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Did you do a customization? I’ll need a “domain checker” script to be included, and the domain selected included in the user’s domains… can u do this? How muck will cost?


Sorry we’re unavailable for this type of customization. Please feel free to ask on the forums to see if any developers are available for this task. Thanks, dtbaker

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dzn360inc Purchased


Congrats your team for great work :)

I have one issue in the Finance section, the paid vale from the invoice come directly to finance, I am using 2 currencies, one is USD and 2nd is EURO, USD is default value, when I do quick add on the finance section its only take default currency like USD, can there is option i can select the currency for quick ad in the finance section.

Need urgent help :)



Please send through a Support Ticket and we can assist with this.


Why can I not change the word Vendors to Suppliers. I followed the FAQ and went to the file location specified and got this readme message: ” Language Translations are now performed in Settings > I8N. Please delete all these files from this folder, it should be empty.” So I went to Settings > Language and changed the word Vendors in the right hand column to Suppliers pressed Save and then Save Settings. I then tried exporting the CSV file, made my changes and imported it. Still no change ahhhhh :confused:


Thanks for letting me know about the Vendors translation issue. I’ll test it shortly (out on my phone at the moment) and provide a fix in the next update. Please send through a support ticket if you would like to be notified when this fix is available. Thanks, dtbaker

The extended license allows for SaaS based business models? As in can I use it for SaaS ( soft as service.)


Yes correct.


And does the software include user registration system, using which a company could register themselves and then start using it?


No any sort of saas feature would have to be implemented yourself in order to use it in that particular way. A few people have done this.


I have looked carefully at your CRM product and it is amazing! We really think it can deal all necessary stuff for our company.

I would like to ask you for a private quote for an additional integration as an online payment system.

If you are interested, please send me an email at office@idesignstudio.de, so we can communicate about the job. I will explain you which integration we are talking about, send you the links to their API etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Gerrit Böhm


You can try this, it will give you a unique configuration per company: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/faq-knowledge-base/faq-item/73/enable-custom-configuration-variables-and-templates-per-company/

I can assist with the company config setup via email, it’s a little bit of an advanced feature.

Unfortunately we’re unavailable for custom payment gateway integration.

Best of luck with the project, dtbaker


Hi dtbaker,

Thanks for your reply. I was looking at the link you shared and a question popped out.

We are actually 1 company but with different branded services. These services have their own logo, bank account, separate end-client websites etc. But the owner is the same.

The client database also most of the time overlaps. One client is very often using more than 1 of these services.

So, my question is: Will the implementation with different companies work in our case where we have the same client database and we need only 1 profile per client where we can track all of the different services, invoices, subscriptions etc (from the so-called different companies)? Can UCM deliver this?

Thanks in advance for your clarification!


Yes this sort of implementation should be possible. Please send through some temporary ucm login details in a support ticket if you need assistance setting it up like this.


Looking for claims management software solution and this looks to have a lot of what we would need to, do you know if this could be customised in this way?

Many Thanks


I’m really not sure what is involved in claims management. Best to run a test through the demo to see if it would be suitable. Thanks, dtbaker


Well I’m not sure how you’re software would register it. It somewhat like an insurance claim as we put in a claim against a company on behalf of a client, we would like there details linked to that claim and the ability to have case notes along with tracking anyone looking at the claim.

hi.. i seem to have problem while trying to load the page on my first installation attempt.

PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of module_security::handle_hook() should be compatible with module_base::handle_hook() in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\xxx\xxx\includes\plugin_security\security.php on line 421 PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\xxx\xxx\includes\database.php on line 81


Please use the new install.php file, it should solve this. Alternatively please send through some ftp details and we can fix up the files for you. Thanks, dtbaker

Could you please confirm the current demo is the latest version?

I am not very impressed with the demonstration / example data. There are only so many “Test” customer names with zero fields fill in that anyone can take…

Customer List Gripes:
- The Customer area is really important. But when first accessing the customers area you cannot even tell what column is sorted.
- Additionally, you cannot sort by company name.
- Column headers are too wide and excessively long. e.g.”Phone Number” should just be “Telephone” and then it won’t wrap 2 lines. “Email Address” again, “Email” is sufficient for a column title. “Primary Contact” can be “Contact”, that is the contact. Primary is not needed. Client Name would differ from Contact (the one you “contact”). “Date Created” could simpy be “Created”.
- Group = Complete or blank. No idea what Complete for a group is.
- Usually on a customer listing you would not list the full address in a column. Usually the post code or suburb name is sufficient.
- I just don’t understand why 4 columns are sortable, but columns like Date Created, Company, Staff, etc.

BUG? Why is there a 2nd “Company” field at the very end? There appear to be TWO Company columns! ?

On the customer details page,
- Address details. You mis-spelled “Country” as “County”.
- Address details. Is there any reason why there are no Country drop-down fields with the countries pre-populated already? I know in our office half the people cannot spell many common words, let alone country names!
- Address details. The post code field is longer than the country field. Should it not be the other way around??
- Address details. There is only 1 address line. No space for additional details such as Suite or other details.
- Address details. Is there no way to have multiple addresses linked to a client? Is that not the point of a CRM? Multiple emails, multiple telephone and email contact details? Multiple departments under company with multiple people including their position, email, telephone, address and other details to (separate to the company address details). Custom fields can’t handle this. You are essentially building an array within an array within the name field linked to other personnel within the company.
- There should be more required fields rather than just the first name… Not even the last name? Email? Telephone?
- Under the first section, why is there “Company”, when you are already creating a contact under the company?? It makes no sense to have these checkboxes above for Company and then an Input field for Company? This is very confusing…
- Notes – You can see only a few words. There is no way to VIEW the notes. Only edit, which displays in a tiny textarea pop-up… Also our lightbox background does not cover the whole background. Just the very top of the page (height of screen from top of page), instead of being the entire background, or that which is visible…
- I see “Customer Groups”, yet I see 5 groups below with the same name. How is that allowed? No name conflict? “A group already exists with this name”??

Even on the PDF the 2nd Date Label is wrapped and not on one line. I think the font size in general is too large. you can only fit a few words of the line item description on one line…

If you need any assistance please let me know. I will happily crawl over the various sections and detail suggestions on bugs, issues and improvements. I just cannot purchase this product in its current state. We would be better off using SugarCRM or vTiger CRM as holding accurate and accessible contact data is just so so so so important.

I look forward to improvements in the CORE functionality to resolve these issues and logic errors. I was blown away by the calendar extension, finding only one bug in the dates. But CRM Pro needs many minor issues resolved before we can purchase and implement this for our clientele.

Thank you :D


And ALL your dates are displayed as ””17/08/20142014”” on the invoice!


Is anyone seriously reviewing this project with attention to detail??

http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/customer.customer_admin_open/job.job_admin/?customer_id=8 and PDF and Everywhere there is a date!....

You do not need to specify the Currency Code (USD/GBP) in every field there is a dollar value ($/£). Just stipulate the currency code in the Sub Total, Tax, Discounts, Fees, Payments, and Grand Total.

There is absolutely no need adding currency codes to line items that already have a currency symbol!