An introduction to support on Envato Market

  • Envato staff look over every item before it can be sold on Envato Market.
  • Technical items contain help files to introduce you to the item and its components.
  • Authors can choose to support their items but this is optional and may vary.

Author support for this item

The author of this item, GeertDD, does not currently provide support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I log in to the admin area?

You need to configure a username and password in thumbsup/config.php.

It keeps on spinning when I vote. Or why is the ajax request not working?

Make sure your “url” setting in thumbsup/config.php ends with a forward slash. Also, only use a single (sub)domain, either with or without “www”. This will prevent problems caused by cross-domain ajax requests.

Does ThumbsUp work on PHP 4?

No. PHP 5 is required, with the PDO extension enabled. ThumbsUp will not work on PHP 4.

Can I upgrade ThumbsUp v1 to v2?

No. Well, you can, but you have to uninstall v1 completely and then install v2. ThumbsUp 2.x is not backwards-compatible with version 1.x.

When to contact Help Team

Authors are experts on their own items, but if you're having trouble using Envato Market you should come straight to Help Team.