About Tickets

Jan 2016: Tickets 6.0 is now out. Major interface upgrades and improvements. PHP 5.4 is required.

Tickets is a full featured, yet easy to use help-desk ticket support system.

It is great for users and businesses who wish to keep track of and manage support requests online.

You can create multiple users, search tickets, convert POP3 emails into tickets, create custom priorities and much much more.

Tickets has been designed to be easy to install and all config files and database files are created during the install. You simply need a web hosting account and one free MySQL database (no programming is required).

Full Online Documentation

Tickets 5.3 is out

Tickets 5.3 is now out via auto update only. This version requires PHP 5.4. The auto update system is able to check your PHP version before allowing the upgrade.

We have a demo of the major new feature here:


We have our own support portal with forums. If you require any help with your purchase of Tickets please sign up and search the forums first and then otherwise log a support ticket. We will attempt to help you with what ever questions or issues you have (time permitting).

The portal is here: You will need your purchase code.

Although this item is marked as “not supported” we will attempt to help you, time permitting. We do not guarantee support, but if you log a support ticket on our portal that is simple, courteous and clear we should be able to assist.

!!!! We will not provide support for customisations or help with your web hosting etc, this is up to you. We will (probably) fix bugs etc in the code. !!!!

Online Demo

This online demo includes all the plugins that we have released, you can enable them from Settings -> Plugins if you wish to try them out.


Some of the features include:
  • UI Features
    • Easy to use with a clean design
    • Responsive Design and Mobile Ready
    • Bootstrap 3 Framework
    • Redactor II WYSIWYG Editor
    • HTML Tickets and Replies
    • Gravatar
  • Ticketing Features
    • POP3 Downloader (create and reply to tickets via email). Supports multiple POP accounts.
    • Mass Open/Close/Delete/Merge Tickets
    • Multiple File Attachments
    • Advanced Ticket Search
    • Departments (can assign users to multiple departments)
    • Transfer Departments & Assign Users
    • Guest Portal
    • Staff Collision Detection
    • Private Replies and Files
    • CC Tickets
    • Ticket Due Date
    • Tickets Auto Archive
  • Customise
    • Priorities (with custom colour)
    • Status (with custom colour and global open/closed type)
    • Custom Fields (Types: Text Input, Text Area, Dropdown, Checkbox, Date and Date/Time. Staff Only or End User Viewable)
    • Canned/Predefined Responses
    • HTML Email Templates
    • Language translation support (per user language option coming in Version 6.1)
    • Timezone
  • System Features
    • Full web installer
    • SMTP Support. Supports multiple SMTP accounts.
    • User Registration & Forgot/Reset Password
    • Update Checker and Auto Upgrader
    • Private Messages
    • Access to the source code (license allows you to modify the code for internal purposes)
    • Single Install License (unlimited Users and Tickets)
    • Plugins Support (free SmartBackup plugin on
    • Pushover Notifications for iPhone and Android
  • Audit, Logging and Security
    • Security Logging (login failed, emails sent, file uploaded and much more)
    • Extensive Ticket audit trail (who changed status, replied, transferred and more)
    • HTML Purifier protection for HTML output
    • Account lockout on multiple failed logins
    • SQL bound parameters using PDO MySQL class
    • HTTPs/SSL Support
    • Six User Permission Levels (and you can create your own)
  • Authentication
    • Local Database
    • LDAP
    • Active Directory (Advanced group matching coming in Version 6.1)
    • Facebook
    • Custom JSON (for your other web apps)
    • Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Paid Plugins

Articles Plugin Reports Plugin Calendar Plugin Envato Licensing Plugin CRM Plugin Live Chat Plugin

Free Plugins

Free plugins can be downloaded from our Portal. Simply register with your Tickets purchase code to get access to the download.

System Requirements

Most web hosting companies should support everything below. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • MySQL 5+ with 1 empty database (we recommend MySQL strict mode is disabled)
  • PHP 5.4+
  • PHP PDO and PHP PDO MySQL Extension
  • PHP Mcrypt Extension
  • PHP Hash Extension
  • PHP able to write files to the installed directory
  • Apache with Rewrite Module
  • wget installed on the server and access to setup a cron task (for background tasks such as downloading and sending emails)
  • A Web Browser that supports HTML5/Javascript (for the client)

Release Log

Release Log: