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The grid I see does not match to what I built!

If you have any of the caching plugins – it is a result of caching most probably. It is best to disable caching while you are building a grid, or set something like “disable caching for logged in users” in caching plugin setup.

The grid I built does not look right – there are gaps, text overlapping, etc.

Most probably that is because some of the themes process shortcode output and add there “p” tags thus breaking UberGrid layout. Try to go to Settings -> UberGrid at the admin area, and enable “Use Shortcode hack” option, it should help.

After adding XX cells, newer cells do not save, or grid settings from the right column do not save.

It usually happens on newer PHP versions (> 5.3.9) when max_input_vars value is not sufficient to transfer all the UberGrid settings. There is a number of ways to fix this:

1. On most of shared hostings: edit or create php.ini file at your WordPress installation’s wp-admin folder. Add there:
max_input_vars 10000;

2. If you are running on VDS, you’ll need to add max_input_vars = 10000;

to your main php.ini file (its location depends on a specific configuration).

3. Sometimes php.ini files are not processed. In this case, open your .htaccess file located at the WordPress root and add the next:

php_value max_input_vars 10000

It will allow 10x more cells than default settings.

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