URL Shortener

URL Shortener

There are numerous services out there that let you create small URLs like tinyurl and so that you can easily insert into Tweets and other social network updates but sometimes it’s nice to retain brand identity when creating links to your own site.

URL Shortener let’s you create your own short URLs for your domains so users recognize your site instantly, for instance;

If you wish you can also give users the opportunity to sign up and create and share their own short URLs and monitor how many visits each link has had.

Features / What You Get

  • Your own URL shortening service.
  • You can decide whether guests can create short URLs or if users must sign up before using the service.
  • Users can sign in using their FacebookTwitterLinkedInWindows LiveXbox LiveGoogle Plusand Yahoo accounts.
  • User can befriend one another but also have the option to simply follow other users to get their notifications.
  • Users can edit their profiles.
  • Users have profile pages.
  • Robust password recovery for users.
  • Easy to extend and manipulate data stored in the CMS using built-in API.
  • Intuitive install process for CMS.
  • Admin users can add new pages to the site.
  • Full database & file backup.
  • Easily manage which groups of users (Members, Administrators) can access which areas of your site.
  • Simple and intuitive examples to help you make changes to better suit your specific needs.
  • Straightforward API for more advanced users.


For this script I have included just one example that includes all of the features you need to create a complete URL Shortening service. To test the URL Shortener click the links below. The admin email and password is / adminadmin.

Who is this script for?

If you would like to shorten URL’s for business use (in order to retain some brand identity) or for personal (to track how many clicks your URL’s get) use then this is an ideal script for you.



URL Shortener is built with Mokoala CMS, the Mokoala installation guide covers how to install this script.

Social Login Integration

All of the guides for social login guides can be found in the Using Mokoala section


All of the guides that you need are located in the Using Mokoala & Mokoala Documentation sections.