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peter4576 Purchased

I get this error when I try and install. The entire page blacks out and errors…

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to VcTemplateManager::buildTab() must be an instance of Vc_Settings, instance of WPBakeryVisualComposerSettings given in /home/aviayod1/public_html/voksenadhd.dk/wp-content/plugins/templatera/lib/vc_template_manager.php on line 118

Startdust Author Team

Hi, could you please open support ticket at support.wpbakery.com and share your site credentials so our support team can investigate your issue and help you out.

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laubarron Purchased

Hi, I just purchased. Can I use templatera to automatically apply the template to all posts or custom post type?

kadoogan Purchased

Hi there – I love this plugin!

One request – is there any way to get the templetera blocks to show the name of the original template they represent?

For example, I create a template called CONTACT BLOCK. When I place it on a page, it would be nice to see the name of the block, in this case CONTACT BLOCK somewhere so I can visually identify it in my layouts later.

This is basically a feature request – the plugin has been working great for me within the Nouveau Theme so far.

HI, a pre-sales question, if I insert templatera into an existing page, will i able to edit it ONLY just the page. Example, I create a 2 columns testimonial in templatera, then I add the 2 columns testimonial into About us and Services. But I would want to edit ONLY About us testimonials from default 2 columns to 1 column?

So will it editable within the page inside VC?


Do you know of anyone I can pay to create site for me using VC?

Thanks Julian