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Frequently Asked Questions

The single page is not working! What can I do?

If when you open a single page it returns a ‘Page Not Found’ error, it’s possible that the permalinks are not working well. Go on Settings > Permalinks and save the settings again, even without any changes. This will make the permalinks option update.

Another possible problem is conflict of slugs. If you have a page with the same ‘slug’ (permalink name) of the team showcase, the single pages might not work properly. You will have to change or the slug of the page/post or the slug of the team showcase entries, in the plugin page.

The single page opens in a post format! How can I change this?

Since this is a plugin and not part of your template, by default the content of the single page will open on a post template. If you want to change it to a page template you should create a copy of your theme’s page.php and name it to single-tshowcase.php. This way the single page of a member will open in a page format.

From version 1.3.4 of the plugin there is an option in the settings to choose which ‘Page Template’ to use. You can choose here ‘Page’ so the theme tries to grab the page.php template. This will depend on the theme to work well.

Is it possible to order the Members in a Custom way?

Since version 1.1 the plugin comes with a set of ordering options already built-in: Default Order (Order Field), ID, Date, Title and Random. When adding/editing an entry, there is an order field, which you can use to set the order of that entry. You can also use the drag & drop feature to quickly re-order the entries the way you need.

Can this be used only to manage team members?

You can use this for different purposes. If you have a problem that needs a plugin that displays images with extra information in different layouts, this plugin might help you.

Can I add extra fields in the Additional Information box?

In the current version that is not possible. However the ‘Free HTML’ fields lets you add any HTML content, so you can use this field to extend your content. Also, if you’re an advanced user, you can change the labels of the fields if needed (editing a php file). For example, change the label to the field ‘Location’ to ‘Favorite Color’ or anything else.

Is it possible to change the small icons that show up with the information?

Yes. However, this is not in the settings. You have to go to Plugins > Edit > Team Showcase > and open the file advanced-options.php

In this file you will see the following lines of code:

$ts_small_icons = array(
        'position' => '<i class="icon-chevron-sign-right" /> ',
        'email' => '<i class="icon-envelope-alt" /> ',
        'telephone' => '<i class="icon-phone-sign" /> ',
        'html' => '<i class="icon-align-justify" /> ',
        'website' => '<i class="icon-external-link" /> ',
        'location' => ' <i class="icon-map-marker" /> '

You can refer to Font Awesome icons page to see the icons available and their class names:


Is it possible to change the order of the information fields?

Yes. However you’ll have to edit a php file. It’s very simple.

You have to go to Plugins > Edit > Team Showcase > and open the file advanced-options.php

You’ll find this lines of code:

$ts_display_order = array (
    1 => 'name',
    2 => 'details',
    3 => 'social'    


$ts_content_order = array (
    1 => 'position',
    2 => 'location',
    3 => 'telephone',
    4 => 'email',
    5 => 'html',
    6 => 'website'    

And you’ll just need to change the order of the entries.

Is it possible to customize the CSS classes of the content?

Yes. You can, for example, use some of this classes:
.tshowcase-box-title {}
.tshowcase-box-social {}
.tshowcase-box-details {}
.tshowcase-single-position {}

How do I change the labels of the Custom Input Fields?

You have to go to Plugins > Edit > Team Showcase > and open the file advanced-options.php

After the line of code
$ts_labels = array (

you’ll find the labels there. You can edit the ‘label’ and ‘description’ fields.

How do I update this plugin?

When a new update comes out, make sure you read the update description log on the bottom of the plugin’s page at codecanyon. After reading, you can decide if you need the update or not.

If you decide to update, here’s how you can do it:

Update via FTP - This is the safest way. If you have access via FTP to your site files, you can replace the plugin files with the updated ones. Just go to wp-content/plugins/team-showcase and replace the files with the ones on the zip of the updated plugin.

Update via Wordpress Admin - From the tests performed, you can deactivate and delete the plugin on the Plugin’s administration page of Wordpress and upload and active the updated files. This operation should not affect the entries you have already made. However, we recommend the FTP solution, because it’s safer.

Is it possible to link the member entry to a custom URL instead of opening the single page for that member?

The current version of the plugin doesn’t have this option built in, but with some extra code you can achieve this. Read More about this here:

What should I use to display my team as a widget in the sidebar?

You can generate a shortcode and place it in a text widget on the sidebar. The shortcodes will render in the text widget.

The plugin doesn’t work! The images are displaying, but not with the layout I choose!

If this is happening, the most likely cause is that your theme is missing the wp_head() function in header.php and wp_footer() function in footer.php.

If your theme already has this functions or you added them and the problem still persists, contact me via the form on my profile page.

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