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is it supporting random ad using one code at a place and flash/swf/gif ads

No flash/swf. It is obsolete technology.

is it supporting random/multiple ad using one code at a place

Advertisers can upload only images. Administrator can use images and HTML-code (JS is not allowed).


3step Purchased

Hi halfdata – awesome script – purchased today and had it working in about 10 mins!

I do have one quick question – using Paypal – should the return url be set as http://yourdomain.com/ipn.php or something else?


Return URL is an URL where user is returned after successful payment. You can set any value.


3step Purchased

OK – thanks

Hello, is the problem with CSS (styles)? nothing not working, why?

CSS is the problem, how to solve?

what is the problem?, I’m not added banners and no form, I did everything exactly as directed, even watched and your script, and just not working, look no banners added, based on enrollment data but are not on it’s nothing, why?


Hello, I just bought your script and so far I am really enjoying it. I’ve got some problems to report:

1 – When the owner submits the registration form without filling in the required fields generates an error message, but when we go in mysql table – ubm_banners generated empty records.

Even with the error messages ta being registered on the bench with empty data.

How to solve this problem?

Ok. Thanks

Hello HALFDATA, already has a position on the reported problem and if it happens to you?

Hi. Not yet.

Hello how to put on Dle 10.2 pozhalusta write instructions that you it does not podhodet

What means ????

Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased”.

Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username.

Friend try a system where I can program the banners, eg day 1-10 appears a banner, the 10-20 other, or in the morning appears a banner, the afternoon another …. this your permit this?

does it support google ads / html code ? the admin manually will insert html code from admin page not by advertiser. how will it work then ?

Admin can put HTML. Google Ads not supported.

Script did with Mysql , Mysqli or PDO ?


Hello Halfdata (Ivan),

Ive forgot the admin password and ive tried to reset to admin, but doesnt work as it should.


Can you please tell me how can i completly reset new username and password without touching other settings, because i have active banners.


1) Delete the following tables from database ubm_options. In this case all Settings (only those ones that you see on “Settings” page in admin area) will be reseted to default. So you can use default login/password: admin/admin.

2) Edit the following tables from database ubm_options. Find record which has filed options_key as login. For this record set the filed options_value as admin. Then find record which has filed options_key as password. For this record set the filed options_value as 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3. After that you can use default login/password: admin/admin.

Hello half, which the possibility administrator insert banner Rich Media (JS)? Large companies often advertise that format. It would be very difficult to change the system to accept tags JS?

I thank you

Unfortunately, JS is not allowed.

Loving your WP banner plugin, very good product.

With this stand alone version couple of questions (asked some before but need more input):

1) I see “Cross domain access supported”. Does this mean that code is generated which can be placed on other domains / sites?

Not clear on this at all.

2) Do you have any future plans to create a “text only” option? In my years online found banners are good for some locations and text version in others.

Thanks for your time.

Hi. 1. Yes. You can install script on one domain, and insert banners driven by script into others. 2. Unfortunately, I don’t have such plan.

Thanks for reply. Sadly without text ad support will have to find another. Sure a great product just like your WP version but just not what looking for.


somo1ful Purchased

lets say i have 3 ads in the same slot, is there a fast way to add auto refresh? i suppose stuff on line 17-> (in jsonp.js) into function + setTimeout would work, or is there another way?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thank you for idea. ;-)


max_user Purchased

hello halfdata, where I can set the page , after the online payment paypal to do automatically redirect to another page?

Please show me what exactly conflict (URL)?


max_user Purchased

Sorry, was a system error, no error occurs, but it’s still another alternative? because anyway I have to do click on “return to …...” on paypal page, and then it is automatically redirect , but i need, without another action make the redirect, i want to do ,after the online payment paypal to do automatically redirect to another page.

Unfortunately, there are no other options.