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How do I install the scroller?

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How do I create a scroller and add images to it?

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How do I create a new thumbnail?

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How do I add media to a scroller item? Embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo, ...), add HTML code, ...

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How do I change scroller settings? (Some examples)

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How can I integrate this admin into my own CMS?

You change the session condition in dopts/admin/index.php.

Why can’t I upload images to my scroller?

Make sure that folders dopts/uploads/ with all subfolders inside it & dopts/data/ have the permissions set to 777. If the folder has the right permissions try another upload method from the ones provided (AJAX, Uploadify, FTP).

Why don’t the images appear after upload is complete?

Make sure that you have the GD Library enabled in PHP.

Why I receive an IO Error when I upload images using Uploadify?

The IO Error is a Flash error caused when the upload connection gets cut short. Usually happens with slow internet connections.

Why doesn’t the scroller show in my website?

1. If the gallery does not appear, it might be because there is a problem with the JavaScript in your website. If you cannot identify the problem, contact us, including in the message a link to the page where the problem appears. We will identify and fix the issue for you. However, we will not fix the problems that are not caused by this plugin.

2. Another reason might be that you load more than one jQuery file into your theme. The proper way to load jQuery into your theme or plugin is the following:
if (!wp_script_is('jquery', 'queue')){

How do I change the language?

You can change the translation in the file dopts/admin/assets/php/translation.php.

Known issues:

1. On localhost servers, depending on the configuration admin might be slow, you will not be able to upload pictures.

2. Uploadify will not display the progress bar and image processing will go slower if you have a firewall enabled.

3. On some servers the images names that contain other characters different from alphanumeric ones will not be uploaded. Change the names for them to work.

4. The Back End section has some display issues in IE 7 (please update to a new version)

What can I do when nothing works?

If you did not find the answer you were looking for in the given documentation or in the previous questions, please access our Support Forums. If you cannot find the answer to your issue, post a new topic, describing the problem you are having. Please add in your message a link to where you use the item or any other stuff that might be relevant (don’t add any passwords or any confidential information).

Note: On our Support Forums you need to login and confirm the Item Purchase Code for the item you need help with, which you can get it from Envato Marketplace -> Sign In into your Account -> Downloads -> Licence Certificate on the purchased item.

Please use the comments areas, from the items pages, for presale questions only.

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