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Trend Your WordPress Tags with Trending Tags . Make your tags shine with only one short-code, add as much you’d like to. Simply just place that short code and let Trending Tags do the magic for you This plugin is specially designed for those wordpress themes which doesn’t support tags or somehow doesn’t allow any tags support.. Trending Tags provide widget to show your tags on your WordPress blog or website easily and not just that you can enhance these tags accordingly via admin panel.


It is as easy to use as you post your update on WordPress add shortcode and add tags. if you haven’t add any tag and used shortcode it will display random 10 tags. you can also use widget to show tags in your desired position


  • Widget Support
  • Developer Friendly
  • No Configuration Needed
  • One Shortcode for all
  • ShortCode Based
  • Pure CSS3
  • No image used
  • Cross browser supported
  • Pure JS Sphere
  • StandAlone minimal And Feature rich
  • Three Random Tag Colors for post
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