noone] in that db. Someone try to log in with username [noone]. This plugin will not working. – 2. There is username [demo] in that db. Someone try to log in with username [demo]. This plugin will work whether it is failed or succeed.