TranslatorPRO is a fast, lightweight and dynamic database interactive or Static PHP Language Class developed thinking on developers and users. It helps you integrate and configure multiply worldwide languages by creating language files from native language to the translated language. It works with any database that interacts with PHP; the TranslatorPRO will translate words, sentences on your entire database according to your language/dictionary configuration. This class uses sessions to remember the current languages that are being used.


  • Convert a Static Website to Any Language
  • Convert a Dynamic Website to Any Language
  • Can be used as Dictionary
  • Converts the entire and Any Database that Interacts with PHP
  • Fast Application and Lightweight
  • Internal UTF-8 Ready
  • Translates any language
  • 3 Steps to Start Translating
  • You Configure the Sentences/Words to Translate
  • Easy to Use and Convert

Demos included on the product.
Current Version: 2.0

What’s new?

  • Recreated class.
  • Changed the way to configure language files.
  • Now remembers user language configured on page ‘x’ or ‘dashboard’.
  • Allows front-end and back-end translations without conflicts.