TinyMTR - Simple Server Monitoring

TinyMTR – Simple Multi-Server Monitoring

Feature Round-up

  • Multiple Server Monitoring
  • Easy Web Installer
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Multiple users possible
  • External server file for advanced details
  • SMS & Email alerts
  • Beautiful charts
  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Free support after purchase
If you have any ideas about future features, please don’t hesitate to ask, for more information, you can view the Docs! -> Documentation

About TinyMTR

TinyMTR is a simple server monitor to keep track of the servers that you own. It logs the servers state every 5 minutes, and if your server happens to go down, it will tell you when (and how long for) it did.

It’s also able to send Email & SMS alerts (if enabled) to tell you that your server has gone down, with information of what time, and which server it happened to.

TinyMTR should normally be ran on a VPS/Dedicated machne, although most features should work on shared hosting, all of them may not.

The Interface

TinyMTR’s interface has been designed around simplicity. It is clean, with no messiness that you do not need. As well as being clean and simple – it is mobile friendly so you can view it on the go, where-ever you happen to be.

Alerts (SMS & Email)

TinyMTR uses Nexmo to send SMS’ – this is not a free service, but it is very cheap if you are interested in SMS alerts, and you get $2 free usage. (You will need an API Key & Secret)

You just need a server which can send emails for the email alerts.

External Server File

As well as all the basic in-built features, TinyMTR comes with an ‘external server file’ which is a file uploaded to each of the servers that you are monitoring to get more information about it, including Server Load and Memory Usage.

Once uploaded to the external server, TinyMTR will automatically see the file, and include the Load and Memory usage automatically into the interface.

See an example of what it returns

An example of what it looks like in the Interface


Try TinyMTR yourself with our Online Demo.
  • Username: TinyMTR
  • Password: TinyMTR
Please give it a try!


I am happy to support any buying customer of TinyMTR, for quicker support though, please email through My Profile Page.

Requirements for TinyMTR

  • A server running Apache or nginx.
  • PHP 5.3 or greater with JSON support.
  • file_get_contents() or Curl enabled.
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater.
  • PHP mail sending enabled.
  • Being able to edit a couple of PHP config files.
  • Access and ability to setup cron jobs.


Version 1.2 – TBA – HUGE Update.
  • A lot of optimisations and small bug fixes
  • Monitoring of memory, load and disk space
  • SMS/Email alerts PER server
  • A settings page to change details
  • External server monitoring, ping from other countries!
  • More graphs in advanced stats
  • Shows in-depth server information
  • Slightly improved the design
  • Lots more..
Version 1.1 – 8th Jan 2014 [Approved!]
  • Completely multi-language now, view inc/en.php.
  • Modest optimisations to the code.
  • Included Multi-user plugin as requested by users, view ‘Plugins’ folder.