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Hi Karevn, Great Plugin! Just what i’ve been looking for. Just one question regarding the quality of the thumbnails in the grid. What do i have to change in the timthumb-config.php file to get better quality thumbnail images? Thanks!

Hello! You can create wp-content/uber-grid-timthumb-config.php file and include any timthumb options you like. In your case, you may want to add the next: <?php define('DEFAULT_S', 1); define('DEFAULT_Q', 100);

The first one will enable sharpening, and the second one will set image quality to 100% (but I think the default 90 is fine too).


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Hi there. Could you tell me if this plugin can meet these requirements:

1. Display a set of icons that are 100×100 in width and always display them at that width with no resolution issues (I used a different plugin and even with responsive turned off it was continuously resizing and distorting these icons.

2. Make the images themselves clickable to a specified URL.

3. Hide the overlay on the images.

4. Add text underneath the image and make that clickable to a specified URL.

5. Allow the user to filter the images similar to how you do it in your examples on your website (so no dropdown and instead a list of categories).

If those are possible, will the responsive settings allow the images to remain at 100×100 but dynamically adjust the number of images to display in a row based upon the browser width?