This widget allows you to display when the next episode of your favorite series will air. The data is collected from thetvdb database.

The script will only do one api call per day and store all data in the database to speed up the script.

Selecting new series has been made very easy by adding a custom admin page.

All styling is done via an external css file so the widget can be edited very easy.

The latest version also includes support for shortcodes. You can use the shortcode ‘tvseries’. In between the tags you type the name of the series you want to display. The option ‘episode’ is used to pick what episode will be displayed. The possible options are ‘last’, ‘next’ and ‘both’. For example, to display the last episode of supernatural you use: [tvseries episode=last]supernatural[/tvseries].

An example can be found here.


  • 11 feb 2013
    • Solved the problem with spaces in series name
  • 18 aug 2012
    • re-wrote javascript
    • added more feedback
  • 02 mar 2012
    • Added shortcode support
  • 20 feb 2012
    • Initial release