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Hi, after uploading the testimonial folder to my server, I was able to access install.php. However when I went to create the admin user profile, I got the following message upon submission:

Could not connect: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/tmp/mysql.sock’ (2)

I double checked the config.inc.php file.

Please advise. I’ve already purchase this item.


send me a mail from my profile page contact form.

Figured out the cannot connect to mySQL server. I now can’t figure out how to setup the testimonial page that includes an option for viewers to submit a testimonial.

Was the ability to add a an image to the testimonial added to this version as yet. I want to buy but I must have the ability to add images, both by admin and posted by clients on the front end.

Please let me know ASAP .

Thank You

Is there a way to have the testimonials randomly display with a fade in fade out effect? ..instead of relying on refresh to change the testimonial have it done via jquery, or something like that?


When I go to the Live Preview of either Testimonial Manager V1.0 or Advanced Testimonial Manager, I get a Trojan Virus Warning from my AV program.

What’s up with that?

Doesn’t really inspire confidence…

Is there a way to randomize fadereview.php?


I have had your manager for some time and have only now used it. I’ve noted in the admin that the most recent year for the project is 2010. How can this be updated to 2011?

Thank you.


Its in the few of the files you need to change it. Email me from my profile page so that i can get your email ID and mail you the files with changes.

Thank you for the reply and kind offer. Actually I figured it out already, surprising myself.

Everything works really well for me now. I’ve even tested in IE9 and it works flawlessly!

A couple of things I’m still not clear on. The first is how the rating system is used. I don’t see it displayed anywhere

Also on the page where all the testimonials are displayed I don’t understand the subtext that is generated. For example, with 6 approved testimonials the bottom text reads 1 which I take to be the page number?

also it says, “Showing 10-20 of 6 results”

6 results is a no brainer but what does 10-20 mean?

Is there away to remove the page number and the results info if not needed?


Yeah i noticed that i think it seems a bug i will check that and get that updated soon.

That would be great. I’m assuming you are referring to the 10-20 thing?

So in the meantime how can one remove the results and page number from the page that shows all the testimonials? That code is way over my head.

Oh, and how is the rating system used or displayed publicly?

Thank you for your help system32.

pasqui83 Purchased


I purchased this item however I wanted to make a slight adjustment to the coding but not sure how.

  • I want to get rid of project description and replace it with Email
  • I want to create a database for email so when customers send me feedback (if negative or positive) I can contact them to resolve or compliment

Is there anyway I can do this or if I pay for you to do this?

Many Thanks in advanced.


Sure its possible. Email me for more details or quotation on your requirement.

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I simply cannot get this to work! The install.php has run and created the tables in my MySQL DB, but I now cannot view or add and testimonials??? All I get is the useless error “Adding Testimonial failed” and nothing is added to the DB. I know the connection is working and the user I’m using for the connection has full access, so no idea what’s wrong?


Email me the ftp details so that i can take a closer look at it.

Hi, Would like to see the demo and admin demo, but have a MySQL error… Please fix it and let me know… Thanks

Demo doesn’t work…


I will update the live preview

Is it possible to have photo’s in the testimonial?


Nope its in the another script of mine you can have photos or gravatars too. Version 2 script i mean Advanced Testimonial Manager script. See my portfolio.


Hm, so I have to purchase another script … I wish I knew that before purchasing this one.

Anyways, Thanks.

Front end demo doesn’t work. Goes to a 404.


The live demo link are broken. Is there a way that I can try out the demo ? or if you could answer a few question.

Can a client click on a agree button or disagree button ? and how does the client get the Testimonial site ?


Testimonial v1.0 doesn’t has this feature but advanced testimonial manager in my portfolio is having some great features where you can accept/deny or delete features and more.

I will look into the demo setup soon sorry there is an migration going on for the server so excuse for 2 more days

are the links going to get fixed? looking into this script but need to test it before purchase


Yes we will see if that can be solved. I would recommend you to go for this script http://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-testimonials-manager-system/113257 This is an advanced of the script you are looking for.

Does this email the administrator when a new testimonial is entered and needs approval?