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I just purchased uber audio yesterday. I installed it and right off it didn’t work. The widget is just greyed out and the generator does nothing when you click on it. Can somebody help me out with this? I have looked through the comments below and I don’t see the creator responding to comments anymore. HELP!!!


I’m interested in your plugin but I have one question before I purchase it. Can you have continuous, background music playing with it if you click or browse different pages on the site, or will it start automatically every time you click on a separate page/post?



Uber Audio has been designed to work on individual pages/posts and not between them.

Uber Audio has been VERIFIED to work on Wordpress 3.9.2.

Setting up Uber Audio is very easy: http://vimeo.com/37412721

Hello mike, how can i set my online radio from my server into Uber Audio setting ?


When I attempt to click the button on the visual editor, nothing happens. No pop up that enables me to walk through the settings etc.

- I was able to create a playlist. - I was able to add this through the widget process.

I could not find any documentation on what the shortcode should look like, but I watched the vimeo video (http://vimeo.com/37412721 ) and transcribed a copy of that code.

I can add by typing the shortcode in and guessing at the playlist number.

ex. [uber_audio id="2" accent_color="#28b6ed" second_color="#cccccc" playlist="0" ui="dark" width="225px"]

- I have tried deactivating all of the plugins, still does not work. - I have also tried deactivating my theme (Parallax from StudioPress) and instead running the default WordPress twentyfourteen theme, still does not work.

My site is running WordPress 4.0. Anyone else have issues creating a new player in a page/post editor in 4.0?


Follow up, this only works for the one playlist. If I add additional playlists, I have no way to identify the uber_audio id.


No follow up after almost 3 weeks is not good either.


I just bought Uber Audio. I use WordPress 3.9.2. can not get Uber Short Audio Generator opens. I unlocked the popup windows navegaor and still will not open. I do not understand about Audio Validate URL’s. Not get going from here. Please … aid. Thank you

Hi Everyone -

The next version of Uber Audio (2.3.3) has been submitted for review. Stay tuned for details on the release. We will keep you updated here.

Thank you.


Uber Audio 2.3.3 is here. Download it today.

Version 2.3.3:- Fixed bug in post editor that prevented shortcode generator from showing.

nopounet Purchased


Shortcode generator doesn’t work..nothing pops up… no adblock activated..