Toggler v4.6 - The Ultimate Toggling Machine

Toggler v4.6 - The Ultimate Toggling Machine

With Toggler 4.7 you can make any part of your page/post Togglable. You can easily define which sections you want to toggle, and how the toggling activators would look like (and where will they be located).

You don’t need to know any code but a simple [Toggler] shortcode, and with the shortcode generator – not even that :)

You can easily match the Togglers to your theme by styling them, adding icons and make them switch on click or hover. Moreover, you can make the Togglers blend with your content by making them inline or occupy their own space.
New in Toggler 4.0 : Accordions!
You can make Togglers activate on hover, make them grouped and even toggle elements in the page that are outside of the page/post content (and vice versa)!.

Toggler comes with a growing collection of themes and Quick Togglers for quick integration, in addition, Toggler adds a Shortcode Generator (TinyMCE button) that make it easy for you to add Togglers without entering a single shortcode.

Its a powerful tool for Toggling galore.

Features of the Current Version (4.7)

  • 3 Themes + A Quick Toggler for quick styling.
  • 3 Toggling Animations.
  • Accordion Mode.
  • Toggle Internal Content & External Content
  • Inline Toggling, to prevent line breaks and to integrate smoothly into paragraphs.
  • Ghost & Non-Ghost Toggling
  • External & Internal Toggling : Make any part of your website Togglable!
  • Group Toggling (‘Focus’) : Control Sections of your content with one Toggler
  • Hover Toggling : Activate Toggler by Mouse Hover.
  • Add Icons to your Togglers : Toggler Supports Hunderds of Icons, Comes with 18 Icon Couples and lets you integrate your own images!
  • Font Awesome Support (Including Version 4.0).
  • Switch Text within a Toggler : Keep the Toggler Relevant.
  • TinyMCE Plugin (Shortcode Generator).
  • One-Time Togglers
  • Auto-Scroll : Let Toggler keep the content wherever you want on he screen!
  • URL Parameters to control state of Togglers per URL.
  • Use External Shortcodes inside Toggler’s Titles and/or Switched Text.
  • Can add custom styling and classes to each Toggler element to get the perfect design that you are looking for.

Browser Support

Toggler Support all Major Browsers.


I’ll do my best to provide quick and free support to any question you might have. moreover, I’ll be happy to add any feature you find missing, and/or quickly fix any bug you might encounter.