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Hello – Pre sale question.

I have a property based theme that has property detail fields like price etc and other taxonomies – I’m not happy with the structure of the ‘property page’ that displays this information each time a new property is created, so i’d like to use visual composer to make a new layout (as I’m used to it).

Can I use your tool to create a new page layout that is used each time I create a new property, and correctly pull in all of those detail fields i’ve completed?

Many thanks

Any help on this???

Hi, I purchased VC as a part of a theme. I created some posts using visual composer and now I need to extract the data from those posts, in other words, export my data to another website.

When I try to do that with WordPress export, may of the codes and short-codes will be exported as well. How do I get a clean data from my export?


Hi, I need to transform <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[templatera id=”169”]’); ?> to <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[templatera id=”SLUG”]’); ?>. How can I do this?

Hi, solved this question myself, so no need to answer it :). But I do have another question which comes in a different post.

Hi, (how) can I enable taxanomies voor Templatera templates?

I am about to update the Templatera plugin on my website with the latest release. When I compare the folder structures of my live site and the latest release, my live site has a folder called ‘Templates’ within the Templatera plugin directory – however on the new release which I’ve just downloaded it doesn’t have that ‘Templates’ folder. So my question is – should I keep that Templates folder on my live site and just upload all the other files and folders from the latest release?

Hi, I just bought this add-on with the hope that I can manage all pages with one central template. I wanted to create a templatera template for all my blog posts. For that of course I need a text block which allows for individual text for each post.

Now I realize that I cannot change the contents of the template elements. In other words: Every page which uses my Templatera template now shows the same text and I have no possibility to change it. Is that a joke or have I overseen something?

Please answer fast. Thank you.

Can I somehow define an area in an templatera template which I can individualize for each page/post?

Hello, right now there is no such option – the content is changed on all pages and there are no place holders for some part of content. But this is a nice idea – will go ask if this is possible to implement in future right away. Thanks for sharing this.

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This is a great product IF you are the end user and only intend to use it on one or two sites. BUT since it does not auto-update it would be a nightmare to maintain on much more than that, and that’s pretty much a deal-breaker for me…wish I had known that before purchasing, but on the other hand it’s only $12 so at least I don’t feel that I wasted too much $. I would take another look if auto-update is added in the future.

I would also like to add that the VPB support team is awesome!

Hello, thanks for your review and we will look into auto-update option.

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gabyples Purchased

Hi There! I just had to get a templatera ID using just the name. Here’s what I did, hope it helps someone:

function get_templatera_id($wtitle) { $temp = get_page_by_title( $wtitle, ‘ARRAY_A’, ‘templatera’ ); if ($temp) { return $temp[‘ID’]; } else { return FALSE; } }


zxjay Purchased

So let me get this straight…

You can create blocks of content and assign the templatra block on any page you want that content to appear on? Whether it be latest blog posts widget, testimonials or a gallery?

But what it CAN’T do is, like a user further back in the comments said, if you want to create a layout template for blog posts, you can’t do that because it would just insert the same content on every post?

If that’s the case, why? I though that’s what this plugin actually was for, only reading the comments have I discovered it’s not.


aofolts Purchased

Pre-Purchase Question:

Say I have a Posts Grid that I’m using for related posts on 5 different pages. Is it possible to globally control the design of them all at once, but have certain settings be different for different pages.

For example, all the design settings would be the same for Posts Grid on these pages, except they would draw from different post categories.


Hello, yes, with Templatera you can do so. Also you can modify Grid Builder Template which is used for those post grids and it will be affected all across your site.

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Tried to get support through your portal but it kept telling me I didn’t have a license for this product when Envato’s Website tells me I have 3 months left?

Anyway I have the templates working fine in a page here https://dojmt.gov/test/ but when I put on my home page using a widget the CSS is f’d up – scroll to the bottom of this page https://dojmt.gov

Please help!