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In fact, I do not need all your CRM, I need only some codes from your, To do re-programmed by codeigniter, And inclusion in My CRM. \

In fact, I do not need all your CRM, I need only some codes from your, To do re-programmed by codeigniter, And inclusion in My CRM.

dilyar Purchased

Hey there,

Do you still have plans on making an update and making it easier to customize? Such as the email templates and such.




If there’s a particular feature that needs to be made easier please feel free to post it as a request over here:

The best way to provide a feature request is to do a photoshop mockup of the screen showing exactly how you would like the feature to work within the system (all the buttons, fields, links, etc..). Please provide as much detail as possible.

Thanks, dtbaker

Hi there, Is there a facility for certain members of staff who create customer / business records to only be able to view the ones they create under their log in?

I will be looking at using this to manage business referrals for each staff member we have and would need this feature to keep customer records private to the person whom refers them.

thank you


Yes if each staff member is setup as a company (under settings) this is possible. Please try it out in the demo to see if it’s suitable before purchase. Thanks, dtbaker

luxerman Purchased

How easy is this to install?


It’s rather easy, thousands of people have been able to do it. Send through a support ticket if you get stuck and we can assist. Thanks, dtbaker

Can we do customization as per our requirement in setting? because most of the feature like finance we dont want.Please confirm.

Do you have the WP version of this?


It’s tricky to customize without strong php knowledge. There is no wordpress version sorry.

FirstOne1 Purchased


I have pay the regular license

i Received only 2 file How do I copy the installetion?


Installation instructions are available on the item page. We can assist with installation if you would like. Please send through a support ticket. Thanks, dtbaker

qu4rk Purchased


I have a support ticket # 007107 that I have been trying to resolve with you guys since 10/21/2014. Automatically emailing subscription invoices is not working.

For some reason, even if I send you multiple support emails, I get no support. Is there anyway that we can resolve this issue, so that I can enjoy using this function in the software?

I’ve gotten 1 response to this on 11/26/2014 (where I had to come here to post) & I have sent you 2 emails since…nothing.

I hate to post this here, but you’re not responding bro.



Sorry I still don’t quite understand which part of the subscription service isn’t working. I have replied to #7107 again for more details.

qu4rk Purchased

Thanks man. I’m getting your responses now. Great support my friend. Keep up the great work!

Before Purchase it, website can work with “HTTPS” ssl?


Yes it works with SSL if the hosting account supports it.


Before I purchase, can you say if I can be a client manager provider.

Like can I have 20 customers who invoice their clients?

Like a service provider.

Best wishes, Silver


How would you go about it if you would want to make it possible :P? Best wishes, Silver


It’s not really designed this way, however there is some limited “service provider” feature by using the company feature. Each company can have their own set of customers and different logins. They can also have different invoice templates as detailed here however this is quite an untested/new/advanced feature so there may be occasions when certain data will be shared between companies. You’re welcome to test the company feature in the live demo to see if it’s suitable.


I’ve just updated the company wiki page with details on how to achieve this to some degree. It also lists some of the problems with this current setup. The only real way to have “20 customers who each invoice their clients” is to have 20 unique installations of UCM.

Details here:

I can not see any option to sort the leads based on date time. It’s a obvious requirement where we want to see the latest leads on top !!

Is it present or not ?


This feature is not present at the moment, however it is something we might be able to add in.

is there any way to add a specific client payment mail, so there would be 2 mail adresses on each client ? one to send info and one for invoices ?

today i send my invoices to an a firm that manage all my finance, and i would love to keep it that way,

Regards Mike

Hello I have some pre-sale questions.

Can I log and track the staff members and their activity such as who uploaded/downloaded which files and when?

Can I create encoded download links for files to be downloaded by customers?

Is it easy to track the history of a file, or different versions of the same file?

Thank you


No sorry not possible to track downloads or file history or any sort of one time link.