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I want to purchase the Pro edition, how many times can one license code work? We have 3 different business and need the CRM for these


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I’ve posted a question on official forums here:


No one has replied back in a week. I just need to know how to add more than ONE custom menu link. I don’t even need a page for the link I just need to add a link to the navigation to an external resource. I’ve followed guide on site and accomplished this but cannot ADD MORE THAN ONE. Any help is greatly appreciated.

thank you


SupportHub Author Team

Thank you, have rpelied to your forum thread


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Hello Author!!

I have informed Envato about his username: http://codecanyon.net/user/ilyas-shabbir

He is a SPAMMER/SCAMMER from China asking me and some other buyers of your product to share and send him your product as in the following email:


hi friend how are you ? my name is ilyas i”m a 21 year old (still very poor) friend i seen your comment in ulimate client management script i know you buy this scripit friend i have”t money for buy this pleas can you help me as a humain i need UCM script can you send Ultimate Client Manager – CRM – Pro Edition (latest) in m email adress my email adress (ilyas6462@gmail.com) pleas send me latest UCM in my email acount :) God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Thankyou !


I have requested a ban from Envato, Inc. and I wish if you can do the same..


Joe Kiranov



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Sooo bad support – when you create a support ticket, this will come back:

- Ticket Position: 165th out of 165 other support tickets - Rate: We are currently processing about 3 tickets every 24 hours

Feedback on 55 day´s ????

Pre buy question:

hi, this is the first time i try to use a crm , my need is to create a database of users with the possibility to add additional details ( eg expiration date , date of birth ) and later search for these users , for example , subscriptions which expire this month , or users with less than 30 years. i can with the pro version of uCRM ?

We paid for the priority support 13 days ago… and no answer. Ticket number: 008655. Is there any chance to get an answer to this? Why is it taking that long? Thanks.

Please contact hosting provider about mod_security issue as mentioned in other support ticket.


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Hello, is there a way to quickly duplicate the default invoice / quotation into a new template? Tried to copy and paste, but the alignment is in a mess… please help thank you so much

Open the default one and just rename the “template key” to something new. The default one will be created next time it needs to be used, and you can use the newly created one.


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thank you for your prompt assistance, it worked. what about the quote, is it possible to have 2 quote template and choose which one to use when we generate a PDF? many thanks

Yes if you have “quote_pdf” and “quote_pdf_other” it will show both those quote templates available on the quote page.


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I import your french UCM translation (http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/translations-language/) into my ultimate client manager but there is field which are not translate. For exemple when you go into : Leads(Prospects) -> Create New Leads(Créer un nouveau prospect) -> type : customer / lead. The “customer” field is translated into “client” but not the “lead” field in French. What can I do ?

Please send through a support ticket with a screenshot showing the translation error (or some login details) and we can investigate this issue: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/


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Is it possible to customise the software to have the following (We are willing to pay for customisation) : Add product with quantity, and cost price of product. So when we add product to invoice, the quantity will be reduced so we can track product that is low in stock. Report able to show sale price – cost price and calculate profit. Let us know how to discuss with you, we have good budget for customisation. Thank you

Stock management can get very complicated very quickly. However a “basic” stock management system could be possible to implement.

Something like adding a new “Stock Quantity” field into Settings > Products and that field would decrease every time the product is added to an invoice (not job/quote, only invoice). If a product is removed from an invoice the quantity would increase back up again. If the quantity is changed on an invoice (e.g. change from 1 to 5) then the “Stock Quantity” would change as well.

Reports for calculating profit based on cost/sale price would not be possible at this stage.

Please click here to get in touch.

Thank You

Hi, can payments be integrated through an API or direct emails and mail merge?

Thank you

It might be possible but would require a great deal of advanced PHP knowledge in order to implement that as a custom feature yourself. Thanks,

Hello, I have two business ideas and would like to know which one fits better with the functionality of this script, right!

business idea 1: May i create a virtual business communities, brokering deals between companies that have products to sell and people who need Them?

business idea 2: May i use this script like a database marketing? So, Could it provide direct mail services tailored to customers and direct marketing list as a strategy to help companies reach their target audience?

And more, capture, store and use relevant information about customers and potential customers (prospects), enriching relationships and driving sales?

Grateful for the answer. Many Thanks!

I was interested to buy the Pro edition of this script, but 4 days ago i wrote the above message, but until now the seller not replyes to me. Can you answer my doubt dtbaker?


SupportHub Author Team

Sorry this particular script would not be suitable.


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Hi today i have purchased this script every thing is fine but when i am trying to login after few hour why my website is blank showing noting


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hi i figure out some thing when i delete adminlte theme from ftp my website starts opening. i thing there is problem with adminlte theme plz help

Please send through a support ticket with some FTP details and we can fix it up. Thanks. http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/


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smtp failed error checked my smtp and everything is fine. Cant send any emails from program. What do I need to change it worked before I moved installation

i have checked support forum for this problem but my problem is not solved i am using Google App mail service

Please check with the hosting provider. Some hosting providers have special SMTP details for PHP scripts


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I was going through the demo and saw a lot of errors and warnings coming on the deashboard of demo provided by the Author, i was thinking of buying the CRM, please assure this will work fine in our server.


SupportHub Author Team

Yes the errors are gone now. These errors do not occur on “live” sites, only sometimes on the demo because everybody is changing configuration settings all the time.

You have an error on the dashboard- Notice: Undefined offset: 12 in /var/www/includes/plugin_finance/finance.php on line 1344

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/includes/plugin_finance/finance.php on line 1344

Notice: Undefined index: link_count in /var/www/includes/plugin_finance/finance.php on line 1345

Notice: Undefined index: credit in /var/www/includes/plugin_finance/finance.php on line 1777

Notice: Undefined index: debit in /var/www/includes/plugin_finance/finance.php on line 1788


SupportHub Author Team

Thanks for reporting those errors. We’ve fixed that up and prevented it from occuring in the future.

Errors on your demo app. And i guess we cant add a customer quickly when we are creating a quote for first time for a new client?


SupportHub Author Team

Thanks for reporting those errors. We’ve fixed that up and prevented it from occuring in the future.

And, my other question? :) can we add new user while adding new quote?


SupportHub Author Team

No sorry, the process is create a new Lead/Customer first, then create a new Quote for that Lead/Customer.