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New update is available now :

  • Added BASIC project which compatible with both iPhone and iPad
  • Fix crashing error in iOS 6


Are you looking for an iBook like application but for your PDF files ? Your solution is here ! TurnThePDF is a PDF reader with real page turning and great features for iPad . this project helps you to create a PDF E-book reader application for your purpose . 

How to import your PDF file :

  1. Just drag a PDF file into the poject and make sure that Add to target is checked. 
  2. In the viewDidLoad method write the name of your file , for example
SetPDFName = @"file"
See in action :

Turn The PDF :


  • Click build and run to setup the project on Simulator or your Device.
  • When application lunched , swipe left or right to drag a pice of paper .
  • also you can tap on the left or right side of book moving through pages .


Gestures Guide :

  • Slide down to open Preference  menu :


  1. Go to a specific page , just type the page number 
  2. Control the brightness of the screen 
  3. Capture a page as a picture , pictures will be saved in the Photos application
  4. File info , infromation about your file


  • Slide Up to open page navigator

   By page navigator you can move through PDF pages.





  • Pinch to zoom the page contents :






  • Customize book colors 

you can change the color of the book by changing the color of this  line of code :

BookColor = Brown;

Colors are available in : Brown , Green , Pink , Blue . 




Limitation : You can show the PDF file only in portrait mode  |  This project compatible with iOS 5.+

Need For iPhone ? : The API and Classes are compatible both with iPhone and iPad , this project is just a sample !

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