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Update 1.1

  • Compatible with iOS 6.+
  • Added basic universal project
  • New Facebook integration

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 TurnThePhotos is a simple solution to turn your photos into a beautiful album ! , This project designed specifically for the iOS applications with an easy implementing and great features. 

How to add your photos ?

Drag your photos into the project , make sure that Add To Target is checked .

Find Photos.plist in Image folder 

Add the name of photos into the columns , example :


That’s it ! now build and run application on your device or simulator , turn the pages and enjoy !!!

Gestures Guide :

  • Slide down to open Preference  window :


      1- Control the brightness of the screen 

      2- Save image in Photos application

      3- Share your photos in Facebook , Twitter or send them by email


     4- Listen to your favorite music [WORKS ONLY ON DEVICE]


  • Slide down to open photo navigator 

by Photo navigator you can move through your photos 


Limitation :  Portrait mode  only |  This project compatible with iOS 5.+

Need For iPhone ? : The API and Classes are compatible both with iPhone and iPad , this project is just a sample !


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