Universal WP App: iOS & Android Wordpress Sidekick

Universal WP App: iOS & Android Wordpress Sidekick - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Item description

This Titanium app gives you the ability to create an app for you Wordpress based blog. This gives users a more interactive experience putting your posts, tweets and other information into a handy app that can be released onto Apples app store.

App Store demo available here.

The docs are available here

Main features

  • You can get an app up and running without touching code, yay!
  • Sucks all app setup in from your blog and cages it for speediness
  • Add as many categories or pages from your blog
  • Integrated twitter feed with oauth
  • iOS 7 and Android 4.4 and Wordpress 3.8 compatible
  • Add any offline info you wish (changelog etc.)
  • Very robust code
  • Full PSD’s for application graphics
  • Comes with a mobile wordpress theme and plugin
  • Documentation
  • Works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices


3.3 Fixes
  • Added DP measurements to fix android UI issues.
3.2 Fixes
  • Fixed missing variable error which could lead to iOS tweets not working and android app from failing to boot.
3.1 Fixes
  • Posts now don’t overlap when no featured image is chosen
  • Minor bug fixes
3.0 – Biggest update since initial release
  • NEW – No more config file! That’s right, you can now setup WP App by simply typing in your site url and installing the Wordpress Plugin.
  • NEW – Live update your app settings, meaning no more re-submitting to the App Stores
  • NEW – More intelligent code that allows for offline caching of settings for bad connection/no connection
  • NEW – Less files to work with and a more simple code structure, which is always good.
  • NEW – Ability to add galleries, music and video to Wordpress posts and use as featured
  • NEW – Option to send users a push notification upon post/page publish!
  • NEW – Sort posts by users location, useful for estate agents, events etc.
  • NEW – Feel free to use your own theme as the app reliant features are contained in the WP App Wordpress plugin. Note, geolocation and post galleries, music etc. are theme reliant.
  • NEW – Realistic iOS7 detection and full iOS7 compatibility.
  • NEW – Slick new icon and splash screens, based on the new iOS 7 icon grid.
  • NEW – Included all icon sizes
  • NEW – Included the Pixel Resort icon template link I used to create the icon.
  • NEW – Infinite scroll of posts
  • UPGRADED – All web code has been upgraded and is faster and more stable than ever.
  • UPGRADED – Built using the latest and greatest Titanium SDK 3.2.0
  • UPGRADED – Works with Wordpress 3.8, iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4
  • CHANGED – To setup your app now go into the app’s and set your url
  • CHANGED – This is now a full app and as such will be much easier to setup.
  • CHANGED – UI is now slightly darker
  • FIXED – All known issues in 2.3
Version 2.3
  • Added support for Android smartphones
  • Added admob
  • More intelligent resource retrieval in WP theme
  • Added email field in config
  • Many minor changes and bug fixes
Version 2.2
  • 50% smaller resources folder, supreme optimisation
  • Better animation handling
  • Modules now sit inside app for easier setup
  • Link to login to Wordpress
  • Users can now use iOS’s built in twitter popup to send you a tweet
  • Added iPad launch images
  • Fixed a huge amount of errors and bugs
  • Switched to zepto from jQuery in the WP theme
  • Umm… did i mention it’s great
Version 2.1
  • iPad compatibility
  • Absolute url fix
  • Minor fixes
Version 2.0
  • Rebuilt from scratch
  • New layout
  • New Wordpress theme
  • Extremely slimmed code base
  • Faster due to localised resources
  • Users can share your app via SMS
  • Faster boot time
  • Much more

Version 1.2
  • Now works in landscape mode
  • Admob now integrated
  • Built with the latest Titanium 1.8 SDK
  • Slimmed code and made the popover easier to manage

Version 1.1
  • Added Wordpress PSD’s
  • Altered Wordpress theme style
  • Fixed minor code bug preventing Titanium from building for device
  • Optimised Wordpress theme quite massively by killing many now unused images and slimming code


Let me know what features you want to see in future updates! Also don’t forget to rate this item.