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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Plugin: Table Data Sorting

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your very own Ultimate Client Manager system!

Support Requests:

Please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Comments or Questions:

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions here and we will do our best to answer.


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Okay what is the madness? You are offering very low value plugins that should be built into the core at insane prices of 5.00. This is not cool.

It’s good that you are using plugins to boost your revenue but you’re going abit insane. Little core features like ordering of items which involve changing a mysql query from DESC to ASC .


Sorry, quite a bit more involved than changing ASC to DESC in this one.

Unfortunately the very cheap base system price of $30 does not cover the amount of time I put into development and support. I have to release new features as plugins. If I don’t do this, UCM will not exist in 6 months time.

Please keep in mind there is a HUGE amount of new features added to the base UCM system. I might publish my change log so that buyers can see the amount of updates that go into the base system. This should make buyers happier.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Nice plugin. I was wanting this feature…almost like you were reading my mind. Works great from first install. Column headers on Jobs gets thrown out of whack slightly…as if it is too crowded. I may just remove one of the columns to make more room.

Also, I would love for this to work on Finance section. This is where I could really use this..especially if the totals at the bottom updated auto-magically to reflect the shown items


Thanks, glad you like it. We will roll this out to the finance section shortly.

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I agree with dtbaker. Ultimate Client Manager is extremely affordable, and right out the box, it is an excellent client manager. I have no issues with supporting free enterprise and helping dtbaker stay in business.

Additionally, he is working on a pro grade client manager that will offer more features but at a higher cost. I hope dtbaker will offer an upgrade option for his dedicated lite customers?

Documentation Request

The only feature missing that is promised would be documentation for configuring the numerous undocumented settings found in UCM .

Thank you for your hard work and an excellent client manager.

Cheers, Todd