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Hi there is it possible for me to get a backup of your universal digital shop, i messed mine up really badly.

My email: xexvirus@outlook.com

Hi. You can download it from CodeCanyon.

My u/admin.php url doesn’t work. How can i fix this?

Unfortunately, I don’t see that you purchased the script. If you did it using different account, please contact me through that account.


vhua56 Purchased

hello, i want to custom this script, please give me your infomation mail or yahoo, or skype?


vhua56 Purchased

just add more function, please :((

Unfortunately, I can’t help you here. It is better to hire freelancer for that.


vhua56 Purchased

ok, thanks, i will try, but i upload script to jobs, some can download your script free!

Hello, my question is does your work with Cyrillic script? thank you


Hello I am now the owner of your script. I do have the following problem: The user is not receiving the download link after successful payment and orders is not showing up in my admin Orders page Demo site is: http://a.fastmedia.bg Please help! Regards

Thanks for purchasing the script. Do you see registered transaction in script admin panel? Please provide access to script admin panel. Also please go to your paypal IPN History page. What is the status of IPN message?

Hi Ivan, transaction section in script admin panel shows “List is empty.” Will provide better access to the admin panel where you can make any changes you want but let’s send it to your personal email. IPN status in my PayPal History page: Search results

Date/time created Message ID Status Transaction ID 3/14/2015 21:26 PDT 5RJ48044S3159134C Sent 9H939442WC6663336 3/14/2015 18:25 PDT 5X476887UG1137317 Sent 2NF29877F3957560S 3/14/2015 16:48 PDT 9BH23925HD849435G Sent 0PP68799RY537251G 3/14/2015 15:20 PDT 3YG57645K9063684E Sent 05R02959EN8593819 3/14/2015 13:56 PDT 0HE91550HY078863N Sent 6XK05039W05559513 3/14/2015 13:43 PDT 89238666H0733244D Sent 2EM45597S54131914 3/14/2015 13:32 PDT 79J0849025765760N Sent 2J380928S57121623

Regards Ivan!

Hi. BTW. Do you have CURL installed on your server? Please provide FTP-access. I’ll check what’s wrong.

I am very pleased with this script! Thanks to the author for full maintenance. I recommend for you Universal Digital Shop :)

i was thinking about buying your product but i needed to know if your scripts creates paypal or any payment buttons to be embedded on my original website called beatsonthego and if you look at my website i am only using the buttons to make purchases instead of a big box please let me know also is email the only way they receive the download or is there a admin page for them to go to

Hi. Nope. It doesn’t create buttons.

Hello, been using this script for a while now, but today i found out that it does not sent link to email if price was setted to 0 (free), and having problems also to sent an email with link if item was bought

Please make sure that you use correct mailing parameters on Settings page in admin area. Also make sure that your hosting provider didn’t change anything in mailing system. Please ask them if they changed something. May be their mail server was added in black list and all its messages are coming to spam/junk folder.

Very nice script, but when update to new paypal payment interface? Now is mobile friendly.

Thanks. It uses standard PayPal interface.

will be updated in the future?

Thanks for idea. I’ll think.

Hi there, everything is set up and working fine but the user does not receive the download link after the purchase, how to fix this?

What should I do? Everything is set up correctly, I need this working asap..

URL please.

Sent you an email with the details.

Is possibile to set my logo on paypal checkout?

Unfortunately, no. I think you can do it through your paypal account.

If I delete a product the associated file will be deleted. But why is selectable?

I mean, if i select the same file on 3 product and i delete one, all file data on another 2 will be lost.

I do not understand why file is selectable.

If file is selectable, it is not deleted.

If I delete a product the associated file will be deleted. But why is selectable?

I mean, if i select the same file on 3 product and i delete one, all file data on another 2 will be lost.

I do not understand why file is selectable.

(sorry for dublicated posts)

If file is selectable, it is not deleted.

Hello is it possible to use preauth feature for Stripe from this script? Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

there is a way to add the VAT?

Unfortunately, no.

I have to pay for it myself, once received the payment?

Seems like that.

Hi Half Data ..

Sweet script! So easy to install and to customize! Many thanks!

I have a small issue with Skrill. The link in the script uses the old ‘Moneybookers’ page and that is no longer used, but a later ‘Skrill’ login page now is.The powers to be at Skrill will only allow me a Skrill wallet Account and NOT a Business Account, so without this ‘Business Account secret word’, the script does not work on Skrill and if selected,..... an error code cancels out Paypal. Is there a work around this where you have some substitute code? I at times struggle with HTML CSS so if there is a fix I will need clear baby steps with the code to effect a change.

Thanks again for the great work with this coding / script


Hi. Thanks for letting me know. Does your Skrill account allows to accept payments?