Url Shortener - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This is advanced URL Shortener, which allows you to create your shorts URLs, for example domain.name/a3vd. Also users will have possibility to share links in popular social networks or save link as a QR-Code. In addition, this application has admin panel. You can easy customize any part of application starting with language and ending with social settings. Also flexible and advanced url search module, in admin panel, makes your work easier to control URLs.

Applications demo

Site: http://short.php5developer.com
Admin panel http://short.php5developer.com/admin
Login: admin
Password: admin


  • Your own URL shortening service
  • Admin URL Managment system, advanced searching and sorting
  • QR Code
  • Autocopy button
  • Social Sharing
  • SEO, Og propirties customizaiotn
  • Adsense, analytics support
  • Changing interface language
  • Like buttons
  • Google, Bing, Yandex verification
  • Clean and friendly user interface
  • Installation file
  • Developer API
  • Statistic


Run installation file (http://domain.name/install.php). Follow installation instructions. AFTER INSTALLATION DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE INSTALL.PHP FILE AND CHANGE ADMIN DATA IN ADMIN PANEL. Note. If your main index.php file located not in the root folder - you need to add RewriteBase /subfolder/ into .htaccess file after RewriteEngine on

Developer API

Developers can easy use this API by request http://domain.name/api?url=your_long_url URL. This service can handle 3 response methods:
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Array (serialized)
Example: http://domain.name/api?url=url&method=array You will get response as serialized array




Version 0.3

- Bug fix
- QR-Code generator works without curl library

Version 0.2

- Added countdown timer before redirect.
- Documentation has been updated.

Version 0.1

- Bug fix (prevent to shorten the same URL multiple times)