Titler. Make Your Titles Relevant & Awesome.

Titler (aka WP Custom Headlines) is a unique WordPress plugin that gives you complete control over the design and styling of the titles of your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types.

Furthermore, with Titler’s smart engine and simple shortcode you can customize and personalize your titles, depending on different parameters that you control.

New in Version 2.0 : Tap into Google’s endless Stunning Font’s Selection and easily apply them to your Titles!

Adding fancy titles is done easily from a recognizable editor at the edit post page in the admin area :

Some examples

  • Personalize your posts by automatically letting Titler welcome Users/Guests to specific posts.
  • Make your titles Relevant Modify post’s based on occasions, make a post’s title change if its New Years, or Christmas.
  • Automatically let Titler Add a badge, an image, icon or text based on how active or popular the post is (if more than 50 comments, do add a ‘HOT’ badge, for example)
  • Tell Titler to let visitors know the status on time dependent posts (‘Its been a week since we posted this, and …’, for example)

Your awesome custom titles won’t show in your Admin area (Back-end, keep that area clean), and you can prevent them from appearing on search results, archives, category pages, etc.

Titler’s Features :

  • Completely redesign and restyle a Post/Page/Custom Post Type Title.
  • Dynamically Customize your title depending on the day/month/year.
  • Dynamically Customize your title depending on the time that has passed since the post/page was published.
  • Personalize the title depending on the user/guest.
  • Dynamically Modify your titles according to exact dates (add a message for Valentine’s, New Year,etc).
  • Dynamically Modify your titles depending on the amount of comments in the post.
  • Radnomize text in Title.
  • Limit titler to Posts / Pages / Main Loop.
  • Endless stunning fonts to apply to your title.
  • Dedicated Editor for titler for cleaner integration.

Titler is uber-light (10kb), no external javascript or css.


I’ll do my best to provide quick and free support to any question you might have. moreover, I’ll be happy to add any feature you find missing, and/or quickly fix any bug you might encounter.